She's the One by: Dannie

Author's Note: Basically, this will be PJ eventually or kind of, maybe. Rinny sure hopes so...

"The anticipation heightens, as he finds an opening and prepares to take the shot. The crowd takes on a deathly silence, preparing for the inevitable, hanging off the edge of their seats. Can he do it? There's only one minute left in the quarter and it's tied as we come down to the last quarter of the game. Can Witter make the shot and save the game?" Pacey lowered his voice taking on the tone of a sports announcer.

He arched his arm back and let the can fly. He watched it's high arc before it landed less then gracefully into the cold, dark ocean. "He shoots...He scores!" Pacey yelled, watching the beer can sink into the seemingly bottomless ocean. "And the crowd goes wild!" He cupped his hands around his mouth, "Yeah! Witter did it! The town proverbial black sheep of Capeside surprised us all with a big win."

"Well, Pacey, you have just gained acceptance to the college of your choice, millions of girls would love to sleep with you and now you've just won the NBA Championship for the Chicago Bulls, some people are even starting to call you the next Jordan-"

Pacey put his hands up in mock bashfulness, "I wouldn't go as far as saying that, Kent."

He turned and his voice took on the persona of a veteran news caster, "Well, then Pacey, what do you plan to do now?"

"I'm going to-" he spoke in his regular voice now and collapsed into the sand. "Where the hell am I going?" he mumbled, his hand reached for another can of beer attached to the dwindling six pack he had bought before coming here.

He sunk his bare feet deeper into the sand; he brought his knees closers to his chest and took a large gulp of the intoxicating liquid. He raised the can, "Alcohol, the nectar of the Gods." His words were slow and slurred. He lowered the can back to his mouth and took another long drink. He let out a burp and shivered involuntarily, the cold wind piercing through his dark blue sweater. "Time to go," he muttered, standing up. He reached for his jacket and threw the now empty can into the darkness to join the other three.

He bent down and grabbed the remaining cans. His legs wobbled, he put a hand out to steady himself. "Watch it there, Witter," he mumbled, walking the rest of the way to his Jeep, parked just above the hill.

Pacey fumbled for his keys and laughed upon hearing there unceremonial fall to the floor. "Good one, Pacey." He lowered himself down to the smooth black top of the parking lot and felt around for the elusive set of keys.

"Gotcha," he exclaimed, drunkenly, his hand clasping around the metal object. He shakily stood up, trying to stick the key in the lock. He heard the resounding sound of a car door being slammed behind him. He turned, startled, he hadn't even noticed another car. Just looking at it gave him a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. He felt like he should know it, but his mind wouldn't let him remember. The answer teased and taunted him, an intense game of hide-and-seek; and he's it.

Then it hit him. It was Dawson's.

"Dead people don't drive and if they did they wouldn't drive cars they use to own, to the beach." His voice became melancholy and his eyes clouded with hidden despair.

He saw a long pair of shapely legs climb out of the car, the owner of the shapely legs, undistinguishable in the cloudy darkness.

He smiled to himself and let out a low whistle, from the looks of it some guy had just gotten extremely lucky.

He climbed into his own jeep, a gift from his parents for actually finishing high school. "Good job, son. Now get out," he mumbled.

He started the car, the bright light of the high beams aimed at the ground.

He sighed and pulled out.

The sound of gravel flying up as he pulled out and sped off echoed in the darkness. You're crazy he thought to himself, only crazy people see a dead person's car and a beautiful girl climb out of it and only crazy people referred to themselves in the third person.


Andie McPhee shifted uncomfortably under her pink cotton comforter; she had been unable to sleep following Pacey's rapid departure that evening. It had left her quite unsettled and she had found herself thinking about him a lot now, more then usual, and it wasn't even in the romantic sense anymore.

She was just plain worried. Her hooded gaze shifted to the letter on her desk that had started this whole mess. She had been accepted into Harvard.

