The Seduction Part Three by: Anne

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Summary: The playing around goes further. Part two is about advancing in a different direction than would've (in the normal series).
Author's Notes: Read parts one and two first!

Continued from Part Two:

Dawson's hand lightly massaged her thigh. It went higher and then made it's way down lower. Joey took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, feeling practically lost in Dawson's touch.

Her eyes stayed glued to the T.V. screen, but she was fully aware of Dawson's gaze, piercing into her leg. Then shifting up to her face.

Dawson yearned to touch her. He could feel the heat between them both and memories from the hot night before came back to him, and swirled around inside his head in a dazy mist.

Joey's lustful eyes, staring into his...her nails clutching at his back and shirt. He wanted to touch her, touch her where no other male had ever touched her. That thought along brought a flush to his face.

He knew Jen had been touched many times, and if they ever did it, it wouldn't be as special to her- or to him for that matter.

He felt the warm skin on her thigh, and then slipped his fingers underneath her shorts to feel the flesh deeper.

Joey tried to breathe at a normal pace. She was growing hotter and wetter at every heat-filled stroke.

His fingers went higher up, and reached inside their destiny.

Joey straightened her leg so Dawson could get better access, and leaned slightly back. neither of them thought about anything but moving closer to the brink of something...

Joey's eyes unfocused from theT.V and settled on a spot on the wall. Dawson started to sweat as his fingers worked up the courage to enter her.

Joey bit her lip hard and closed her eyes, letting out a small moan as he entered her gently.

This excited him greatly. He started to move his fingers around, putting pressure here and there, seeing what made her groan and what made her sigh.

Somehow her shorts came unzipped and loosened as Dawson worked his fingers around her, Joey breathing fast and heavily. Her eyes suddenly made contact with his and Dawson moved faster, his eyes not leaving hers as she lunged her head back, moaning softly and beads of sweat glistened all over her forehead.

Dawson left her and they joined hands, staring at each other for a few minutes, trying to process what just happened.

Well, it was highly obvious. Dawson had brought Joey to some kind of orgasm...a thing friends didn't tend to do to each other.

But as they gazed into weach others eyes, they knew they had a very special and rare friendship.


Will Jen find out?

Will Joey and Dawson go all the way?

How will this affect their relationship?

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