Happiness by: Becci

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Inspired by ‘From Here To Eternity’ by Duchess

Summary - See Parts One, Two and Three so you understand. This part occurs in March. There’s a little Jen and Dawson in this, but it’s still mainly Pacey and Joey.

Rating - PG-13.

Apology - Sorry this took so long, but I had really bad writer’s block. I’m really desperate to write the next two parts, you see? I’ve used the time constructively by writing another story. Thanks for bearing with me.

Happiness by Becci Wooster

Joey tried to conceal the tears that fell from her eyes and run down her face. Pacey and Dawson noticed this, and exchanged grins. Finally, the credits began to roll. Jen span around to face the others from her seat nearer the television set.

“I love that movie!” she declared. It was Movie Night, and the four friends had just watched ‘When Harry Met Sally’ for about the thousandth time.

“It’s so cheesy!” Dawson argued.

“What’s so cheesy about it?” Joey demanded, defending her favourite movie.

“Come on, you know they’re not going to stay together.”

“Why not?” Joey asked.

“Because they know each other too well. Friendships do not lead into relationships. You must have learnt that from our sophomore year!”

“Why can’t they? You and I were still children, Dawson. We weren’t ready to make that transition. Pacey and I were friends before we were lovers. And we’re happy.”

“For now,” Dawson pointed out. “Ultimately, the relationship will fail because you know each other. There can be no secrets, and any that there are will ultimately destroy the fabrication of any sort of partnership…Why am I asking you anyway? You’re so loaded with hormones at the moment.” Dawson said, realizing that he was putting his foot in his mouth and searching for an easy way out.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Joey asked, her face like thunder.

“nothing…so, shall we watch another movie?” Joey looked at Pacey, who was smiling.

“Loaded with hormones, eh Dawson?”

“Come on, Joey. You were crying at this movie. Now you’re yelling at me. What’s going on?”

“You think I’m hormonal?” Joey replied.

“yes, I do,” Dawson replied. “But it’s a typical situation for a woman.”

“What’s the supposed to mean?” Jen asked, standing up and putting her hands on her hips. Dawson blushed slightly.

“I just meant that women are more hormonal than men,” he justified.

“Us? Need I refer to your jealousy of Billy? Or that self indulgent movie chronicling our lives?” Jen asked.

“Does it really matter?” Pacey asked, receiving a death glare from Joey.

“Women are more emotional than men, or at least, it is displayed more,” Dawson declared.

“Not every thought is linked to hormones or emotions,” Joey argued. “We can disconnect our hearts from our heads, you know?”

“Guys? What’s the point in this? It was just a movie!” Pacey said, and began to laugh.

“No. It’s more than that,” Joey corrected. “We obviously need to prove to our darling Dawson that emotions and thoughts are different.”

“Go right ahead,” Dawson dared her, smiling. “Do one thing that shows you are completely disconnected from your heart. I bet you can’t.” Pacey grinned at Dawson. Obviously, he knew nothing about Josephine Potter.

“You’re on, Leery,” Joey said, her eyes glaring.

Joey started to think as she laid beside Pacey. They had taken advantage of his family going away for the weekend, and were enjoying the sounds of the birds waking up.

“What are you planning?” Pacey asked.

“What do you mean?” Joey asked, feigning innocence.

“You know. Your breathing’s got all rapid and shallow. You’re up to something.”

“OK…what do you think about Dawson and Jen?” she asked. Pacey paused for a moment, confused.

“I like them…” he ventured. “they’re our friends.”

“No! I mean as a couple,” Joey clarified.

“I think you’re trying to win your bet,” Pacey answered, smiling.

“So what if I am? they make a good couple,” Joey justified.

“You didn’t think that eighteen months ago,” Pacey argued.

“what did I know then?” Joey asked. “As their friends, we should try to get them back together.”

“What’s with the we?” Pacey asked concerned.

“Come on, help me!” Joey begged.

“What do I get out of it?” he asked, grinning. She tolled over to face him. She smiled slyly.

“I’m sure I could think of something…” she said before kissing him deeply. Pacey had no more arguments.

Jen smiled as she saw Joey finally come. She had phoned Jen that morning and suggested that the four of them go to the cinema. Jen had been desperate to escape from her grandmother, and so had got there early.

“Hi, Joey. Where’s Pacey?” Jen greeted her friend.

“He’s trying to find a spot to park the car. He won’t let me drive it! I’m a much better driver, and I’ve had my license for over a year without any problems, but he insists!” Joey stopped when she noticed Jen grinning.

“Sorry. Do you realize how much you sound like an old married couple?” Jen asked. Joey smiled, and then began to laugh.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” Dawson asked, walking up to the two girls.

“nothing,” Joey said, giving Jen a look that told her not to divulge the information.

