In Another's Eyes by: Aria


(Song Written by Garth Brooks, Bobby Wood, and John Peppard. Performed by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood)

In another's eyes, I'm someone who
Loves her enough to walk away from you
I'd never cheat, I'd never lie
In another's eyes.....

In another's eyes, I can do no wrong
He believes in me, and his faith is strong
I'd never fall, or even compromise
In another's eyes........

In another's eyes, I'm afraid that I can't see
That picture perfect portrait that they paint of me
They don't realize, and I pray they never do
Cause every time I look, I'm seeing you,
In another's eyes.

In another's eyes, starin' back at me
I see a sinking soul trying desperately
To turn the tide before it dies
In another's eyes.........

And what they don't see, is killing me
And it's a blessing and a curse that love is blind.......

In another's eyes, I'm afraid that I don't see
This picture perfect portrait that they paint of me
They don't realize, and I pray to God they never do,
Cause every time I look I'm seeing you
In another's eyes.



"Please remember Joey, that no matter what happens, whereever you go, I love you. I always have, and I always will." Dawson breathed into her ear, and kissed her gently on her forehead. She looked into his eyes, her own full of tears.

"I love you too. More than anything.......don't forget." With that, she turned, and walked down the ramp and boarded the plane.

That was the last time Joey Potter saw or heard from Dawson Leery. When she boarded that plane, it took her to Art School in Seattle. She and Dawson had both gone to Boston University for 2 years before Joey got accepted at Seattle. Deciding that a long distance relationship just wouldn't be fair to either of them, the mutually called their relationship off. Many many times, they thought about trying to contact each other....but neither one of them could actually go through it. The thought of talking to the other one without being able to hold them, or be with them was just too painful.

"Hello? Earth to Joey......" The voice snapped her back to reality. "Geez Jo, you were really out there! What's on your mind?"

The voice belonged to her husband. Josephine Potter had become Mrs. Andrew Phillips 5 years ago. She had met him about a year after arriving in Seattle. He had an amazing mind, and he seemed to be genuinely interested in Joey, as her friend. He helped her to move on from Dawson. Their friendship blossomed, and eventually became a romance. She truly loved him, just not in the same way that she loved Dawson. When he proposed to her on her graduation day of college, she accepted, honestly wanting a life with him. Andrew was a lawyer, and Joey taught high school art classes, and they had a very comfortable home on the outskirts of Seattle. About two years after the wedding, their daughter Molly was born. And just a few months ago, their second daughter, Katherine, joined the family.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Joey asked, returning to reality.

"I just wanted to know if you wanted me to pick the girls up from the sitter's this afternoon, or did you want to do it?" He asked, studying her face trying to figure out what she was thinking about.

"Oh, sorry. I'll get them. You know, I hate being away from them this much. What do you think about me taking some time off work? I know it'll make money a little tighter, but they are so young, and I just want to be a mom for a while." She hoped he would be up for this idea. Joey loved her job, but she missed her children, and wanted to be there for them and take care of them at this point.

"Well, it's something to think about. What you mean like, right now, or what?" He asked.

"No, not right this second. I was thinking I'd finish out the year, since there's only a couple of weeks left anyway. Then maybe just take next year off, or until the girls start school or something...." She winced in mock pain, hoping his answer would be at least that he'd think about it.

A smile spread across his face, as he crossed the kitchen and took his wife in his arms.

"Is this really what you want?" He asked.

"More than anything actually." She replied.

"Then I guess I have no choice. I can't deprive my children a mother, and can't go upsetting the yea, that would be fine. We'll manage." He said.

A huge smile spread across her face, as she hugged him close to her. "I don't deserve this great of a man" she thought to herself. She looked up, and kissed him full on the mouth. He responded, kissing her back, and he put his hands on her waist. They were interrupted by the soft sound of a toddler's sniffles.


Joey turned around to see her daughter standing in the doorway in her pink footed pajamas and her thumb in her mouth. The child was beautiful, with dark curls cascading around her face, and big expressive green eyes, that at this time were filled with tears.

"What's wrong Molly baby? Come here......" Joey walked over and picked up her daughter, kissing her forehead gently. Molly didn't answer, just put her hand on her throat. "Do you have a sore throat?" she asked. The toddler nodded, and laid her head on her mother's shoulder.

"Hand her over mom....." Andrew said gently, as he took the little girl from Joey. "I'll stay home with them both today, so you can get things rolling at work for your little hiatus, ok?" he said. "How's that sound girly? Want to stay home and watch movies with Daddy and Katie today?" Molly nodded again and hugged him.

Watching movies. This is a habit that she had rubbed off first on her husband, and now onto her children. She smiled at the memories that those two little words brought back, and conjured up inside of her. All of her childhood was wrapped up in movies, and Dawson. At the very thought of his name, her smile faded.

"What's wrong?" Andrew asked her, setting Molly down.

"Nothing, just thinking. I've got to get going though, I'm going to be late if I don't hurry. I love you." She said, kissing first her husband, then the top of Molly's head. "I'll see you guys later this afternoon. Don't destroy the house, ok? And I want to find Katie still alive and well when I return, understood?" She added finally, a bit sarcastically.

"No problem sarge." Andrew winked at her, as she picked up her keys and purse, and left the house. Before she left the porch though, she took the mail out of the mailbox, and scanned it quickly. Bill, Bill, Card, Bill, Bank Statement, Capeside High. She looked a little stunned as she took the last letter and put it into her purse and got into the car.
Thoughts of it burned into her head on the drive to the school where she taught. "What the hell do they want? What could this POSSIBLY be?" She could feel the panic well up inside of her. Why did it seem like it was taking two days to get to work? Her mind raced as she pulled into the parking lot and slid her car into a slot. She opened her purse, and tore open the envelope.

