Our Little Secret Part Two by: Dannie

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You and me, privacy
And we can do anything
Your fantasy
I wanna make your dreams come true
Can you hear?
She's calling me
Between your legs
Loud and clear
I wanna talk back to her
Make love to her
I wanna hear you scream my name

We can make love in the bedroom
Floating on top of my waterbed
I'm kissing you
Running my fingers through your hair
In the hallway making our way beside the stairs
Making love anywhere
I can love you in the shower
Both of our bodies dripping wet
On the patio we can make a night you won't forget
On the kitchen floor
As I softly pull your hair
We can do it anywhere, anywhere

I love the way your body feels
On top of mine so take your time
We've got all night
Girl, you know
I like it slow
And I know you like it too, baby
Please don't stop I feel it now
You feel it, too
You're shivering
Ooh, you're pulling me close to you
Just let it flow
There's no other place to go
Z too hot to stop
So we goin' from the bedroom to the floor
Let you know whether I'm gonna miss you when I'm on tour
When our tongues touch
Have a playboy sing it much
Roll a Dutch, let me tell you it turns me on
When 112 sing to you
What kinda feeling do it bring to you?
I bump hard till you say I'm being mean to you
I know the ice Roley game to you
A true player's what I seem to you
And if you want it
We can do it in the Black 500
Wit' the top down
In overdrive when we ride cuz I'm hot now
You got goin', I don't think I'mma stop now
Anywhere ~ 112

Andie pulled apart from Dawson, gasping for air.

“What was that?” Dawson asked Andie as he caught his breath.

“That was, how can I put this, wow!” Andie said as she stood gazing at him in awe. Who knew Dawson could kiss so well? Andie thought.

“I know,” Dawson said. He looked at Andie, who seemed visibly shaken by what had happened. “Are you okay?” He asked his voice full of concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It was just a mistake, it didn’t mean anything right?” Andie said trying to convince herself of what she just said. I can’t believe what just happened, she thought.

“Yeah, you're right, it was just a mistake,” Dawson said after a considerable pause.

“So nobody has to know?”

“You're right, nobody has to know.”


“Good,” Dawson repeated, not sure if it was good.

“Hey, Dawson, you have some lipstick right there,” Andie said while pointing to a spot on her face.

“I do?” Dawson asked, embarassed, and tried to wipe it away. “Is it still there?”

“Yeah, here let me get it for you,” Andie said and reached out to wipe the spot away. She let her fingers linger longer than necessary. Dawson closed his eyes enjoying the feel of her soft touch. Andie ran her fingers across his cheek enjoying the soft feel of his skin under her fingers. Dawson lifted his hand to Andie’s face.

He ran his fingers across her lips. Andie leaned toward him, her face just inches from his. Andie edged closer and brushed her lips against Dawson’s. Dawson opened his mouth, accepting the kiss. Andie plunged her tongue inside his mouth and explored. She ran her fingers through his hair, enjoying the soft, silky feel of it. They both pulled apart simultaneously.

“I think we should go now,” Dawson said trying to fill the awkward silence.

“Yeah, I think that's a good idea.” Dawson started the car and he gave a quick glance in Andie’s direction. She was staring out the passenger side window. Dawson grimaced and turned his attention back to the road. They drove the rest of the way in an awkward silence.


Joey pulled away from Pacey and stared into his eyes incredulously.

“Pacey, what just happened?” Joey asked in complete shock.

“Jo, I honestly don’t know.”

“It was a mistake, right, Pacey?”

“Yeah, that’s what it was, Jo, a mistake.”

“I didn’t feel anything. Did you?” Joey said lying through her teeth.

“Yeah, right, me feel something for you, that's ridiculous.” Pacey said unconvincingly.

“I know,” Joey said giving off a fake laugh. “I’m going to head back now, you coming?”

“No, I think I’ll stay here for awhile.”


“Jo, tell Andie I’ll be heading back in a little while.”

“Sure, Pace,” Joey said and started walking back toward the cabin, after a few feet she paused and said “Pace?”

“Yeah, Joey,” Pacey said without turning back to look at her, as he stood gazing out into the water.

“Tell anyone about this and you die, a slow and painful death,” Joey said and continued walking.

All she got in reply was Pacey’s deep laughter echoing through the still night. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and stormed away.


Jen rubbed her eyes and yawned as she sat up on the couch. She scratched her head sleepily as she surveyed her surroundings. Where am I? she thought as she glanced around. She shook her head and got up off the couch. As she got her bearings, she remembered she was in Jack and Andie’s family’s cabin.

The only light in the room was emitting from the now blank t.v. screen. I must have fallen asleep while watching the movie, she thought as she headed toward the bathroom. God, I look like shit, she thought as she saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes were irritated and her nose was red. She went to her room and grabbed some of her clothes. What I need is a hot shower. She entered the bathroom and shut the door.


Jack awoke from the couch and sratched his head sleepily, as he glanced around. Where is everybody? he thought as he drowsily headed toward the bathroom.


Jen stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed. That's just what I needed, she thought as she went to grab the towel hanging behind the bathroom door. The door opened before Jen had a chance to grab the towel.

“Jack!” Jen sreamed. Jack’s eyes widened in surprise as he took in the sight of Jen. Jack lowered his eyes to the ground in embarressment.

“Jen, I am so sorry,” Jack. “ I-I-had no idea you were in here.”

“Well, can you please leave?” Jen asked apprehensively as she tightened the towel around her body.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Jack said as he stumbled out of the bathroom. “I’m so sorry,” he said as he closed the door behind him never taking his eyes off of Jen. As soon as the door was closed, Jack leaned against the wall and slid to the floor. “Way to go, Mcphee,” he mumbled to himself.


