In Another's Eyes Part Three by: Aria

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(Song Written by Garth Brooks, Bobby Wood, and John Peppard. Performed by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood)

In another’s eyes, I’m someone who
Loves her enough to walk away from you
I’d never cheat, I’d never lie
In another’s eyes.....

In another’s eyes, I can do no wrong
He believes in me, and his faith is strong
I’d never fall, or even compromise
In another’s eyes........

In another’s eyes, I’m afraid that I can’t see
That picture perfect portrait that they paint of me
They don’t realize, and I pray they never do
Cause every time I look, I’m seeing you,
In another’s eyes.

In another’s eyes, starin’ back at me
I see a sinking soul trying desperately
To turn the tide before it dies
In another’s eyes.........

And what they don’t see, is killing me
And it’s a blessing and a curse that love is blind.......

In another’s eyes, I’m afraid that I don’t see
This picture perfect portrait that they paint of me
They don’t realize, and I pray to God they never do,
Cause every time I look I’m seeing you
In another’s eyes.

Dawson awoke early, sat up, and looked around the room. The day was finally here. Today was the day he would come face-to-face with Joey Potter again. He looked at the clock, and it read 7:03 a.m Just under 12 hours away....

There was a soft knock at the door. He jumped as it startled him, but got out of bed to answer the door. He opened it slowly, peeking out to see who it was. He was happy to find it was his mother, carrying Maura on her hip. His baby was pretty, even when she was sleepy-eyed, and was dressed in little lavender flowered pajamas.

"Good morning Dawson honey. I heard this one moving around," She said kissing the top of Maura’s head, "and thought she might want her daddy." Gail told him as handed the toddler over to her son. Maura slid into his arms comfortably, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Thanks mom. She usually takes a little while to wake up all the way. I’ll just keep her with me until I come down for breakfast. Are the boys up yet?" He asked his mother, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"I don’t think so. I heard them up pretty late last night....I think they were trying to sneak watching a movie." Gail said to Dawson as she entered the bedroom. She walked around for a moment, and finally sat on the bed. "So are you excited about going back to good old Capeside High, and seeing all your old friends again?" She questioned her son, while smoothing a tuft of his honey-colored hair down.

Dawson thought a moment. "Sure I am....mostly about seeing where everyone turned up and where everyone landed. I mean, I pretty much know where nearly everyone is, like Jen went back to New York and is a Newscaster or a Journalist or something. Jack is somewhere out in Montana photographing stuff for that magazine of his. And Pacey and Andie, well you know all about them. You see them all the time, mom." Dawson added smiling. He was right. Pacey and Andie were married several years ago, and were living in Capeside. Pacey was now a teacher at Capeside high, and Andie owned an antique store downtown that did quite well.

"I sure do." Gail smiled. "I went down to the shop just the other day and bought a lamp. Andie looks radiant. I asked her how she was feeling, and she said great. They both are so excited about this baby, honey." Gail told Dawson. Pacey and Andie were expecting their first child very soon.

"I know mom. They’re going to be great parents. I see how they are with my kids...heck, I think they love them as much as I do. I think they’re stopping by this afternoon for lunch. They’re going to be shocked when they see them. They’re huge compared to last time they saw them." Dawson chuckled.

"When was that honey?" Gail asked innocently.

Dawson’s face dropped a little, as he looked at Maura, now playing happily with his ET doll on the floor. "At Rachelle’s funeral." He looked a little despondent, but he quickly recovered, after watching Maura put ET’s foot in her mouth. He reached down and removed it, laughing at the look on her face.

“Well, it looks like you know what’s going on with just about all of the old gang....” Gail said to her son, eyeing him. She hoped he would catch on to her subtext. “Here it comes......” Dawson groaned as he caught where his mother was going.

“I know, I know. I was just wondering if you were nervous about seeing her honey. After all, it has been quite a long time.” She replied.

