The Seduction Part Eight by: Anne

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"You sure as hell better know." Pacey informed Dawson, standing over him like a trooper.

Dawson gritted his teeth. "It's just...I couldn't bear to hurt Jen." he answered lamely.

"And playing footsie with Joey isn't hurting her?"

"She doesn't know!"

Pacey sat down on the bed, deep in thought. "Excuse me for asking, did this start, anyway?"

Dawson tried to find an answer. " night we just...I just...became attracted to her." He sighed in deep frustration. "Which is weird because just a week earlier I was practically proclaiming my love for Jen."

"Well, if you want to know what I thought, it's this. I always knew you'd two end up doing the horizontal. Just not...this soon."

Dawson nodded. "Whatever, Pacey." he said wryly.

"Break it off with Jen, or she's gonna find out on her own." Pacey finished. *Maybe that's for the better...*

"I don't know why you wanted to come here." Jen sighed, sipping her lemonade. "I know why. It has good food." He smiled cheerfully, and sneaked a look over Jen's shoulder to see where Joey was.

Joey. Even her name sent shivers down his spine. His desire for her was burning him had been a week since the tree incident. He and Joey had managed to sneak into the back of the library for intense making out sessions, plus in hallways and stuff. And they always held hands underneath tables, even when Jen was around.

"Hey there."

Dawson's head shot up, and he came into contact with those gorgeous brown eyes.


He saw Jen sending her a dirty look. Uh-oh.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked sweetly, sliding into the chair next to Dawson.

Jen plastered on a fake smile as Dawson nodded enthusiastically.


"How are things, Jen?" Joey asked,her voice sugary. She bit down a giggle as Dawson's hand slid it's away up her bare thigh.

"Fine. You? how is it, being a waitress?"

"Uh...great. I enjoy it very much." She felt herself heating up as Dawson continued his journey up and down her thigh, up her shorts and...

"I'll bet. I suppose you've quite finished, beating up linebackers?"

"You bet. Now I beat up Dawson." She grinned, and Dawson didn't know whether to laugh, look shocked or torture her even more with his tedious strokes.

Jen looked confused for a minute, but shrugged it off. "Oh, I guess that's what friends do. Weird."

She drained the last bit of her drink. Joey wondered if friends did what Dawson was doing to her. Not likely. She was getting very turned on. She stopped him with her hand.

"Dawson? can you...uh...quickly come and help me in the kitchen for a sec?"

Jen opened her mouth to refuse for him, but Dawson was quick.


He scooted out and followed her, without so much as a backward glance.

"You're evil." Dawson whispered to her as she led them out back.

"I know." she purred.

Turned on, he pinned her arms against the wall, kissing her feverishly and with a new passion.

Jen sighed, frustrated with Dawson. What was his problem? only several weeks ago he would be all over her!

"Mind if I join you?" Jen looked up to see Pacey.

"Oh...hey." she said bluntly.

"What are you doing here by yourself?" he asked, confused.

"Oh, I'm not. Joey asked Dawson to help her with something in the kitchen."

Pacey snorted in disbelief. No way! Dawson actually ditched Jen just like that?

"What?' Jen asked curiously.

Pacey shook his head. "Nothing. Just, seems a little odd. That's all."

He hopped off, leaving Jen staring after him in utter surprise.

Aha. As he guessed. All Pacey had to do was follows the breathy moans and giggles. He spotted them standing up against a wall, Dawson pinning Joey securely by the arms, and securely by the tongue.

"Hm-hm." he coughed. They didn't heed.

"Uh...hmm." He coughed louder.

Dawson wrenched away, and they both stared at him, glazed and annoyed.

"What is it Pacey?" Joey whined.

"I really think you guys should cool off...because Jen is coming..." Pacey glanced through the door.

They detangled themselves in time, before Jen shot through the door.

"Oh. We're all out here." she said brightly.

"Dawson...come on..." she grabbed his arm and lead him off.

"Tonight, my place..." Dawson whispered to Joey.

"You're on." she whispered back. And he disappeared through the door.

Pacey cocked his head to one side, studying her.

"What?" she asked irritably.

"You Go Girl." he answered, and walked away leaving Joey with a wide smile.

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