Abbreviation Guide
P/Jo - Pacey/Joey fic
D/Jo - Dawson/Joey fic
Tri - Dawson/Pacey/Joey fic
Tri/Other - Other love triangle
(or rectangle or more!)
Other - Other romance/friendship
Blue - Rated R!
Slash - Slashy fic
Crossover - Dawson's Creek crossover with another show
Arc/Comp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
but the series/story is complete
Arc/Incomp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
and the series/story is incomplete
Alex's rec - Alex recommended fic

Debra and Amy

*************For July 1999*************

Together Again - Arc/Incomp, D/Jo, P/A

Part One: Dawson and Joey have an interesting wrestling match.
Part Two: Joey and Dawson both wonder about the night before.
Part Three: Joey and Dawson greet Pacey at the video store.
Part Four: A bored Pacey takes interest quickly when Andie, the new girl in town, enters the video store.
Part Five: Pacey asks Andie to join him, Dawson and Joey for movie night.
Part Six: Pacey and Andie go to Dawson's house after they have dinner, but find they are intruding.
Part Seven: Jen returns from New York City.
Part Eight: The gang discusses their plans to go skydiving.

Decisions... Decisions - Arc/Incomp, D/Jo, P/A

Part One: It's senior year, and Dawson and Joey have been a couple for two years, as have Pacey and Andie. The gang embarks on spring break, but Joey is keeping a secret from Dawson.
Part Two: Dawson tells Joey big news about his movie, but part of it upsets Pacey.
Part Three: Pacey asks Joey to relay a message to Dawson. Joey goes to Dawson's house to meet him.

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