“Look, yea I suppose I’m nervous. But I really don’t want to talk about it. I mean, I moved on with my life....I assume that Joey did the same with hers. I just want to know that she’s happy and all right.” Dawson said, rather shortly. His mother always knew what he was thinking before he even said it. And she instinctively knew that one thing had been on his mind since he received the invitation...Joey Potter.

“Ok, Ok. I’ll drop it. I was just curious.” she said getting up from the bed. “I’m going to head downstairs to get breakfast going.” She turned to exit the room.

“Mom, hang on....” he stopped her before she got out the door. “You don’t know anything...about her do you? I mean like....where she ended up or anything?...I thought could have run into Bessie or something....” Dawson asked her haltingly.

“No honey, I really haven’t seen her sister or Bodie. You know they moved into town after they renovated the Icehouse.” She walked over and put a gentle kiss on her son’s forehead. “I guess you’ll just have to wait until tonight to find out.” She smiled, turned, and walked out of the room.

Dawson sat on the bed for a few minutes, watching his toddler play on the floor. Soon, soon. I’ll know how she is.........

“KNOCK, KNOCK” Pacey yelled in the screen door of the Leery home. “ARE MY GODKIDS IN HERE SOMEWHERE?” He opened the door smiling, waiting to hear Dawson’s kids come running.

“UNCLE PACEY!!!!” Max yelled, as he took a flying leap off of the bottom step and right into Pacey’s arms. “COLIN WHERE ARE YOU?” Max screamed at the top of his lungs.

“AAAHHHH” Colin yelled as he bounded out of the back room of the house. He dove into Pacey’s legs. “I MISSED YOU!!!”

“You guys are HUGE! When did you turn into men? That’s not fair, going and getting bigger on me when I wasn’t looking!!” He began to fiercely tickle Colin.

The boys began a huge wrestling match in the doorway of the Leery home, as Dawson came from downstairs.

“All that noise can only mean one thing......” Dawson said smiling. “Pacey man, great to see you,” He said pulling his best friend into a manly hug. “but you’ve got to shut up.”

“What kind of greeting is that? I came to PAR-TAY with my fave godkids.” Pacey bellowed, sending laughter through the boys.

“SShhhh, I mean it! Maura, Pace...I just got her to sleep! God, you’ll realize how nice it is when toddlers sleep in a few months!! You two, outside, now.” Dawson said, turning around and shoving the two boys lightly towards the door.

“Oh, geez, I forgot.” Pacey said, clapping his hand over his mouth and following the boys out onto the porch. “I want to see her, when she’s awake. Andie wants to see the kids too. She wanted to come with me, but she’s stuck at the shop all day.” He said. “You think maybe we could go over there afterwhile, when Maura wakes up?” Colin and Max looked excited at the prospect of seeing Andie McPhee-Witter, who, next to their mother and Gramma Leery, was the woman that loved them most of all. Dawson nodded, as the little boys took off out into the yard.

“Sure man. I want to see Andie myself.” He added grinning. “So how soon should we expect baby Witter to make it’s entrance into the world?”

“Any day now. Man, I cannot wait to meet him...or her.” Pacey said, adding the last part kind of quietly. Dawson knew from their many conversations that Pacey wanted a son so badly he could taste it. He wanted to be the kind of father to a son that he never had growing up.

“Soon enough. You’ll be up to your elbows in dirty diapers and vomit rags before you know it.” Dawson told him with a huge grin on his face. “But before, we have to get through tonight. God, does it seem like 10 years to you Pace?”

“Not a chance. Seems like last week we were all laying upstairs in that bed of yours watching ET for the umpteen millionth time.” Pacey laughed. “You shoving Jen off the end of the bed....”

Dawson laughed. “And you throwing popcorn in Andie’s hair.....”

Pacey commented, “You and Joey kissing while no one was looking....” Dawson’s face went serious. “Oh man.....I’m sorry.....”

“It’s ok Pace. That’s one of the reasons I’m so nervous about tonight. The thought of seeing her is just crazy......”

