True Love by: Becci


As the clouds floated past the window, Joey looked out. Yet another dull and dismal day in Capeside. She'd been here for two days now, and she still hadn't seen the sunshine she had remembered. For the first 18 years of her life, she had lived in this small town. Then, she had left for university before finding a job in Boston. The only reason that she was here now was that she needed a break and her sister had begged her to stay. Joey could hardly say no, and besides, she wanted to see the town that had given her so many memories. Memories like those of Dawson Leery. The joy when they'd admitted their love for one another, and the pain when his parents had...

"Joey, are you really gonna spend all day sat there?" came the voice of Joey's older sister Bessie. Joey jumped involuntarily.

"Maybe... I've got nothing better to do."

"Well, you could baby-sit Alex, Kate and Ben for me and Bodie, or you could go shopping for a few bits we need." Joey paused for a second. As much as she loved Alex, 11, Kate, 7, and Ben, 5, they were a handful. Plus, if she went shopping, she could drop by the old Leery place.

"What do you want me to get?" she asked. Bessie started to laugh. "You may be 26 and a big shot city lawyer, but you're still that 15 year old who would go out of her way to avoid baby-sitting. Here's a list." Joey took the list, put on her jacket and automatically began to look for her car keys. She thought for a second, and decided to take the small rowing boat down the creek instead.

To go to the supermarket, she had to go all the way down the creek. That meant going past Dawson's house. Joey found herself holding her breath as she turned the corner of the creek. The house was still there, a little shabby, but still as she remembered it. She stopped rowing as she neared the dock, tied up the boat and went to stand in the driveway. Her memory took her back to the day that Dawson's parents had declared they were moving. They felt they needed to get away from Capeside. They were taking Dawson.

The teenagers had cried, yelled and begged, but there was nothing they could do. They were 16. They were being dragged apart. It was on this driveway that Joey had stood and watched her one true love be taken away from her. She had sat on the dock for hours after, until Bodie had to come and look for her. Joey found her eyes filling up with tears at these memories. The guilt, love, pain, self pity and loneliness flooded over her all at once. She turned and started to head back to the dock, when a loud noise made her jump. At first, she wondered what it was. Then she realized it was her mobile phone ringing. "Hello, Josephine Potter speaking."

"Jo, I'm sorry to ruin you vacation, but we need you to come back."

"Sorry, not gonna happen. In three years, these are the only two days I've taken off."

"We need you, Joey. There's someone with a huge checkbook and he's insisting that you help him. He's asked for you by name. Plus, you specialize in Entertainment law." "Okay, now you've got my attention. What does he want?" Joey asked. She'd studied Entertainment law almost as a tribute to Dawson.

"He's about to direct his first major film, and he needs some advice. He's backed by that film company set up by Steven Spielberg. You've got an appointment with him at 9am tomorrow. Bye!" Joey was partially cross at the fact she had to leave the town, and partially happy. After a decade, she had expected to lose the feelings that had plagued her last years of High School. She didn't want to stick around.

By 7pm that evening, Joey was back in her apartment in Boston. Her niece and nephews had been sad to see her depart, but she'd promised that they could come and visit her in a few weeks. Bessie had been upset, but accepted that her little sister was needed. Bodie had wished her luck on the case and made her promise to come back sooner. Joey ran herself a bath, then tried to get to sleep, but she couldn't. She kept wondering what Dawson was like now. She made a vow to herself that she needed to look him up. The last contact she'd had with him was on her birthday last year, when a card had arrived. It was sad that they'd lost touch, but he'd moved to the other side of the country, and it hurt too much to think about him, let alone meet him.

At 8.55 the following morning, Ms. Potter entered her office. She was dressed in her best power suit, the one she'd been wearing for her interview with this company. She was ready to work on this case. It was probably run of the mill stuff, but she prided herself on her work and the impression she left on others. She was just tying her hair back, when her secretary popped her head around the wall. "Your client's here, Ms. Potter. And if I do say so myself, wow!"

"Okay, Laura, send him in." Joey turned the chair so her back was towards the door while she fiddled with her long brown hair. She heard a man enter the room, and the door shut. She spun around in her chair and was shocked at what she saw. There in front of her stood a tall man with wide shoulders. His eyes were a beautiful blue, and his brown hair was cut short. He was dressed in an expensive looking suit, and when he saw her, he smiled. His smile lit up the whole room, and made Joey happy. She stood up, afraid that she might fall back down and gasped.

"Hello, Ms. Potter, long time no see!" said the client.

"Dawson?" Joey asked tentatively, although there was no mistaking him. "Dawson, is that you?"


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