The Seduction Part Nine by: Anne

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Jen squeezed Dawson's hand, and smiled at him as they walked home. He didn't smile back. In fact, he seemed to be lost in some sort of daydream. Again. Jen let go, and he looked down, surprised. She folded her arms. "Okay Dawson. Out with it."

"Out with...what?" Perplexed Dawson asked.

"For the last...for the last couple of weeks you have refused to...kiss me. Be with me. I try to...well, you know, let you be with me but you won't." she shook her head sadly. "Don't you like me any more?"

Dawson opened his mouth to speak but his mouth went dry. "I mean, I thought you wanted me." Dawson looked away. Yeah, he *had* wanted her.But that had worn off. Just minutes before he had been running over the events he and Joey had shared by the creek.

Her breathy moans, her soft skin, her soft lips...They hadn't attempted to do it again...not yet. But, whenever they had the chance, they would make out.

"Well? answer me. Do you want me?" she lowered her eyes demurely. "I love you Dawson."

He swallowed. *But I don't love you back* He wanted to tell her no...but he couldn't bear to hurt her feelings. Joey hadn't pressured him to break it off with her, in fact, she loved sneaking around behind Jen's back. It made things more intense, more passionate.

"I'm sorry I haven't been very...affectionate." He smiled and took her hand. " want to be with you." He was lying. Lying shamelessly. He leaned down and kissed her, grimacing slightly and thinking of *his* Joey...

Joey threw down her apron and walked out of the Icehouse, deciding to take a walk down by the jetty.

She leaned over the wooden edge, letting the cool breeze tickle her nose. She smiled. She had a habit of doing that, now. Bessie often looked at her strangely, and this morning had asked her, "Why are you so happy?" Joey shrugged. "I just am," and had sauntered out. Bessie would *so* not approve of her 'sexual interaction' with Dawson.

"Well, well. Hello Miss Potter."

Joey groaned inwardly. "Go away Pacey. I don't need your safe sex messages, thanks."

He laughed and joined her. "That's not why I'm here." He turned to face her, suddenly serious. "I'm not really one to talk, but...are you okay?"

Joey giggled disbelieving what Pacey was asking. "Am I okay? What do you mean?"

"With the fact you and Dawson...have changed. Dramatically." He chuckled uneasily. "This is hard for me to do." He muttered under his breath.

Joey nodded. "I'm fine." she got a distant look in her eye, and Pacey recognized it.

"And I also wanted to know if Dawson has any plans too...stop hurting Jen?"

"He said he'd do it...soon." Joey murmured.

Pacey nodded. "Oh...yeah. Dawson? Break things off...with anyone? Oh, I can see that." He remarked casually.

Joey frowned. "So...what do you propose he do?"

"What I propose, is for not him, but *you* to show Jen that Dawson is over her...and has moved on." He shrugged."Easy." he patted her shoulder. "See you."

Joey bit her lip, deep in thought. *Show* Jen? A devilish grin appeared on her face. Oooh...

"Dawson!" Joey giggled. "We are meant to be studying."

He kissed her ear. "I just want to make up for last night. I'm so, so sorry. It's just...Jen...she..."

"Chill." Joey whispered back teasingly.

They were in the library, sitting behind a row of Algebra books. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek.

"I can't chill when you're around." he said huskily. He pulled Joey into his lap, where they resumed their frantic deep kissing, his hands going up and down her back frantically, trying in vain not to take her shirt off in the school library.

Jen walked into the library, grumbling at he unfairness of it all. How dare Mr Morgan make her get out a load of Maths books? She was doing fine in Algebra and geometry...well, sort of.

The books were, of course, at the very back, where no one went. The shelves were probably decaying and who knew how many spiders there would be?

She walked past rows of books till she got to the last row. She heard whispers and murmurs. She smiled wryly. The last bookshelf was also a famous spot for passionate escapades.

She walked in, trying not to look too obvious or make too much noise. The couple were engaged in pretty hot making out and petting. They were in the far corner, the brunette girl lying on top of the male. His hands were rifling up and down underneath her shirt.

Jen giggled, remembering how she used to be like that. She narrowed her eyes and flipped through the various volumes of Math' textbooks, before picking one out and scooting out.

Joey caught a glimpse of herself in a window as she walked past. She chuckled. Her face was flushed, her lips swollen from deep kisses, her eyes were bright and she had a huge hickey on her neck. She pulled her sweater up tighter and shook her hair around.

She knew they couldn't resist each was going to happen sooner or later. The second time...She decided to talk to him after classes.

After seeing the passionate couple in the library, Jen felt more then eager for her and Dawson to follow suit. She fluffed up her hair and put on another coat of gloss as she neared his locker. He was there...talking to Joey...again?

Jen watched from afar, as they flirted playfully. The anger started to boil up inside of her as Joey tugged his shirt, and ruffled his hair. He tickled her side and rubbed her shoulders. Joey had on a lavender sweater. A sweater which seemed awfully familiar to Jen, for some reason.

Jen walked up to them, and coughed. They saw her, and Jen swore she saw Dawson's smile falter.

"Hi Jen." He said brightly.

Joey waved.

"Um...Dawson? Can I ask you something?" She shot a look at Joey to indicate her purpose. "Alone?"

"Okay." He answered wearily. Before, Jen could drag him off, Joey kissed his cheek softly.

"Bye." She said. Jen's mouth dropped, but Dawson just closed his eyes for a brief second, before opening them and coming face to face with an angry Jen.

"What was that?" She seethed. "Ummm..." Dawson didn't know where to start.

Joey just smiled behind her hand.


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