Harvard. The college she had always dreamed about attending and now she had finally made it. It gave her a tingly feeling in her stomach to know that she had made it; her dreams had finally come true. She was out of here, on to bigger and better things. She felt somewhat guilty too, as if she wasn't suppose to be happy about this and truth be told, she hadn't felt happy in a long time. Not since the ending of junior year. She had a whole summer ahead of her, along with Pacey, Jack, Joey, Jen and Dawson.

She winced at the thought of Dawson and Joey. You couldn't say one with out the other they had been joined at the hip the whole summer through. She couldn't remember seeing them as happy as they were then.

Joey was practically ecstatic, she had been so full of happiness and cheer that it was bordering on giddy. Dawson was the helpless romantic he always had been, but there was new light to his face an inner glow that could only be traced back to Joey as the cause.

That summer had been wonderful, so full of promise and surprises. It was the last days of freedom before senior year. They had all been so happy.

Now Jen was packed up and ready to move back to New York, taking Jack with her. They were going to rent an apartment over the summer and hang in the city. They wanted to spend the last summer of their high school lives together and alone.

Andie had been hurt at first; she would have liked to spend the last summer before college with her brother, but that wasn't going to happen.

Pacey had been so distant lately, an enigma and Andie didn't understand what was going on in his head.

She turned onto her back and stared up at her ceiling.

They had started going back out soon after the end of junior year.

She remembered the day clearly; she and Dawson were awaiting Pacey and Joey's arrival from Boston. Joey had wanted to visit AJ for the weekend.

It had been surreal there had been no words spoken. Joey had just stepped right off the truck, into Dawson's waiting arms and enveloped him in a kiss. She kissed him with a hunger that surprised Andie and from the looks of it Dawson too. Dawson was more then happy to comply and both of them had just stood there kissing.

Andie was a bit embarrassed, like she was intruding on some precious moment, the sanctity of the two. She felt her breath catch in her throat at the sight, there had been something incredibly romantic about it and no one had seen it coming, least of all her.

Pacey had stepped out of the truck and watched the two with detached interest, his expression unreadable before he turned away and walked off. Andie had hurried after him, startled by the slamming of the truck door. She glanced at Dawson and Joey who continued unfazed.

Andie had hurried after Pacey and they had spoken, there was an underlying tension that neither bothered mentioning. Andie had been a little disappointed when he had quickly hurried off explaining that he had to get home before Doug killed him and Andie nodded, saying her good-byes before heading home herself feeling rather dejected.

She was surprised when she found him on her doorstep the next morning. He had taken her out to breakfast, they had laughed and talked and for a while, it felt like old times, she didn't return home that night.

They continued meeting each other and it had been strictly friend stuff, nothing more.

That had changed the night of the last day of school. The whole group had decided to ditch and spend the entire day at the beach. It had been fun.

There had been a volleyball tournament, girls versus the guys and of course, the girls were triumphant.

She distinctly recalled Dawson and Joey in the middle of the field kissing heatedly, under the bright sunlight and the rambunctious cheering of Jack and Jen. Joey had pulled away blushing, hiding her face in Dawson's chest while Dawson just laughed it off.

Andie had remembered feeling jealousy at their closeness, the careless whispers the two of them shared while cuddling close by the fire they had started later that night. She could not help but feel guilt as she watched them knowing that after all the two had shared that they deserved this.

She recalled asking Joey earlier that day what had brought her and Dawson together again. Joey had remained tight lipped and her face dropped.

"Let's just say that my weekend with AJ was an enlightening experience and it made me realize what I have," she had replied.

Andie had wanted to question her more, but Dawson had pulled Joey away at that moment and carried her into the water. Andie had laughed at the sight and turned slightly, feeling someone's eyes burn into her. She was surprised to find Pacey studying her intently.

Andie smiled embarrassed. Pacey cocked an eyebrow and raised the can of soda he was holding in a mock toast before taking a long drink.

She watched him mesmerized by the movement of his Adam's apple, the way it bobbed up and down, the strong, broad fingers wrapped around the soda can.

Jack had taken that precise moment to knock the volleyball at her head, shaking her out of her reverie. She blushed and hurried to join the game Jack and Jen had started.

