True Love Part 10 by: Becci

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"Oh Joey! I'd love to!" said Bessie enthusiastically. It was a cold October morning, and the two sisters were talking on the telephone. A month earlier, Josephine had accepted Dawson's proposal of marriage, and she was now beginning to plan everything - after waiting ten years, the couple wanted to marry as quickly as possible. The first thing Joey had sorted was who to ask to give her away. There was her father, who had abandoned her when she was just 12, her sister's husband, who had taken her in and supported her for six years, or her sister who had done the same, but had been there to talk to since Joey moved out. Joey had decided on her sister, but she had invited her father, if he could get permission to attend the service.She was now asking her sister to give her away.

After a further 45 minutes of talk, Joey hang up the phone. She put a tick next to the item on her list of things to do. Although Dawson was the romantic one of the two, she had a vision in her head of the perfect wedding. They had chosen the date as the 12th of December, the birthday of Joey's dead mother. It would be a winter wedding, with the bride wearing white. The guest list had been made. Bessie would give Joey away, and Pacey Witter would be Dawson's best man. However, Joey had not expected to be planning most of the wedding alone. Dawson had started filming, and was traveling back and forth to England. It was hard on both of them to be away from each other for even a few days, but Dawson would be able to take time off before and after the wedding if he got the outside shots done now. He phoned Joey every evening, and she knew that things would calm down eventually.

She looked at the time, and saw it was nearly 8pm. Dawson was meant to land half an hour ago. He'd be at the apartment soon. She got up, and checked on the dinner cooking in the oven. It was Beef Wellington, Dawson's favourite meal. It was cooking perfectly. She got two candles out of a cupboard, put them in candlesticks, and stood them in the center of the table. She then went over to the VCR and inserted the video she'd rented. Half an hour and Dawson should be home. Time to start getting herself ready.

Dawson arrived at the door to Joey's apartment exhausted, yet excited. He'd been unable to fly home last weekend, so this was the first time in two weeks that they'd met. He raced up the stairs effortlessly, the thought of his beautiful fiancee giving him an extra burst of energy.

He got to room 6, and turned the key she'd given him. The lights were out in the apartment. He flicked them on, worried at the lack of signs of life. As soon as the light turned on, he saw two candles being lit by Joey. She stood facing him and smiled, and he felt his mouth drop. She had her dark hair tied back in a perfect French twist. She was wearing make up, something he still wasn't used to. As he looked down, he noticed her black satin dress. It was short and flattered her figure, without being tight or tarty. On her feet were a pair of impossibly high heeled shoes.

"Hi, Dawson," she said, almost in a whisper. She smiled at his reaction.

It was exactly what she'd hoped for. They sat down, and ate the meal.

"Now, before dessert," Joey said after taking away the dishes, "a video to watch." She led Dawson to the sofa, and pressed play on the VCR.

The television set flickered into life, and on came the movie. ET. "How many times have we watched this?" Dawson asked, jokingly. "That's the point," Joey explained to him.

"We don't have to watch the movie." Then she leaned toward him and kissed him. Their kisses grew more passionate, and before long they were heading to her room. They laid on the bed for a few moments, then Joey spoke. "Dawson, have you got something? You know." She had just realized that this was the one thing she hadn't got.

"Shit!" Dawson cursed himself. "I haven't. Damn!" Joey was disappointed.

She knew how hard it was for both of them to cool down after that sort of contact. "Joey, we don't need it. We could give it a miss this time.

You know I'm clean, and I trust you," Dawson said. Any doubts that lingered in Joey's mind were erased by the kiss he gave her. Her only thoughts left when he pulled away were how much she loved him, and how good it felt to be in his arms.

The next morning, Joey woke before Dawson. She sat up, and watched him sleep. It was rare for her to rise before him, but he was exhausted by the day and the night before. She found herself stroking his cheek whilst he slept. Then she ran her thumb over his soft, pouting lips.

Not wanting to wake him up, she kissed him only gently. However, his eyes flickered open and he smiled. "Hey, you," he said playfully. He kissed her, and she pushed her body against his. "I love you, Joey," he said. She pulled the covers over them.

The next time she woke up, Joey was aware of a loud noise. She suddenly came to, realizing that it was the sound of her speaker phone going off.

She ran into the living area, and pressed the button on the machine.

"Hello, Ms Joey Potter," she said in a serious voice - she didn't know who it was, it could be someone from her office. "Hello, Ms Potter. Gonna let me see you?" came a familiar voice. "Ohmigod!!! Pacey?" she squealed. "The one and only. So, can I come up, or do I have to stand here all day?" At once, Joey pressed the button on the machine, and ran into the bedroom. Dawson was still asleep in the bed. "Dawson get up" Pacey's here!" Dawson woke with a violent jump. "You what?" he asked, his voice still laced with sleep. "Pacey's coming up! Get some clothes on!" she explained, panicking.


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