Abbreviation Guide
P/Jo - Pacey/Joey fic
D/Jo - Dawson/Joey fic
Tri - Dawson/Pacey/Joey fic
Tri/Other - Other love triangle
(or rectangle or more!)
Other - Other romance/friendship
Blue - Rated R!
Slash - Slashy fic
Crossover - Dawson's Creek crossover with another show
Arc/Comp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
but the series/story is complete
Arc/Incomp - Archive fic, author may no longer update or have a valid email address,
and the series/story is incomplete
Alex's rec - Alex recommended fic


Sisterly Love - Arc/Comp, Other

*************For March 1999*************

Sisterly Love: A phone call reveals a lot about the connection between Joey and the new girl in town.
Only the Lonely: Tatum tries to adjust to taking care of herself, while Joey sorts out her real feelings for Dawson.
There's Something About Tatum: Pacey tries to figure why heís so attracted to Tatum.
At The Crossroads: Just when Paceyís finally gotten up the nerve to ask Tatum out tragedy strikes, and he may have missed his chance.
One More Chance: With Tatum still in a coma, Pacey wonders what would have happened if he had told her how he felt.
Iím Your Angel: Pacey helps Tatum get back on her feet-literally!
California Dreamin': An unexpected phone call brings Tatum and the gang to California, where they learn some unexpected things about her family.
Frozen In Time: A Thanksgiving weekend ski trip turns deadly when a blizzard strikes.
Crossing the Line: Abby takes her love of gossiping one step too far, but she soon gets the punishment she deserves.
Starving for Perfection: Pacey worries that Tatum may have developed an eating disorder.
Losing An Enemy: Tatum helps Abby through a crisis.
Nothing Stays the Same: Tatum continues to help Abby, confusing everyone-- including herself-- in the process. PG-13 (language)
The Twelve Pains of Christmas: Itís Christmas in Capeside, and the temperatures are dropping while the dysfunction levels are rising! PG-13 (language)
Landslide: Pacey copes with confusion after his fatherís death. PG-13 (language)
Valentine's Day: The gang makes plans for Valentineís Day. R (language and non-graphic sexual material)
The Show Must Go On: The school play is jeopardized by unrest among the cast. PG-13 (language)
Secrets and Lies: Tatum fears she may be pregnant. Rated PG-13
Choices and Consequences: Pacey and Tatum decide what to do about the pregnancy. Rated PG-13
When Disaster Strikes: The death of a star athlete sends shockwaves through the town. Rated PG-13
When the Bough Breaks: Tatum and Joey clash over the pregnancy. Rated PG-13
The Long Road Home: Tatumís family and friends try to convince her to come home. Rated PG-13
Prom Night: The sophomore prom holds many surprises for the gang. Rated PG-13
Summertime Blues: Tatum gets some disturbing news during the last days of school. Rated PG-13 (language)
Heat Wave: Summertime boredom sets in, but things soon get shaken up. Rated PG-13 (language)
Maternal Instincts: Tatum returns home from the hospital, but not for long. Rated PG-13
The Ties That Bind: Tatum and Pacey struggle to care for their baby on their own. Rated PG-13
Shriek!: There's a killer loose in Capeside. Rated R (language and violence)
Looking Back: Will college break our favourite couple up?Rated PG-13
Rebels Without a Cause: The gang go on a roadtrip.

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