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Title: A Walk through the Clouds
Part: 1 of ?

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* * *

Jen, now 20 and living in Boston, was back in Capeside for her grandmother's funeral. Her grandmother had passed away 3 days ago due to heart failure. Jen had come back to Capeside to say goodbye to her one last time.

She opened the house door and walked in. Everything had stayed the same from the last time she was there. She walked into her grandmother's room as all memories of her and her grandmother came rushing into her mind, both good and bad.

"Jen, you in here?" Joey called looking from room to room for Jen.

"I'm in here," Jen called out to Joey, who was also her roomate at Boston University.

"Hey," Joey began as she entered the room."You ok? You look like you're in deep thought," Joey asked, sitting next to her on the bed.

"Yeah, I am all right. Just being here it brings back a lot of memories."

"I know. Sometimes it seems that's the most painful thing through it all." Joey said as she placed her hand on Jen's shoulder.

"Yeah," Jen mumbled.

"So," Joey began thinking it was a good idea to change the subject. "When are folks coming?"

"Well, my dad's not coming do to work and since my mom was an only child it'll be her and my sister. There will also be some other relatives that want to drive down and Dawson and Pacey"

"Oh," Joey said.

"So, are nervous about seeing Dawson?" Jen asked.

"Why should I?" Joey asked.

"Well, because you two broke up because you were both going to different colleges. You never know. He could still have the hots for you, Joey," Jen said, getting very interested in this conversation.

Joey knew Jen was right. She did feel kind of nervous about seeing Dawson after two years. Yeah, they did write to each other and occasionly talked on the phone, but it was nothing. She knew Dawson had moved on and so had she. She dated a lot, nothing serious of course, but the point was she moved on and that was that right?

"Earth to Joey!" Jen said, waving her hand in front of Joey's face. Joey was obviously in deep thought.

"Huh..." Joey began. "Don't worry Jen everything will be fine," she said standing up. "I have to go now, I owe Alex a basketball game. I'll see ya."

"Okay," Jen said, getting up to walk Joey to the door.

"Uhh, Jen, I know you might feel weird in this house on your first night back, so if you want you come spend the night at Bessie's house. Do you want to?" Joey asked

"Are you sure?" Jen asked knowing how small Bessie's house was.

"Yeah, I am sure we can squeeze you somewhere on the floor," Joey said with a laugh.

"Okay, I'll be around later. Bye, Jo, and thanks."

"No problem," Joey replied.

* * *

"Well, I never expected to be in Capeside on my summer vacation," Pacey said, driving past the sign that read: Welcome to Capeside.

"Come on, Pacey. We're here for the funeral and then we can split," Dawson said.

"I am not too sure about that," Pacey said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dawson asked.

"Well, we both know a certain brunette will be there and you you two might want to catch up on old times, finish unfinshed business," Pacey said with a grin.

"Will you get off my back with that already, Pacey? I've moved on and have Gina to prove it, and I know Joey has moved on. What happened happened. It's in the past, it's over, done with," Dawson said in his defense.

"Whatever, man, cause if you ask me, you're still hung up on the girl."

"Yeah, well, no one asked you Pacey."


* * *

Next Day:

"Well, if it isn't Ms.Lindley. How might we be doing this fine Saturday morning?" a familiar voice said from behind her.

Jen had woken up early and came outside. She was sitting by the creek by Joey's house when she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

"Oh gosh, Pacey, Dawson, what are you two doing here? I thought you weren't coming 'till Monday!" Jen said as she hugged them both.

"We decided to come early to see if you needed help with anything," Dawson said.

"Thanks, guys, but actually everything's pretty much under control, thanks to Joey. She really helped me out," Jen said.

"Where is Josephine, anyway?" Pacey asked.

"Probably sleeping. We stayed up talking last night pretty late but I couldn't fall asleep, so when the sun rose I came outside to think," Jen said with a sigh.

"All right, well I guess I'll catch Joey later. Come on, Pacey, we should go to my house to unpack," Dawson said.

"Yeah. Catch you later, Jen," Pacey said as he started his car.

"Bye," Jen said as she waved goodbye.

* * *

Joey had just finished playing another round of Basketball with Alex who was now 8. She hadn't seen Jen all day and figured she was probably with her parents. Joey had sat down and began to read her new book when Alex called her.

"JOEY!!!" Alex screamed. "Come out here."

"Uhhh!"Joey moaned. "What, Alex, I am not going to play-"

She stopped when she saw the person standing next her nephew. It was Dawson.

* * *

Dawson saw Joey come out. When he saw her he thought she looked so beautiful. He felt things had never changed. It was like he was 15 picking up Joey for a night out. But he wasn't 15, he was 19 and things were over between them and he had a girlfriend and no longer had feeling's for Joey, right?

Dawson's thoughts were interupted when Joey gave him a hug.

"God, Dawson, it's been so long. How are you?" Joey asked.

"I'm all right. Hey, wanna go to the ruins to talk?" he asked.

"Sure," she said with a smile.

* * *

Joey and Dawson had spent the rest of the day together like old times. Laughing, talking about friends, their freshmen years at college everything. They ate dinner at the Ice House and they just walked to the creek.

"You know as much as I hated Capeside, I actually missed it," Joey said, throwing pebbles into the creek.

"Yeah. I missed home, my friends, but I mostly missed my best friend," he said looking at her. She looked at him and smiled. He moved closer to her and gently kissed her.

"Dawson!" a girl screamed.

They both seperated quickly and turned around. Dawson looked at the girl and instantly recognized her. "Oh man," Dawson said to himself. He looked over at Joey who had a confused look on her face.

"Who is that, Dawson?" Joey asked looking at the girl who was only a few feet from them.

"My... uhh... my girlfriend," he said.

to be continued........

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