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Couple: Dawson/Joey

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Thank you Matahari so much! Thank you! I'm so sorry to all of the readers that read this series! I've been so awful taking so long to write this part, I'll try and have part 6 out sooner!

Love Me Twice

Cast your eyes on the ocean
Cast your soul to the sea
When the dark night seems endless
Please remember me.
-Loreena McKennitt, "Dante's Prayer"

Dawson felt Joey's lips touch his and it felt as though a thousand pounds were lifted off his shoulders. He felt the passion in the kiss. Joey's arms went behind his neck and his wrapped around her waist.


Pacey grinned as he watched Dawson and Joey kiss. Suddenly a man approached him and said "Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find Dawson Leery?"

Pacey turned around and his eyes widened. "Mr. Spielburg! Uh, I think I saw his over that way."Pacey pointed to the back of the room, a safe distance from Dawson and Joey.

Mr. Spielburg smiled and said "Thank you very much." and walked towards the direction Pacey had pointed. When Steven Spielburg was out of sight, Pacey hurried over, to Dawson and Joey, still involved in the kiss. He tapped Dawson on the shoulder and said "Pardon me prince charming, a dertain director isrooking for you. And I don't think you want him to find you making out on the dance floor."

Dawson and Joey broke away and smiled dreamily at each other. Pacey tapped Dawson harder. "HEY! Dawson, here he comes!" Pacey retreated as Spielburg apporached.

Dawson finally realized what was going on and loosened his grip on Joey. Mr. Spielburg walked over to them and said "Mr. Leery, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Dawson's eyes widned and he shook his hand "The pleasure is all mine Mr. Spielburg! Please, call me Dawson."

Mr. Spielburg smiled and said "Only if you'll call me Steven."

Dawson replied "Okay, Steven."

Steven turned his attention to Joey, who had been standing beside Dawson "Hello, aren't you Josephine Potter that won an award?"

 Joey smiled and said "Yes, I am."

Steven turned back to Dawson "Fine girl you've got there Dawson. Don't let her go anytime soon! Pleasure to meet you both. I must go now. Good-bye!"

He walked off smiling.


Pacey spotted a pretty blond across the room, he walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me, I couldn't help noticing you across the room."

She turned around and smiled "You mean guys still use that pick-up line? I thought that went out years ago." Pacey grinned back, and thought 'Wow this girl is gorgeous. She was tall with blond hair and clear green eyes. She had a nice figure and a friendly face.

"Nope, at least not for me. My name is Pacey Witter. Nice to meet you." He replied.

She answered, "Tori Vanderkarr, charmed I'm sure."

He said "So, you got friends here? Or you a movie star waiting to be discovered?"

"I live in a tiny little town in Massachusetts, I won a radio contest thing."

Pacey looked at her "Massachusetts? Ever heard of Capeside?" She looked shocked, "Yeah! I live there!"


Dawson and Joey had stopped dancing and started mingling. The congratulated James Cameron and met various celebrities. Finally they were tired. Dawson turned to Joey and said "Want to go to eat something?"

"They've got piles of food over there Dawson." Joey grinned Dawson smiled back and said "Tell me you're not even a LITTLE tired of answering the 'Is-The-Mirror-Story-True' question. " Joey replied "Let's go, we've gotta find Pacey first." They went in search of Pacey and found him deep in conversation with a blond.

Dawson nuged Pacey and said "Are you ready?"

Pacey replied, "You two go ahead, I'll just catch a Taxi."

Dawson replied, "Okay, later, Pace."

Pacey resumed his conversation with the girl and Dawson and Joey walked towards the door.

As they stepped outside, Dawson grabbed Joey's hand to keep her with him and they fought through the reporters. They got in their limo and Joey leaned back and said "Whew."

Dawson agreed, "Whew is right. What do you want to do?" Joey looked at her watch, It was 2:00 AM.

"The only thing open at this hour is McDonalds. What do you think?"

Dawson replied, "Why not?"

As they walked into the brightly lit McDonalds, the tension was obvious between the both of them.

They hadn't said anything about the kiss yet. It was somewhat awkward to talk about it. They placed their orders and sat in a booth. They ate and Joey started the conversation.

"So, was it everything you expected?"

Dawson answered "Yeah, and more. I mean it's an honor just to be a nominee, but winning is just.... wow. "

Joey smiled and joked "I know what you mean. Do you think directors win grovel now to cast me?"

Dawson replied seriously, "I would."

Joey looked into his eyes and then cast her her to her lap. "I'm ready whenever you are."

Dawson stood and dumped their trash into the trash can. Joey stood from the booth. They both walked to the limo together. They both knew that they loved the other, but they didn't know if the other loved them back.

