A Walk Through the Clouds Part 3 by: Cuddles

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A Walk Through the Clouds (Part 3)

* * *

"Mom, I'm home," Jen called as she entered the house.

"Mom's not home," a voice said from behind her.

Jen jumped as she heard the voice. "What happened to hello?" Jen asked as she turned around to face her younger sister Jamie.

"Sorry," she said as she sat down at the table.

"Hey, where'd mom go?"Jen asked joining her at the table.

"God knows where," Jamie began. "She's having a hard time with Gram's death and she's been keeping it to herself. She doesn't want to show her emotions in front of us."

"Sounds like Mom."

"Yeah," Jamie mumbled.

"Look, Jamie, you really haven't talked to me too much since you got here. Just small talk. Is everything okay back home?"

"Everything's fine, Jen. I don't need help from my big sister even if it wasn't, alright?"

"Sorry. Just wanted-"

"Look, Jen," Jamie interrupted, "we don't have time. We should clean the house for mom."

"Yeah," she mumbled.

* * *

Dawson entered the Icehouse. He automatically spotted Joey there drinking a shake. He didn't know whether to go and talk to her or just leave. After thinking about it for a while he decided to give it a shot and talk to her. "Hey, Joey," Dawson said when he reached her table. Joey looked up and saw Dawson standing there. She couldn't believe he was there.

"Dawson, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"This is a restaurant, Joey."

"It sure is, and there's an empty table. Why aren't you there? Why are you here talking to me?"

"Cause I think we need to talk," he said as he sat down across from her.

Joey noticed Dawson sat down and quickly got up. "Sorry Dawson but I am on my way out."

"Joey. Come on."

"Look, Dawson," she began as she turned around to face him. "You shouldn't be talking to me right now. You should clear things with your girlfriend first. Besides, I am tired and I'm going home. Bye."

Dawson let out a deep sigh and sat down as he watched Joey leave.

* * *

Pacey continued to walk down Jen's street.It was about 9:30 and he figured Dawson wouldn't be home yet so he thought about going to visit the Witter household. As he neared his house, memories of his high school years filled his mind.

He thought about his old english teacher Ms. Jacobs. He laughed when he thought about the ridiculous relationship that went on between them. He often wondered about what happened to her. After she left Capeside he never saw her again.

He now thought about his senior year in high school. That was when he became tired of being known as the town loser. He studied and actually passed his classes which allowed him to enter a good college like Stamford with Dawson. Of course he had to do extra school work over the summer since his record wasn't exactly Stamford matieral. But he did it. His relationship with his father and brother was rocky. They talked here and there, but nothing major. He turned the block and noticed the lights in his house where still on. He smiled and continued to walk.

to be continued....

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