First off, the file of the template for each story is called AFICTemplate.html. The file of the template for each author's page is in the directory AuthorsMain and is called AAAuthorsTemplate.html. It is very useful to copy and paste these when updating or to copy and paste other stories by the same author (so you don't have to keep adding contact information etc. over and over). All author's main pages are also in the AuthorsMain directory.

Put all stories in a directory named after the author. Save all series in which the stories have individual names as an abbreviation or the title of the first story in the series and add numbers for each new part. For instance, Kilby writes 26 parts of Moving. Call them Moving01.html, Moving02.html, etc.

When updating a story, make sure the following is done:

1. Update the Previous/Next link for the part before, if applicable.
2. Update the Updates.html file.
3. Update the updates boxes in the index.html and fanfiction.html file.
4. Update the updates box for the author, as well as adding the new link and summary (and little

<IMG SRC=""> tag).
5. If the author is new, do not forget to add their name to the list on fanfiction.html (and also add the new tag).

I tried to keep the new layout pretty simple, so that should be it. Thanks for your help!