Things had changed now, they had grown up.


Pacey and Victoria had discovered they had alot in common. It turns out that Victoria's mom knew Pacey's mom. They left the party and snuck out the back entrance and avoided reporters, they walked to the coffee shop across the street and sat at a table. Despite the large crowd at the party, the coffee shop was almost empty.

Pacey said, "So where do you work in Capeside?"

Tori answered, "Capeside bank. You?"

Pacey replied, "Proud member of the Capeside police force."

Tori nodded, "I got a ticket one time, some guy named Doug. Doug uh...... Witter! Yeah, Witter. Are you related?"

Pacey answered, "He's my brother. But don't tell anybody. He's perfect in my parents eyes. I mean he's been married 10 years to a *perfect* woman, has 2 *perfect* children and lives in a *perfect* house."

Tori said, "I have a sister like that. My parents keep asking when I'm going to get married."

"Mine too," answered Pacey.

They kept talking until Pacey looked at his watch and his eyes bugged out. "Oh my gosh it's 3 AM! I've got to get back to the hotel. My flight leaves tomorrow."

Tori stood and they walked outside. Tori said "My flight leaves in 2 days, part of the winnings. I get a fun-filled week in Hollywood." Pacey smiled as a cab pulled up "Maybe I'll see you in Capeside." He leaned down and kissed her.


Dawson and Joey entered the hotel lobby and Dawson was stopped by the woman at the main desk. "Excuse me! Are you Mr. Leery?"

Dawson walked over to the desk, and Joey instinctivly followed. Dawson answered "Yes, is there a problem?"

"Not exactly." She answered. "It seems the cleaning woman accedently spilled a large container of potent cleaner all over your floor and you can't return to you room. But we did move your things into Mr. Witter's room. We called him at the party and he agreed. If we had a vacancy we would let you stay in a different room, but this is Academy Awards night and we're packed.

Dawson frowned "Okay, thank you very much." She smiled plesantly "You're welcome sir." Dawson and Joey stepped into the elevator. Since it was now 3 AM, no one else was stirring in the hotel.

"Great." Dawson said "Pacey won't get in until late and then I will get to stay with him through a hangover he will be destined to have."

Joey replied, "Look, Dawson, you helped me out when I had a hotel delimma, why don't you stay with me? I wouldn't mind. It's not like I have plans," she finished, smiling.

Dawson started to say no, then he thought about getting woken up at 6 in the morning to the sound of Pacey throwing up in the bathroom from a hangover.

"Okay." He replied. "Just let me stop in Pacey's room and get my suitcase."

Joey smiled and said "I'm going on to my room and take a shower."

They had reached the rooms and both went into separate rooms. Dawson entered Pacey's room and retrived his suitcase. He entered Joey's room and, heard the shower running. He decided to wait until she got through and then he would a shower. He plopped his suitcase on the Large king size bed and turned on the TV.


Joey undressed in the bathroom, hanging the dress back-up. She washed her face free of make-up and hopped in the shower. She emerged a short time later and put on her pajamas. The pants and long sleeve shirt were off-white and made of pure silk. The shirt was loose and low necked, but covered everything. She brushed her hair and teeth and opened the bathroom door.

Dawson glanced up at her and did a double take. *How can it be that whatever she wears, she looks beautiful?*

Joey tried to ignore his stare as she said "So, are you going to take a shower?"

Dawson realized he was staring and answered, standing "Yeah, I won't be long."

He went into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. He leaned against the door and sighed. This was going to be tough.


Joey was sitting on the end of the bed watching a movie channel "Sleepless In Seattle" was on.

Dawson emerged dressed in black silk boxers and a white tee-shirt. He sat beside Joey and said, "Sleepless In Seattle?"

Joey answered "Yeah, these rooms come equipped with a free movie channel." They both scotted back and leaned against the headboard. Dawson laughed softly.

"De ja vu. Movie night strikes again." Joey smiled, then a look of sadness crossed her face, Dawson noticed this and asked "Joey? What's the matter?"

Joey replied "Nothing, nothing is the matter." Dawson looked doubtful as he replied "Come on, Jo. You can tell me. I'm Dawson. Remember me?"

Joey stood up from the bed and walked the window. She opened the curtains and looked out. The view was breathtaking. The cityscape of Hollywood and the full moon. Dawson walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her towards him. "Joey?"

She looked at him with tears in her eyes and she whispered "I love you, Dawson."

Dawson felt his knees go weak as he said "I love you too, Joey! More than anything. I never thought I'd hear you say those words to me again."

Joey said "I've loved you forever Dawson, but I didn't know what to do. I was positive you were with another girl."

