I'd Die For You Part One by: Anne


Summary: This is a sort of modern Romeo and Juliet, with a few phrases thrown in for fun. Joey's dad is a wealthy drug dealer, who returns from the Penn after several years. When he finds out Joey has been friends with Dawson Leery, the son of his most hated enemy, he forbids her to see him. And, we all know forbidden love is the best love...that's how these two friends fall deeply in love.

Author's Notes: I've been working on this for a while now, actually, it was my first idea for a fanfic ever. This takes place after Dirty Dancing!!!

"The older one is better." Joey commented to Dawson, chewing on a chocolate bar. He shot her a look. "You think?"

"Aha. I mean...Claire and Leo seemed *much* more interested in their lines then each other. It's circumstance, I suppose."

Dawson reached for his pepsi. "This one gives you that nice spirited, drama filled feeling though." He argued.

"Take away the guy in the white garter and you have yourself a pretty boring piece. Of course, the whole 'gangs' Hawaiian shirt thing was cool." She shrugged. "But the older one had more feel. And I kinda felt sad afterwards."

Dawson nodded. "Yeah, like, you really felt bad that they could not be together."

Joey punched in the pillow she was leaning on. "And the love scene was okay."

Dawson chuckled, taking a sip from his can. "It isn't much to different to that one." He pointed towards the screen, where Romeo was taking off Juliet's T-shirt.

Joey mumbled something in response, already feeling embarrassed for some insane reason. "I think the thing that makes Romeo and Juliet so riveting, is the fact that they loved each other so much, after one glance, they were ready to die for each other." After speaking, she stole a look at Dawson, who was processing her thoughts.

"I think it's amazing that love like that may exist." Dawson said, looking at her.

"It doesn't. Especially after one glance."

"You mean, you don't believe in love at first sight?" he seemed surprised.

Joey rolled her eyes. "Hmmm. Let me guess...it was love at first sight for you and Jen. Even though, you haven't even swapped saliva with her."

"It's called kissing." He corrected her sternly. "An amazing thing to do when you love somebody." He sighed, wistfully.

Joey felt half annoyed, half disturbed and sad. "You've only known the girl for about three weeks." She argued. "How can you be in love with her?"

"I just can. Someday you'll understand." He looked at her as though she was a poor, sad soul who would never be kissed.

She turned to the TV stonily, upset to the point of nearly crying. She wondered why she hung out with him at all.


Joey closed the door behind her, and stepped into the kitchen. "Bessie? You okay?"

Bessie was seated at the table, a cup of coffee in her hand and a confused expression on her face.

"Bessie?" Joey went and sat down next to her. "What's wrong?"

"Dad's on parole."

The news took Joey a minute or two to register. "What...?" she finally sputtered.

"Somehow, they've decided to let him out. Mr Potter is now a free man..."

Joey wasn't sure what to do or say. Her father was powerful. And dangerous. And rich. When he was caught trafficking drugs, he made sure no one could touch his bank account, which held millions of dollars. He was put in jail for seven years...and apparently now, was about to be set free.

"When?" she whispered.

"Tomorrow. Morning."

Joey stomped across the grass towards Dawson's ladder. She had to tell him. He was there when her mother had died, and knew all about the crimes her father had committed. He would talk to her.

She climbed up the ladder and stuck her head in the window. "Dawson?" she gasped when she saw him siting next to Jen, holding her hand. They looked cozy.

Jen looked annoyed, but Dawson saw her sad distressed face and was worried.

"What's wrong Jo?" he asked her.

"Nothing." She disappeared, feeling more upset then ever. Now Dawson wasn't there for her. And, he never would be. All because of some cheap blonde. She climbed down the ladder and ran away.

Joey didn't know she was being followed.

"Joey..." she whirled around and gasped again. "Dad!"

"Hey." He grinned. "You look upset sweetums. I didn't recognize you there for a minute."

She stood, uncomfortable and not sure what to say. Suddenly, Dawson approached them.

"Joey! Tell me...what's wrong?" He saw her father and stopped.

"Uh..." Joey began. "This is my dad, Dawson."

Dawson's mouth fell open."Oh my god...I'm...uh..."

Her father hugged Joey to him, and shook Dawson's hand. "I was on a walk, enjoying freedom. And who might you be?"

"Her best friend." He smiled, feeling sorry she had run off like that.

"Dawson Leery."

The smile upon her father's face vanished. "Dawson...Leery?" He eyed him closely, "As in, Mitchell Leery's son?"

He nodded, and shared a look with Joey, who was equally confused.

"Come on Joey." Her father snapped, and led her away.

Dawson stared after the retreating father and daughter, and Joey looked back, shrugged. Something was up...what was it?



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