8/21/04 - Second Thoughts
Parts 13-15 added

Abbreviation Guide
P/Jo - Pacey/Joey fic
D/Jo - Dawson/Joey fic
Tri - Dawson/Pacey/Joey fic
Tri/Other - Other love triangle
(or rectangle or more!)
Other - Other romance/friendship
Blue - Rated R!
Slash - Slashy fic
Crossover - Dawson's Creek crossover with another show
Arc/Comp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
but the series/story is complete
Arc/Incomp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
and the series/story is incomplete
Alex's rec - Alex recommended fic


Second Thoughts - Tri, Incomplete

Prologue: Eight months after the series finale, Joey watches "The Creek" alone because Pacey is stuck at work.
Chapter One: Joey's boss's request is going to force her to miss Pacey's big party at The Icehouse.
Chapter Two: Joey bumps into Dawson in LA. A heavy storm strands Joey at Dawson's house.
Chapter Three: Joey realizes she's late for her flight home!
Chapter Four: Bessie asks Joey about Dawson's unusual behavior.
Chapter Five: Joey's trip to the doctor leads to Pacey figuring out the truth.
Chapter Six: Pacey reacts to his epiphany.
Chapter Seven: Joey returns to Capeside.
Chapter Eight: Joey bumps into Jack and Amy.
Chapter Nine: Pacey angrily outs Joey to Jack and Doug.
Chapter Ten: Joey tries to set things right between her and Pacey.
Chapter Eleven: Joey arrives in LA.
Chapter Twelve: Dawson reacts to Joey's news.
Chapter Thirteen: Dawson picks Joey up from Audrey's so that they can spend the day together.
Chapter Fourteen: Joey says goodbye to Audrey and Dawson and returns to New York.
Chapter Fifteen: Dawson and Joey return to Capeside.

Sisters Know Best - D/Jo, Complete

Chapter One: Eight years after the series finale, Lily Leery goes to visit Joey in NYC.
Chapter Two: Sparks fly when Dawson goes to drop off Lily.
Chapter Three: As she watches Dawson and Joey eat lunch, Lily makes a firm decision.
Chapter Four: Lily's off to see a friend, but she has a suggestion for Joey before she leaves.
Chapter Five: Are Dawson and Joey really going to dinner as just friends?
Chapter Six: After waking up in Dawson's room, Joey freaks out and rushes home.
Chapter Seven: Lily finds out why Joey is so hesitant.
Chapter Eight: When Lily tells Dawson that Joey still loves him, what will he do?
Epilogue: One year later...

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