I'd Die For You Part Four by: Anne


"Why did you take so long opening the door?" Joey's father asked her.

She shrugged. "I was...slow getting off the bed." He frowned and crossed his arms.

"I heard whispering. Are you sneaking guys into your room, Jo?" his eyes twinkled, so Joey knew he was mock telling her off. She wondered whether or not to say yes.

"Uh...maybe?" she squeaked.

He laughed. "Aaaah...so that's where Jonathon sneaked off to. I knew you'd hook up one day."

Joey nodded quickly. Better to go along with it. Who the hell was Jonathon...? Then it hit her. He was the hot guy who's dad 'helped' her dad all those years ago. They occasionally came to the Icehouse, and Jonathon would try and flirt with Joey. Creeped out, she'd disappear into the kitchen, or run to Dawson's house.

He winked and patted her on the shoulder.

"It's okay. I won't blurt it out." He chuckled and walked off.

Joey let out a sigh of relief, then threw herself onto the bed. Oh, God! Did that really just happen? Did she and Dawson just...kiss? for the first time? This was both their first kiss! She put a hand to her hard beating heart. It was...amazing. The way their lips just...she smiled a wide, dazzling smile, her first big one in weeks. And he had touched her...so tenderly. She caressed her left thigh, mesmerized by the memory of the feel. Damn her father, coming in to check on her! She sighed dreamily, showered in memories. Then it came to her. She shot up from the bed. How could she just...dream about the kiss, when she didn't even know why he did it? Maybe to make her change her mind? Did he really...was he attracted to her? She lay back down, feeling hesitant to face him tomorrow. It was such a mistake.

Dawson groaned. How could he have done that? He had kissed Joey of all people! What was she thinking? was it the air? What was wrong with his brain?

"Pacey!" Dawson yelled, spotting the tall boy walking towards his house.

He turned. "Yo, Dawson! Done apologizing?"

He nodded, breathlessly. He decided not to tell Pacey about the kiss...it was too personal right now, especially when he still had to deal with why the hell he did that, and how he was going to face Joey, anyway. And he was especially going to feel guilty around Jen.

"Yeah. She...uh...accepted my obnoxious behavior, andum...explained her reasons for...uh...avoiding me. That's all. Then I left. It was quite...what I expected to happen in my...extended plan...um..."

Pacey looked at him strangely. "I know you usually do talk like a textbook, but you just sounded like a self-help guide on relationships. What's wrong?"

"Oh. Nothing. Really." He waved. "Uh...bye."

Pacey could read Dawson like an Automobile catalogue. Something was up.

"So...where are you taking me?" Jen flirted with him, smoothing out her pretty green top. Her hair contrasted with the sun, making her hazel eyes sparkle and her pouty lips...pouty. The splitting image of gorgeous, her hopes were high that today, she would give Dawson his first kiss. She knew she looked dazzling, and surely, he could not stop looking at her. And he would definitely be planning how to make his moves on her. But his thoughts did not include just Jen. They also kept clicking back to a certain brunette.

"Umm...the ruins. It's a really nice like, Greek garden type place. It'll be a nice background for your character." He answered, sounding indeed, like a textbook.

"Is it...a romantic spot?" Jen giggled, leaning on him as they made their way to the ruins.

"Yeah." He said airily.

Jen looked at him, studying his face. "Are you okay Dawson?"

"Yes. I'm fine." He answered, trying hard to sound focused. He had to shoot this scene. And kiss Jen. And fall in love with her.

And... Her soft supple skin, her eyes...her lips, gently, then harder...pressed against his, her hands and nails clawing at his back, then rubbing his chest...the sparks...his heart, beating at 100 miles an hour...Aaargh! He mentally slapped himself. Snap out of it!

He gazed at Jen, who stared around the beautiful garden, her lips slightly parted. She was so beautiful...and witty, and charming...He set to work, setting up his camera, and instructed Jen where to stand, so he could start shooting. He willfully pushed the image of Joey out of his head, putting all his concentration into getting the shooting done. Joey was...a mistake. The kiss was a mistake. She was only his best friend, for goodness sake! he shook his head, smiling broadly at Jen. How could he have kissed her?

But that was some kiss...

To Be Continued...


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