“I know Dawson. I know.” Pacey paused “But maybe it won’t be that bad. I mean, you guys do have a lot of unfinished business. I think you both owe each other explanations. For not calling, or writing......or something.” Pacey added, his tone turning serious.

“I know Pace. I just hope she’ll want to talk to me. But so much has changed. So much...”

“There you go ma’am. Have a nice day.” Andie smiled as she handed the older woman a box that contained a delicate teacup. She sighed as the lady left the shop. She was so tired, and the antique store had been dead all day. She sat on a stool behind the counter, taking out a newspaper to read. A few minutes later, Andie heard the bell on the door ring out, signaling someone had entered the shop. She didn’t get up right away, giving the customer time to browse the store. After a few more minutes, she raised her head to see who came in. She couldn’t see anyone in the racks. She got up off of her stool, and smoothed the front of her dress over her now hugely bulging belly. She walked out from behind the counter and into the rows of shelves to see if she could help whoever was in her store. She wandered through the rows until she saw the young woman, looking at a silver pictureframe with glass birds on either side of it. She was strikingly beautiful, tall and lanky, with dark hair thrown carelessly back in a low ponytail. She had an infant carrier around her shoulders that contained a baby no more than a few months old. There was something strangely familiar about her, but Andie just couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Then it hit her, and she screamed.

“JOEY!!! OH MY GOD!!” Andie ran as best as she could towards her.

Joey jumped and dropped the pictureframe in her hands, shattering the glass around it. Katie (in the carrier) screamed in terror, as the loud noise had awakened her. Joey turned to see a very pregnant Andie standing there, practically in tears. She gently rocked her daughter to quiet her, and smiled rushing forward to greet her long-lost friend.

“Andie! Oh my God, it so good to see you!” Joey said, pulling her into a lopsided hug, with the infant, and Andie’s stomach getting in the way of a real embrace. “You are very pregnant, my dear, in case you didn’t notice.” Joey told her, placing a gentle hand on her stomach, with wide eyes.

Andie touched her hand. “Yes, I realized. Not for much longer though.....almost time for me to pop. I see you have become a mother yourself!” Andie said as she placed a tiny hand on the baby Joey carried’s back.

“Yes, times two. This is Katie, and she’s almost 3 months old. Her big sister, Molly, is almost 3. My husband has her back at my sister’s house.”

“Husband? My, my. Joey Potter got married....who’s the lucky man?” Andie said, taking her hand and leading her towards the front of the shop.

“It’s Joey Phillips now, and his name is Andrew. He’s a lawyer out in Seattle, where we live. We’ve been married about 5 years or so. I’m an art teacher at a high school out there. But ENOUGH about me.....Andie, what have you been doing with yourself? Who put you in this condition? Spill, spill....” Joey giggled girlishly, feeling as though she was 15 again.

“Blame this on Pacey.” She said patting her round tummy. “We got married a couple years ago.” Andie told her with a smile. “This is my store, and Pacey teaches English at Capeside High.” Joey gave her a suspicious and surprised look at hearing Pacey was a teacher. “I know, talk about ironic. But he’s doing a great job corrupting the young minds of Capeside.” She smiled as she remembered Pacey’s antics in high school. “And I am SO looking forward to this reunion tonight! Joey, we get to see everyone that we haven’t seen in years!!”

There was the Andie that Joey remembered. The overly enthusiastic, always looking on the bright side of things Andie. Didn’t she know that it could turn out to be a total disaster? Didn’t she care that Dawson was going to be there, and she hadn’t seen him in years? Maybe she didn’t know that she had lost contact with Dawson....surely she would know that much though. She was sure that Pacey and Dawson were still best friends.

“I know we do, Andie. I’m nervous as hell.” Joey said, the smile on her fading. “I mean, it’s great catching up with you, and I’d love to see Pacey. And I haven’t seen Jen in a long time, even though I talk to her all the time. Plus, Jack is coming isn’t he? Flying in special from Montana to see us all?’ Andie nodded. “But there’s just one of the old gang that I don’t know about. And you and I both know who that is....” Joey took a squirming Katie out of the carrier, attempting to settle her down.