Dawson leaned down and kissed Joey and she responded instantly. They fell back onto the bed and all of the sudden Pacey burst into the room. Dawson and Joey lept from the bed and stared at Pacey.

Pacey turned bright red and he stammered "Uh, sorry. I thought this was my room. Resume, resume. Forget I was here."

He hurriedly scurried out and shut the door behind him. Dawson looked at Joey and laughed. They settled down in the bed and Dawson said "Do you still mind if I sleep here? I don't want to get an earful from Pacey right now."

Joey laughed and said "Sure, stay. This will be something to explain." Dawson turned his head to Joey "I love you Joey." Joey turned to Dawson and scooted over to him "I love you too Dawson." Dawson wrapped her in his arms and they drifted off to sleep.


The Next Day

Dawson, Joey and Pacey were settled in a row on the airplane bound for Boston. After about an hour, Joey drifted off to sleep and Dawson turned to Pacey seated on the other side of him. Pacey smirked at him.

"Well, tell me the truth, Dawson. Did anything happen last night?" Pacey asked so quietly only Dawson could hear him.

 Dawson leaned over to him and whispered back "No, nothing happened."

Pacey shrugged and said "Well it's not like you two haven't done it before." Dawson looked alarmed, "Why do you say that?"

Pacey replied, "Come ON Dawson. You guys went steady for like 3 years. And there was tons of sexual tension before that. You can't tell me it never happened. You guys were practically all over each other every single time I saw you together."

  Dawson blushed and said "Well, you remember when we left early from our good-bye party?"

  Pacey got a gleam in his eye, "Oh, that time. The dirt comes out. Was that the only time?"

 Dawson said, "What are we Pacey? Your own personal soap opera?"

Pacey grinned and said, "Yup."

  Dawson turned to look at Joey, he smiled at her sleeping figure and then looked out the window beyond her.


 7 Years Earlier

  Dawson hurriedly got ready for the party that Pacey was having on the beach.Today was Friday and Joey was leaving for Boston University the next day and he was leaving the day after that. Jen was leaving on Monday for college and Pacey had decided to go to Capeside's college to pursue his new founded dream of becoming a police officer. They were meeting a bunch of friends for the party. Joey entered his window quietly. Dawson turned and his jaw dropped. He took in the beautiful sight before him as he said "You look amazing, Joey."

  Joey had on a short slinky black dress and black heels. She had a black cardigan over her dress.

  Joey smiled and said "Ever tried climbing a ladder in heels? It's a completely different expeirance."

 Dawson grabbed her hand as he pulled her to the door. He said "Come on, my parents wanted pictures. You'd think this was prom or something."

  Joey followed him down the stairs. When they had finished with pictures, Dawson grabbed the keys to his jeep and Joey followed him out the door. When they were settled in the red jeep, Dawson put his hand on Joey's knee and smiled at her. She grinned back and said, "I'm nervous. And I don't know why."

  Dawson then started sliding his hand up her leg. She slapped it away laughing.

 "Now is not the time or the place Dawson, and you know that."

Dawson shrugged sheepishly, "Sorry."

  They pulled up at the beach and found a ton of people there. There was a large bonfire(approved by Pacey's dad) and a large boom box banging out a Smash Mouth tune. Dawson took Joey's hand and they found Pacey.

 Pacey said, "Lovebirds! You made it! Let's party!" Pacey bopped off to find his date and Dawson and Joey spotted Jen talking to Cliff Elliot.

  After about 3 hours, Joey said "Dawson, it's 11:00 already and I have to leave tomorrow afternoon. I think I better be going. I can catch a ride if you're not ready."

  Dawson stood up for the patch of sand he had been nestled on with Joey and said "No, I'm ready too."

  They said their good-byes and headed to Dawson's jeep. When Dawson didn't turn off for Joey's house, Joey looked confused.

 She asked, "Where are you going Dawson?"

He said, "You'll see."

  As they pulled up at Dawson's house, she looked baffled. Dawson pulled her up the ladder and into his room.

 She sat on the bed and he put in a video. "E.T." flashed on the screen. He sat beside her and said "One last time? Please?" Joey grinned and said "Oh allright. But do you have anything I can change into? This dress isn't exactly comfortable." Dawson hopped up and opened a drawer. He pulled out some boxers and a shirt and handed them to Joey.

  He said, "I'm going to change, too, but we can't leave the room. If we wake my parents it won't be pretty."

  Joey grinned, "Uh-huh, we have to change in here. How unfortunate for you, huh?"

 Dawson pulled out black boxers and a shirt for him and said "Yeah, awful." Joey turned her back to Dawson and pulled off her cardigan. She put on the boxers and pulled off her dress over her head. She slipped on the shirt and turned back to Dawson, who had changed also on the other side of the bed.