Greetings Class of 2000!!

This letter is to inform you of our annual class reunion to take place..........

She stopped reading, and breathed a huge sigh. She knew she should go, but she hadn't been back to Capeside ever since that last Christmas before she left for Seattle. She knew that there were people she wanted to see. She hadn't seen Pacey since she left Capeside, and although she still kept in touch with Jen, she hadn't actually seen her since then either. And there's Dawson she thought. They had left things unresolved. And she still cared for him very much, even if she had no idea where he was, what he was doing, or what had happened since that day in the airport. He's probably married by now... she thought. What if he was there? She didn't know if she could handle seeing him again. Memories slowly crept back up, as she got out of the car and headed for the building. ______________________________________________________________________

"Whoa tiger, slow it down there." Dawson Leery said to his son, as he sped past him on rollerblades. "What did I tell you about wearing those things in the house? I'm starting to regret getting them for you...."

"Sorry dad. I keep forgetting. I'm goin outside now....." The boy replied.

"Wrong-o. You're going upstairs to get cleaned up for school. Now scoot." He sternly answered.

Dawson was living in LA working as an assistant at Dreamworks, Inc, the company of his mentor and idol, Steven Speilburg. He met his future wife, Rachelle, while finishing up his film degree from Boston University. She was waiting tables at a restaurant, and accidentally spilled his coke in his lap. He instantly liked her. He could even say that he loved her, in his own way. However, nothing could ever touch the love he still felt for Joey Potter. He never told Rachel about Joey. Right before the birth of their first child, Dawson received a job offer from Dreamworks, and immediately took it. A month after moving out west, his son Maxwell was born. Two years later, another son, Colin, followed.

"HEY GUYS HURRY UP. You're going to be late! And grab Maura out of her crib and bring her down, could you?" Dawson yelled up the stairs at his kids, anxious to get them off to school.

"Colin might drop her like he did before!" He heard giggles, and laughter and loud thumping.

"JUST GET HER AND HURRY UP." He yelled sternly.

His sons adored their baby sister. Rachelle had always wanted a little girl, and nearly three years after Colin's birth, her wish came true. Their daughter was born on Christmas Day. Dawson insisted that her name be Maura Josephine. He said that he just had always loved the name, not being to totally honest with his wife. She was a gorgeous baby, with huge blue eyes, and a minimal trace of blonde hair. She was nearing a year old. Growing so fast. Walking, starting to talk. It's too bad Rachelle couldn't be here to see her... Dawson thought, as his decent mood quickly faded.

His reverie was interrupted by the kids trampling down the stairs. The two boys, dressed in their school uniforms, were laughing and talking like regular brothers. Max was struggling to hold a very excited Maura in his arms until they got all the way down the stairs.

"What's wrong dad?" Colin asked his father, seeing that there were tears in his eyes.

"Nothing son. I was just thinking about mom is all." He replied. The little boy's face sunk. Colin walked over and hugged his father's legs.

"We miss her too dad." Max said, setting the toddler down on the kitchen floor.

"I know you do." He didn't know what else to say. It has been almost 4 months since the accident where his wife and mother of his children was killed. She was on the way to pick up the boys from school. Maura was in the backseat of their van, but she had escaped injury, because her mother had always insisted on having her in the backseat, facing backwards, securely fastened in a car seat. It had been a difficult few months, and they were all struggling to get used to the fact that she was really gone. Looking at Maura was especially difficult for Dawson, as he knew how much the little girl meant to Rachelle. She looked so much like her....

"Whoa, it's getting late, let's get going." He told the kids, welcoming the *dong* of the clock telling them to move. He picked up the baby, and herded everyone towards the car.

"Max, grab the mail for me please...." Dawson asked his son.

The boy did what he was told and handed the pile of envelopes to his father as he buckled his seatbelt. On top was an envelope with a return address of Capeside High.

"Max, open this one up and read it to me please, could you buddy? I want to concentrate on driving here..." he asked his oldest son, anxious to know the contents of the letter.

"Sure dad! Hopefully I know all the words....Here's goes. 'Greetings Class of 2000! This letter is to inform you of our annual class reunion to be held at......'" Dawson stopped listening after that. God, already?

After taking the boys to school, and dropping Maura off at the sitter's house, he thought about the reunion. He was going to go. He wanted to see Pacey, who he had remained close with, and talked to daily. He was the Godfather to all of his children. Seeing how Jen was doing would be interesting too. He heard that she was doing well, living in New York again. Then he stopped dead in his tracks. Oh God, Joey'll be there. He had lost track of her. The very thought of her name brought tears to his eyes. As much as he cared for Rachelle, Joey was his one true love. He knew that, and that's why he never told his wife. She told him before she died in the hospital, to find a new mother for the kids, and to be happy. He promised her not to spend the rest of his life alone. God, why now? He had no idea what Joey's life was like, where she was, or what she had become; he did know one thing however...he still loved her with all of his heart.

He decided right then and there, that he would go to the reunion, to at the very least put everything behind him. He needed closure, and only one person could provide that for him. Joey Potter herself.


That's it for Part 1!!! Don't worry, Part 2 is soon to follow! I LOVE FEEDBACK but please be gentle, cause it's my first attempt at fan-fic.


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