Abbreviation Guide
P/Jo - Pacey/Joey fic
D/Jo - Dawson/Joey fic
Tri - Dawson/Pacey/Joey fic
Tri/Other - Other love triangle
(or rectangle or more!)
Other - Other romance/friendship
Blue - Rated R!
Slash - Slashy fic
Crossover - Dawson's Creek crossover with another show
Arc/Comp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
but the series/story is complete
Arc/Incomp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
and the series/story is incomplete
Alex's rec - Alex recommended fic


Cruel Inventions - Arc/Comp, Tri/Other

Cruel Inventions: Dawson tells his version of when Joey introduced him to Josh Johns.
Heartbreak Hotel: 10 years later, Dawson and Joey meet up again at their high school reunion.
Help: Pacey's wedding forces Dawson to face Joey.
In The Heat of The Night: Dawson befriends Joey's daughter and then something unexpected happens between Dawson and Joey.
Big Business: Dawson bares his soul to Joey during a hospital visit to see Pacey.
No Looking Back: Dawson and Joey argue about what to do next.
One True Thing: Dawson lets Joey fly, but she comes right back. Last In Series.

Misery - Arc/Comp, Tri/Other

Misery: Dawson tries to deal with the problems of breaking up with Joey and of his parents' divorce.
Risky Business: Joey finally realizes that Jack will never compare to Dawson.

16 Candles - Arc/Incomp, Other

Sixteen Candles: Prologue: This series shows Amanda’s ideas about how Dawson would react to everyone forgetting his birthday.
Runaway: 3 years after the last story, Dawson wonders how his friends and family have ended up just as they are wondering the same about him.
Chances Are: The gang keep seeing Dawson look-a-likes everywhere.
The Greatest Story Ever Told: Dawson tells his story, and Joey lets him know how much he hurt them all.

Stand By Me - Arc/Comp, Other, D/Jo

Stand By Me: Dawson reflects after a tragedy.
Only The Strong: The gang think about their loss.
Anywhere But Here: Joey confesses she feels abandoned and is comforted by Andie.
Forgiven, Not Forgotten: Dawson overhears a conversation between Joey and Bessie that causes him to question his initial reaction to Joey's return.
Elements of Survival: A letter from Pacey causes a cataclysmic reaction between Joey and Dawson.
Independence Day: Joey goes to see Dawson. Last in series.

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Disclaimer: So I huffed and I puffed and blew Kevin Williamson down and stole his characters. I also blew down Laura Branigan and stole her song "With Every Beat of My Heart." And in the process, I made my own character, Josh.

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