Abbreviation Guide
P/Jo - Pacey/Joey fic
D/Jo - Dawson/Joey fic
Tri - Dawson/Pacey/Joey fic
Tri/Other - Other love triangle
(or rectangle or more!)
Other - Other romance/friendship
Blue - Rated R!
Slash - Slashy fic
Crossover - Dawson's Creek crossover with another show
Arc/Comp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
but the series/story is complete
Arc/Incomp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
and the series/story is incomplete
Alex's rec - Alex recommended fic

Holly and Jenny

A Hard Day's Night - Arc/Comp, D/Jo, P/A

A Hard Day's Night: Dawson and Joey figure out where their relationship is going after the season one finale.
Fools Rush In: Dawson makes an incorrect assumption that leads to Dawson and Joey's first fight. Pacey unintentionally invades Andie's privacy.
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner: Mrs. Leery's dinner party starts to go awry.
The Never Ending Struggle: Things at the dinner party become even more uncomfortable and upsetting for some of the guests.
I'll Cry Instead: Pacey explains things to Andie. Joey and Dawson decide to take their relationship to the next level.
Walk Straight Down The Middle: Pacey is overcome with guilt as Andie is rushed to the hospital.
Letting Go: The series finale.

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Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction. We, the writers are in no way associated with Dawson's Creek, however much we wish we were. These characters all belong to Kevin Williamson, Columbia, and The WB. We didn't make them up, and we are in no way profiting from this work of fiction. In other words, don't sue us. We have no money!

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