“Here, let me hold her. I need the practice.” Andie asked smiling. Joey gently placed Katie in her arms, and the infant seemed to relax almost immediately. “And yes, I do know who you’re talking about. Dawson Leery. But let me assure you Joey, he went on with his life just as much as you did. I’m sure that he’d rather be the one to tell you all about his life now, rather than me though.” Andie rocked the baby in her arms.

“So I take it you and Pacey are still in contact with him.” Joey said, watching her daughter drift back off to sleep in Andie’s arms.

“You could say that. We are still close.” Andie said, looking at Joey.

“I just feel so bad that we drifted apart so much. I mean, Andie, those feelings that I thought were gone for him are still there. I thought I could pretend that they weren’t, and everything that I wanted for us had changed. But being back here in Capeside, being in the same town as him, knowing that I’m going to see him in just a few hours is excruciating. I’m so scared he’s going to be angry, and that things are going to be awkward. I still love him Andie. I think I always will.” Joey told her friend, while feeling a great load had been lifted off her shoulders by merely saying the words out loud.

Andie looked vaguely surprised, but then felt the need to fill Joey in on her thoughts. “I knew they were still there. I think they are still there on both sides actually. But you guys both moved on. Joey, you’re married and have children. I don’t want to spill too much, but he did the same.”

“I know! I love Andrew so much, and I love my children more than life itself. But it’s like, Dawson and I were such a HUGE part of each other’s lives that since he’s been gone, it’s like something has been missing. I don’t know if I am still in love with him, but I will always love him as a friend. And I don’t even have him as that anymore.” Joey could feel the tears well up in her eyes, as she thought of all that she had missed.

Andie pulled her into another lopsided hug with her free arm. “It’ll be all right Jo. I’m sure that once you see him tonight, and you get a chance to talk to him, things will be better. Until then you just have to wait. What does your husband think of all of this Joey?” Andie brought up a touchy subject.

“Well, he doesn’t exactly know how torn up I am about this. I mean, he knows how close Dawson and I were. He knows that I loved him, and that he was my best friend. But he doesn’t know that all those feelings are still there....I mean, how am I supposed to tell him this without hurting him? How can I make him understand how much I need Dawson in my life without jeopardizing his confidence? He knows how serious he and I were.” Andie didn’t know what to say to her.

“I don’t know. I really wish I could help you out. But I think you should talk to Andrew about what is going on in your heart right now. At least it will make things clearer to him should anything thing happen tonight.” Andie told her, gazing in her misty eyes, trying to comfort her friend. Katie started to cry softly again, and Joey took her from Andie.

“We really should get going. I think she’s getting hungry, and Molly is probably waking up from her nap about now.” Joey said looking at her watch. “Andie, it was so good talking to you again.” Joey pulled her into an embrace. “I’ll see you tonight, right?”

“I wouldn’t miss it if my life depended on it.” Andie added with a huge smile. “See you later.”

Dawson took a deep breath as he walked up the steps of Capeside High. He had the distinct feeling that he was going to throw up since he got in the car to come to this God-forsaken reunion. “I hope I’m not over dressed” he thought to himself. He looked down on his very well-cut black suit. A white button-down dress shirt and a classy tie completed his ensemble. As he entered the door, memories of his high school days flooded his mind.

“Welcome back to Capeside High!! Dawson Leery!!” Mary Beth shook his hand hard, waking him from his revire.

“Mary are you?” he repiled after recognizing her. “I almost didn’t remember you!” he laughed lightheartedly. He didn’t really want to talk to her.