“So, have you done your act yet?” Dawson asked Joey, smiling.

“Mmm. Maybe…give me another day and I’ll tell you,” Joey replied, hoping that Jen and Dawson would realize what was going on.

“Hey, guys,” Pacey said, running up to the group, and putting his arm around Joey’s waist.

“So we’re ready to go in then?” Jen asked. The group nodded, and brought their tickets.

“Dawson, Jen? Why don’t you two go on in and we’ll get some snacks for us all?” Joey asked, trying to sound innocent.

“Ok. I want a cola,” Jen replied.

“Me too,” Dawson added. Joey and Pacey joined the cue as Dawson and Jen walked towards the cinema screen showing the movie they were going to watch. Once they were out of sight, they snuck off and drove away from the cinema, leaving Dawson and Jen alone to watch the movie.

Joey looked up from the magazine article she was reading. She and Pacey were in Pacey’s living room, reading. But Joey had become aware that Pacey was looking at her.

“What?” she asked. Pacey grinned.

“I was just thinking about how sexy you looked,” he answered. Joey blushed. She knew it wasn’t true, but his compliments made her feel good.

To Pacey, it was a different matter entirely. She was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans, and a halter neck top, showing off a lot of skin without being indecent. Her dark silky hair was tied back into a loose bun, but some had worked its way out, and was framing her face softly.

“Pacey! Stop it!” she cried.

“I love you, Joey.”

“I love you too,” she replied automatically. She knew in every part of her body that she loved him.

“My family come home tomorrow,” he said sadly.

“I know.”

“So why don’t you phone Bessie and say you’re not coming home tonight?” Pacey continued, with a sexy grin that made Joey smile.

“OK,” she chirped. Pacey got off his seat, and leaned over her, kissing her lips. When he pulled off her, she was breathless and her eyes were shut. She opened them slowly, committing his taste to memory. Pacey began to walk away, and Joey followed him. Sure enough, he led her to his bedroom. They sat on the bed together, kissing for a while before Pacey got up and opened one of his drawers.

“Damn! I haven’t got any!” he called, frustrated. Joey smiled at him, making him confused.

“Maybe we don’t need any,” she said.

“Of course we do, Jo. It’s not safe.”

“Well maybe we can be safe without one,” she replied cryptically.

“Look, I know I’m probably being incredibly dense here, but what are you trying to say?” Pacey asked.

“Four weeks ago, I went to the doctor for some birth control pills,” she answered bluntly.

“Really?” Pacey asked, smiling.

“Hmmm,” Joey agreed. Pacey sat beside her and they kissed again…

Joey grinned as she walked into school with Dawson. He had met her at her house, and had been moaning the whole way.

“So don’t think that we didn’t know what you were trying to do,” he continued. “It’s not going to work. Jen and I are friends, that’s all.”

“But I had no emotional attachment, right?” she asked, almost laughing.

“I suppose not. I’m sorry. I was wrong,” Dawson conceded.

“I’m sorry. Could you say that a bit louder?” Joey teased. Dawson reacted by punching her lightly on the arm. They turned the corner to go to their lockers, and Joey saw Pacey. Talking to another girl. Joey recognized her as being Lindsay Taylor, a girl from her Algebra class. Pacey said something to her, and she began to laugh flirtatiously. Joey could feel the anger rise inside her. Then she felt Dawson’s hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down,” he said gently. “They’re just talking.” Joey looked at him for a moment, then began to walk down the corridor towards them. When she neared Pacey, he smiled at her, and put his arm around her waist.

“Hey Joey. This is Lindsay. Lindsay, this is Joey, my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, aren’t you in my Algebra class or something?” Lindsay asked. “You’re really good.”

“thanks,” Joey answered shyly.

“Anyway, I’d better go. Thanks, Pacey,” she said before walking off down the hall.

“What did she want?” Joey asked.

“Oh, is little Joey jealous?” Pacey asked, smiling.

“She almost ran down the hall,” Dawson added. Joey mouthed a very bad word at him.

“It’s OK, Jo. She just wanted to know whether the rumors were true.”

“What rumors?” Joey asked, her stomach forming a tight ball.

“She wanted to know if Doug, my brother, was dating Abby Morgan!” Pacey said, laughing. Pacey shook his head. “So I told her he was gay. That’s why she was laughing. OK?”

“OK,” Joey acknowledged.

“So, Pacey, about the cinema trip,” Dawson began. Joey rolled her eyes.


So. That’s it for this part. Another apology goes to Jenna. I will use her name in the next part, I swear. This part was gonna be really short so I can get on with the next ones. I hope that you all enjoy this. If you have, why not write to me and tell me? Include what bits you liked or didn’t. Please write to me.
14th March 1999

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