In the Heat of the Moment Chapter Two by: Britney

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[Cut to Joey walking through her dorm room door. She arrives to find Audrey lying on her and stomach watching T.V.]

Audrey: Bunny, you're here, I was so worried. Where have you been? It's nearly 9:00.
Joey: Sorry, I had something to pick up, and then I had coffee with someone.
Audrey: How are you feeling?
Joey: Not good. I screwed up big time, Audrey.
Audrey: Come on, Jo, it can't be that bad.

[Joey doesn't say anything. Instead she looks up at Audrey with a tear-stained face.]

Audrey: Joey, whatís wrong? Come on, you can tell me.
Joey: Audrey, I think I'm pregnant.

[Audrey just looks at her shocked.]

A: What?! But how?
J: [dryly] Audrey, if I have to tell you that then youíve clearly been doing something wrong with the last 57 guys you've been with.
A: I know how, but who's the father? And didn't you use protection?
J: Dawson's the father, and no, apparently not.
A: Well, have you taken the test?
J: No, that's what I went to pick up.
A: Well, what are you waiting for, bunny? Put your skinny little butt in there and take that test.
J: Audrey, it's not that easy, I mean this is something life changing, and what if itís pink? It will change my life forever.
A: Joey, first of all breathe, second, didn't you already have a feeling you were pregnant before?
J: Yeah, I did.
A: Well, then it won't come as big of a surprise if that stick turns out to be pink. So get in there and do it. I'll be with you every step of the way.

[Joey forces a smile and gets up and walks towards the bathroom door. Before she goes in, she looks back at Audrey. Then she takes a deep breath, walks in, and shuts the door behind her.]

[1 minute later, Joey comes out of the bathroom.]

Audrey: Well?
Joey: We have to wait 5 minutes.
Audrey: Okay.

[Joey sits next to Audrey, while waiting for 5 minutes, the 5 minutes that'll change her life forever.]

[5 min. later]

Audrey: Well you ready?
Joey: As ready as I'll ever be.
Audrey: Good luck, Bunny.
Joey: What's good about it? [She say's while walking slowly into the bathroom.]

[Taking a deep breath, Joey walks into the bathroom and picks up the pregnancy test. She turns it over and, taking another breath, just as I thought. Her life changed forever in that moment, she was pregnant, and all because of the Heat of the Moment.


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