“Aww, geesh Dawson, I’m kind of hurt that you didn’t remember me. I’ve been great! I’m living in Boston and teaching kindergarten there and Cliff Elliot and I were married right out of High School and we have 2 kids, and........” he stood there and nodded and pretended to listen. His attention was drawn to someone walking through the door. It was a young woman, petite and blonde. She was wearing a short black cocktail dress and was strikingly beautiful Dawson recognized her instantly. She didn’t see him, so he walked over to her and laid a gentle hand on her shapely arm.

“Jen?” Dawson asked timidly.

She jumped, starteled at his touch. “Dawson? Is it really you?!” She asked, a smile slowly spreading over her face.

“The one and only........Jen Lindley. How are you?” Dawson pulled her into a big hug.

She returnred the hug. “I’ve been wonderful. God, Dawson, how are you? I heard about everything that happened with your wife.....I’m so sorry.” Jen gave him a sympathetic look.

“Yea, thanks Jen. I appreciate that. Who told you about it though?” Dawson returned her look, with a questioning one.

“Jack actually. He and I have worked together several times. I’ve written for his magazine.” She eluded to her job that no one really knew about.

“So what do you do for a living Jen? There’s been a lot of speculation....” Dawson thought of the runors that he heard, from stripper to undercover reporter for a newspaper.

“I write a column for a newspaper in New York. I love my job actually.” She told him as she smiled. “And I’m engaged. To my editor, or course.” He laughed girlishly, as she showed Dawson the lovely diamond ring on her hand.

“That’s great Jen! Is he here?” Dawson asked, looking around.

“No, he had to stay back in New York and work. The press much go on....” she sighed, but then recovered quickly. “So, Dawson, has it really been 10 years?”

“It appears so. Although it surely doesn’t seem like it.” He looked at her and suddenly rememberd how much he had missed her. She hadn’t really changed, other than her looks had matured a bit. She caught him staring at her.

“Why Dawson Leery, if I didn’t know any beter, I’d say that you were checking me out.” She smiled, and laughed at him. He blushed a bit and answered her quickly.

“Well, maybe I am. You still look wonderful. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed having you around Jen.” He put his arm around her waist, and pulled her into a hug. She returned it generously. After a few moments, she spoke.

“Well, what do you say we go in there and see everyone else?” She looked at him.

“I guess that’s why we’re here, huh? May I escort you in?” He offered her his arm, and she took it with grace.

“Most certainly. Let’s go.” They then walked into the gymnasium, arm in arm, and looked around. It was the same as they both remembered it, although slightly more worn, and more decorated. There were tables with the typical party balloons and confettii on them. To the left there was a refreshmant table with punch and snacks. The couple scanned the tables looking for familiar faces. They didn’t have to look very far, for when they reached the farthest corner of the room, they saw a frantically waving Andie McPhee-Witter, trying to get their attention. Dawson and Jen went over to her.

“Oh my gosh, you both look wonderful! Jen!!! I can’t believe it, how are you?” Andie took her hand and pulled her into a hug.

“Whoa, Andie you are HUGE!” Jen laughed as she patted her stomach. Andie smothed the fabric of her red maternity dress over her stomach again.

“So I’ve been told.” She laughed. “Pacey will be right back. He went ot go get us something to drink. So, come sit, SIT!!” Andie barked out. She was still the same old girl everyone remembered.

A few minutes later, Pacey returned with their drinks, and the happy people sat reminiscing about their high school days. Soon they were joined by Jack McPhee, and his companion Michael. They caught up, talked about the future and the past, and were having a wonderful time. The music had started, and Pacey led Andie out onto the dance floor to share what could be their last dance before they became parents. Jack had taken Jen’s hand and led her out onto the dance floor. Dawson sat the their table thinking. Joey hadn’t been there yet, and the night was nearly half over. Maybe she wasn’t coming. He had never thought about that. Maybe she didn’t want to see him.....

Just as he thought that, he saw someone enter the gym through the streamers hung from its frame. She was a vision. Joey walked into the big room, wearing a lavender dress suit, with a short pleated skirt and a low cut jacket. Her hair was pulled back in a twist in the back of her head, and she looked very nervous. Dawson’s heart pounded through his chest. He got dizzy. He didn’t know what to to react. There she was, after all these years. His heart sank when he saw that she was holding the hand of a very attracticve and well-dressed man, who followed her into the gym.