  They settled under the covers and after a few minutes, Dawson said "Joey, what am I going to do without you?"

 Joey replied, "Same I'm going to do without you. Be lonely, cry."

Dawson wrapped his arms around Joey to where her head was positioned on his chest. "I need you Joey."

 Joey said, "I need you too, but we can't postpone college." "E.T." ended and Dawson hopped up to eject it and put it back in it's case. He stood staring at the blank TV and Joey stood up and joined him. Her hand slipped into his and she said,  "Dawson, promise me you'll never forget me."

Dawson turned and embraced her "Forget you? What do you think I'll be thinking about a million times a day?"

  Joey laid her head on Dawson's chest listening to his heart beat and his breath. "I love you, Dawson."

 Dawson replied "I love you too, Joey."

  Their lips met in a kiss and it grew more passionate as Joey ran one hand through his hair as Dawson lifted her shirt off her skin slightly. Joey pulled Dawson's shirt off of him as Dawson took Joey's shirt completely off. He pulled back and said, "Are you sure?"

 Joey replied "Absolutely."

 They resumed their kiss as they fell back onto the bed.


 Next morning, about 6 AM.

  Joey and Dawson awoke at the same time, Joey sat up and Dawson pulled her back down with a kiss.

 She said, "You know Dawson, I do have to leave someday." Dawson mumbled "Mmm-hmmm." As he kissed her again. Joey laughed as she got out of the bed and put on her bra and underwear. She pulled her dress over her head and Dawson got up and pulled on jeans and a t-shirt. Joey was putting on her heels when she was pulled up from the window seat by Dawson. He kissed her again and she laughed, but kissed him back. She said "Okay now, Dawson. I have to go."

  Dawson slipped his arm around her waist and said "I know, go down the stairs, my parents aren't up yet. And it'll be easier with those heels."

  They quietly went down the stairs and stepped onto the porch. Joey turned to Dawson with tears in her eyes as she said "Do you realize things will never be like this again?"

 Dawson wrapped her in a hug as he said "But my love will always be the same."

Joey smiled up at him and said "Mine, too."

 And they kissed.


 Back to the present, they are all 25 now.

  As the plane landed in Boston, Joey was jolted awake. She couldn't believe she had slept the entire flight.

 Dawson squeezed her hand and said "Did you have a nice nap?" Joey gathered her things and prepared to exit the plane. As they walked out together, Pacey tagged along behind them. They all waited at the luggage claim together and Dawson took Joey's hand. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, he whispered "I love you, Joey."

 She smiled at him "I love you, too."

 Pacey said, "Mushy, mushy. The tabloids could have a field day with this."

Dawson wrapped his arm around Joey and said to her "I don't care if you don't."

 Joey leaned her head against Dawson's shoulder, "Not a care." They collected their luggage and walked outside. Dawson had ridden with Pacey. Dawson suddenly stopped.

  "Pacey? Can you drop me off by my house in Boston? It's about 30 minutes from here."

  Pacey winced and said "Yikes, I have a police meeting in 5 hours. I guess I can....."

  Joey put him off, "I can take you home Dawson, I don't have anything planned today."

 Dawson said "Thank you, Joey, I'd really appreciate it. Pace? Is that okay?"

"Fine." Pacey commented. "See you lovebirds later." Pacey walked to his car and put his luggage in the back and drove off waving and grinning. Dawson and Joey loaded up Joey's car and drove out of the parking lot.

Dawson said "I haven't heard him call us lovebirds since....."

".....the night I left for college." Joey finished with a hint of a smile on her face.

 Dawson replied, "Yeah, I've missed you, Joey. A whole lot."

Joey smiled at him and said, "I've missed you more than words can express, Dawson."

  After Dawson gave her directions to his house, she pulled up in his driveway and asked with an odd look on her face, "How long have you lived here?"

  He replied "About 3 years. I commute. I like Boston but I still have a house in Capeside. Why?"

  She looked at him shocked "I live on the next street. And I've lived there 3 years. Before that I lived in the dorms through college."

 Dawson laughed, "So close and we didn't know it."

Joey smiled, "Yeah."

  She gathered up her purse and said "I've got to get home, but I have the rest of this week off thank goodness."

  Dawson hopped off the couch and said, "Want to go to a movie or something tomorrow?"

 Joey said, "I'd love to."

  She walked over to him and kissed him good-bye. He said, "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 2:00 PM?"

 Joey smiled, "Sounds great."

  She walked outside and got in her car. She waved to Dawson as she pulled out of the driveway.   When her car was out of sight, Dawson leaned against the door jamb and sighed happily.

 They were together again.

To Be Continued.....

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