In the Heat of the Moment Chapter Three by: Britney

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It was pink, she was pregnant, now what?

Audrey: Well?
Joey: [nonchalant] Iím pregnant.
Audrey: Wow, are you going to tell Dawson?
Joey: [looking in the mirror] He's in L.A. [She has no expression on her face.]
Audrey: No he isn't, he's in Boston, and I just saw him at Hell's Kitchen about an hour ago.

[Upon hearing this, Joey snaps out of her thoughts.]

Joey: Wait, what?
Audrey: Yeah, he was sitting at the table talking to Jen, Jack, and Pacey.
Joey: Did you talk to him?
Audrey: Yeah, he said that a girl named Natasha got his job back and he was working in Boston for Todd full-time.
Joey: oh.
Audrey: Oh? Is that all youíre going to say? Joey you have to tell him, he deserves to know.
Joey: Audrey, just stop, okay? I've had a long day, Iím just going to go to sleep, Iím really tired, and I'll deal with this tomorrow.
Audrey: Fine, but remember Joey, you can't run from this. If you don't tell him and 9 months from now he finds out that you have a baby and it's his and you never told him, trust me, he'll be pissed to say the least.
Joey: I know, but I will tell him. Eventually, [she whispers to herself.]

[Joey gets into bed, the same one that she and Dawson made love on, and the same one where they conceived this baby that grows inside her.]

[The next morning, Audrey wakes up to hear the sound of puking... AGAIN. She walks into the bathroom with the phone in her hand.]

Audrey: That's it Jo, Iím calling to schedule an appointment with the doctor. You've got to do something about this morning sickness.

[Joey gets up, wipes off her mouth with a tissue, and brushes her teeth.]

Joey: Audrey, there is nothing to do about morning sickness, it's just a part of the pregnancy.
Audrey: Well, the least you could do is go to the doctorís to confirm it. Maybe after that you will get up enough courage to tell Dawson and, if needed, [rolling her eyes] Eddie.
Joey: Oh my god, I completely forgot about Eddie. He's going to be crushed.
Audrey: Joey, right now Eddie's heart is the least of your worries. So what if you break his heart? You've known the man for 3 weeks, and already youíre dating him. Youíre pregnant with another manís baby, though, and might I add that man loves and respects you. If you tell him that he is going to be a father, then he will come back to being your best friend, and who knows, maybe more. Think about it. Look I've got to go to class. I called the doctor for you already, all you've got to do is take a shower and be there by 12:00. See ya, bunny.

[Audrey leaves while Joey thinks about what she just said. First time that day, she smiles a genuine smile and walks to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. You can hear the shower starting in the background.]

[Cut to the doctorís office, We see Joey sitting in a small room with posters about pregnancy all over the walls.]

Dr. Johnson: Well, hello there, Josephine, my nameís Dr. Johnson, and I see here you think you may be pregnant.
Joey: Could you call me Joey? Everyone else does.
Dr. Johnson: [smiling] Of course. So what kind of symptoms have you been having?
Joey: Well, for the last week I've been having morning sickness, and Iím late. I did get a home pregnancy test, and it came out positive.
Dr. Johnson: Well, it sounds like practically all the signs are there, but we'll just make sure.
Joey: Okay.

Half an hour later...

Dr. Johnson: I'll be back in ten minutes to tell you your results.
Joey: Thank you.

[Joey just sits there, a little scared, but already knowing the results. The doctor said all of the signs were there, all that was needed was the doctorís confirmation to make it real.]

Dr. Johnson: Okay, the results are ready. [Joey jumps a little at the sound of the doctorís voice from the doorway]
Joey: And? What does it say? [silently]Even though I already know.
Dr. Johnson: Well, it seems....


Iíve already written 13 parts, they get longer I promise.

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