Dawson still couldn’t clear his mind. Less than 20 feet away from him, was the woman he had never forgotten. He knew he should talk to her....but how did he start?

Across the room, Joey looked around the room. She gripped Andrew’s hand like it was her lifeline. “Ouch, Joey, loosen up. You aren’t going to get sucked into an abyss here.....” Andrew told her as he dropped her hand for a moment.

“Oh, sorry. I guess I’m just a little tense.” He looked at her like he didn’t buy it. “Ok, a lot tense.”

“I know you are. It’s ok. I’m right here with you.” He looked right into her eyes, and placed a protective arm around her waist. She kissed his cheek and looked around the room. She could feel someone watching her from across the room. She didn’t have to look to see who it was....she knew Dawson was looking at her. It made her even more uncomfortable. A nice slow song came on, and Andrew took her hand.

“Come and dance with me babe.” She followed him obediently. He took her out onto the dance floor, taking her into his strong arms. As much as she was fighting it, she just couldn’t do it anymore. She closed her eyes and pretended it was Dawson there dancing with her. Holding her tightly, protecting her from everything that scared her. She felt the hot tears come running down her face, from what was either guilt or fear, she couldn’t tell. She listened to the song that was playing.....the words made it that much harder to focus.

Dawson sat across the room, watching Joey dance with another man, and thought to himself “It’s now or never. Get up and go over there.”

He listened to the song that played, as he made his way closer and closer to her....

I guess something must have happened,
And we must have said good bye
And my heart must have been broken,
But I can’t recall just why.
The song remembers when.

And for all the miles between us,
and for all the time that’s passed
You’d think I haven’t gotten very far.
And I hope my hasty heart
can forgive me just this once,
if I stop to wonder how on earth you are.
But that’s just a lot of water
Under bridges that I’ve burned,
and there’s no use in backtracking
around corners that I’ve turned.
Still some things that we have buried
are just bound to rise again,
For even if hte whole world had forgotten,
The song remembers when.

Yeah, for even if the whole world has forgotten,
the Song Remembers When.

“The Song Remembers When”
Performed by Trisha Yearwood

Those words touched Joey’s soul until she didn’t think she could take it anymore. Just as she was about to back away from her husband, and take off out of that place like it was hell itself, she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. She didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. Andrew let go of her, and she wiped her eyes with her hand, and slowly turned around.

“Hello Joey.” Dawson couldn’t think of anything else ro say to her. He just stood there staring at her, admiring how beautiful she had become, and wondering what to do next. “Would you do me the honor of this dance?”

She stared at him with unblinking eyes, filled with tears. She turned to look at her husband, to see his reaction. He didn’t have to ask to know who this was. He knew, and simply smiled a tiny smile, kissed her forhead, and gave her hand to Dawson as he retreated to their seats. They just stood in the middle of the dance floor holing hands, not doing anything until the last refrains of the song were over. When it melted into gently elevator-type dance music, she stepped closer to him. He put his hand on her waist, and she laid a delicate hand on his shoulder, and began to sway to the music. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore. She needed to be in his arms. She pulled him close, settled herself into his strong chest. She breathed his smell deep into her lungs, as he felt all of her in his arms, like he had so long ago. The dam finally broke. She let the tears flow freely over her face, and sobbed into his jacket, and he just held her close until her sobs subsided. He fought his own tears no more, and let them out. Finally, she reached up around his neck and put her mouth near his ear.

“I’ve missed you so much Dawson.” She couldn’t think of anything else better to say.

“I’ve missed you too Joey. So much more than you could know....”

Like it so far? Part 4 is on the way!!! What’s in store for Joey and Dawson? What about Andrew? Why is Jack dancing with Jen instead of Michael? Stay tuned to find out kiddies!!!

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