After a long exhausting day of fun in the sun, Pacey had driven her home and that was when he had kissed her.

A soft, sweet kiss, she could still remember the taste of salt on his lips it wasn't like any other kiss they had shared. It was different and nice, it lacked passion but it contained comfort and need.

Andie pulled away slightly breathless.

After that, they were officially a couple once again she and Pacey went everywhere together. Andie had been excited at the prospect of senior year.

This was it, the moment she had been waiting for and all her hopes and dreams of what could have been were dashed the same day that they all got the news.

Dawson was dead.

Bessie had been the first to call Andie.

Joey had refused to leave her room and speak to anyone.

Andie had been shocked and unable to speak.

Seems there had been a robbery at his mom's restaurant and Dawson had valiantly given his life for Joey's. Joey hadn't thought it was such a valiant notion.

Her feelings were clearly expressed at the funereal when she showed up with Chris in tow. She was drunk and cursed like a sailor damning Dawson for being so stupid, before walking out.

Pacey had been fuming and Andie could've sworn he was going to hit somebody, preferably Joey. She squeezed his hand in reassurance and tried to manage a smile. He stared straight ahead his face set in a grim line.

Jack and Jen had turned back to each other for comfort and they had become inseparable, both returning to each other in their time of need.

Andie had been stuck with a grim Pacey, who hardly bothered. He was quiet and withdrawn, dropping her off as soon as the funereal was over. She barely had a chance to mumble a good-bye before he sped off.

He had shown up later that night drunk out of his mind. Andie had scrambled down the stairs attempting to pull on her robe.

They had stood on her porch, him crying and cursing until he finally fell into a restless sleep on her lap. She soothed his hair away from his face, and studied his profile, the warm summer breeze whistling through the trees and blowing through her hair.

She felt like crying but found she couldn't and she tried to remember when things had become so complicated and why life was unfair and had to take away a great person like Dawson.

Pacey shifted uncomfortably in his slumber, mumbling incoherent words and she sat there for hours, just watching him sleep. She enjoyed the simplicity of the whole scene and didn't feel like disturbing him.

At around five o'clock that morning, Pacey had awoken to vomit the contents of his stomach before getting up shakily, prepared to go home. Andie begged him to stay not wanting him to drive in his intoxicated state and he reluctantly relented.

Her father had been away on one of his countless business trips and Jack had opted to spend the night at Jen's. Andie was slightly relieved that there was no one to disturb as Pacey stumbled up the steps to her room.

They tumbled in and fell onto her bed in crazed desire. He grabbed onto her and started kissing her. Warm, feverent kisses, she could taste the alcohol on his breath.

He began to nibble on her neck and she felt his warmth through his white dress shirt. She pressed a cool palm against his warm skin as she clumsily began to undress him in the dark.

She kissed him back, yearning, aching to be touched, needing to feel this closeness. He pushed off her robe leaving her clad only in her sheer white pajama. She quickly sat up and pulled it over her head, leaving herself exposed to his feverish gaze.

He gazed at her hungrily before pulling a tight, taught nipple into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth. She let out a deep a guttural moan as he proceeded to do the same with the other, giving them both the same attention. She arched her back giving him better access.

She felt his coarse hand run the course of her taught skin. She pressed herself closer against him, wanting him inside her and he complied. They pushed together, both reaching for a release. She let out a low groan as she finally came and he quickly followed after.

There were a few sloppy kisses shared before she finally fell asleep with his arms wrapped around her. She had awoke later that day to find him gone, all traces of their last night together missing. Her brow furrowed and she decided not to question it.

That had been the first of many times that Pacey would show up drunk at her house. It had become a habit, but after that first night, things were never the same between them.

They'd go to the occasional party together, purely for social appearances and there were a few kisses shared, some heavy petting, the occasional sex. They had grown apart, yet neither attempted to end it.

Pacey had become withdrawn and Andie knew that after this year she wasn't going to see him anymore and so did he. It was an unspoken agreement, which was why Andie knew that his anger about her leaving for Harvard was not about that. There was something else. Something Pacey was not telling her.

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