“Hello? Anybody here? Jack? Jen?” Joey said as she entered the darkened cabin. Where is everybody? Joey wondered to herself as she flipped on the light switch.

“I’m right here,” Jack said coming up from behind Joey scaring the hell out of Joey. Joey grabbed her chest in surprise.

“Jack, you scared the shit out of me.”

“I’m sorry,” Jack said as he went to kiss Joey.

“It’s okay,” Joey said as she turned her face away causing Jacks kiss to meet her cheek.

“So where were you?”

“I decided to take a walk. You know, it really is beautiful out there,” Joey said as she opened the fridge to get a coke, keeping her back to Jack the whole time.

“I know.”

“So what did you do?”

“Nothing, I fell asleep watching the movie,” Jack said quickly. A little too quickly. Joey shot him a strange look.

“Are you okay, Jack?”

“Sure, why do you ask?”

“It’s just that you’ve been sleeping alot. I mean you slept through the whole ride up here and now you were sleeping again.”

“I’ve just been tired.”

“Are you sure, Jack?” Joey said giving him a puzzled look.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” They were interrupted by the sound of car door slamming.

“That must be Andie and Dawson,” Joey said and went to meet them at the front door. Jack stayed behind, sitting on the counter. He was thinking about the whole Jen situation when Jen walked in, interrupting his thoughts.

“Hey,” he said giving her an awkward smile.

“Hey, Jack,” she said as she went to the cupboard to get a glass.


“You already said that.”

“I did?”

“Yeah, you did.”


“Jack, we can be mature about this right?”

“Yeah, sure we can.”

“Cool. It's not like you walked in on purpose.”

“You're right, Jen.”

“Good,” Jen said, flashing him a reassuring smile and exiting the kitchen.

Jack banged his head against the counter.


“Hey, guys,” Jen said when she entered the living room, where Joey, Dawson and Andie had gathered.

“Where’s Jack?” Joey asked her.

“He’s in the kitchen,” Jen replied.

“Hey, Andie, Pacey said he’ll be in in a little while,” Joey said breaking Andie from her daze.

“Huh, what? Sure.” Good going, Andie. Andie thought to herself. She couldn’t stop thinking about Dawson and their kiss she felt so guilty now. Joey just shot her a strange look. Then Joey looked at Dawson, he was acting weird. Strange, Joey thought.

“So, Dawson, where’s the allergy medicine?” Jen asked Dawson.


“The allergy medicine you went to buy for me.”

“Oh, yeah right. It’s right here.” Dawson said holding up the bag in his hand.

“Thanks, Dawson.” She said as she grabbed the bag, “I’m going to go take this right now.” Jen left the room and went to her room and closed the door.

“So what are we going to do now?” Joey said as she glanced around the room. Dawson and Andie just stood in slence both diverting there gaze from each other.


“So do you know where the hell, were going?” Abby asked Chris as he drove toward their destination.

“Sure, I do. Didn’t Jen’s grandmother give you the right directions?” Chris asked as he glanced at Abby.

“The old coot better have.”

“Remind me once again why were going?”

“Because I wasn’t invited. Now they should have known better. Abby Morgan does not like to be shunned. Now they are going to pay for that little mistake. No one messes with Abby.”

“Abby you are so full of it. You know the only reason your going is because you have nothing better to do and you feel some need to be included in that little group of losers as you so put it. Admit it your jealous of their friendship.” Chris said with a smug grin.

“You know Chris you are so delusional.” Abby said and turned her attention back out the window. “What is it now, why did we stop?” Abby asked as Chris pulled over to the side of the road.

“I think we’re out of gas.”

“Please tell me thats some cheesy line.”

“Like I would really waste that line on you.”

“God, are you mentally deficit or something. How hard is it to make sure that a car has gas.”

“Maybe, I would’ve noticed if somebody wasn’t bitching and moaning the whole way.”

“Don’t try to blame me for your dumbass mistake.”

“Fine, Abby whatever. I think we passed a gas station a couple of miles back.” Chris said as he got out of the car.

“Wait you can’t leave me here alone.”

“Why not?”

“We’re in the middle of nowhere, at night anything can happen to me. A poor innocent, defenseless girl..”

“Abby, don’t make me laugh. Your anything but, innocent I feel bad for whoever finds you.”

“This is so not funny Chris. I’m going with you.”

“No, your not. Someone has to watch the car.”

“Fine you stay and I’ll go.”

“Yeah, right.” Chris said sarcastically.

“Fine, then what are we going to do, we just can’t stay here.”

“Abby when did you start speaking French, you can stay here. I’m going to get gas.” Chris said and started walking away.


“What is it Abby?” Chris asked impatiently.

“I think I see a cabin right, there up the road.”


“Well we can ask whoever is there if we could use there phone.”

“No, Abby you can ask. I’m going to get gas.”

“Chris, come on I’ll let you....” Abby completed the rest of her sentence in Chris’s ear. A slow grin spread across his face.

“So in what direction is that cabin again?” Chris asked as he swung his arm around Abby’s shoulder.

“Ill Chris, not now.” Abby said as she shrugged his arm off.

They headed in the direction of the cabin.


“Pacey is something wrong?” Andie asked Pacey as she snuggled up closer to him. He had been quiet ever since he had gotten back from his walk.

“No, nothings wrong.” Pacey said as he wrapped his arms around her reassuringly and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead.

Andie gave a quick glance around the room. Jack and Joey were on the floor by the couch. Joey was leaning her head against Jacks shoulder and Jack had his arm around her. Jen was sitting on the arm chair by the window gazing out. Dawson was sitting on the floor his back leaning on the arm chair Jen was sitting on. Pacey and Andie were sitting on the couch. Pacey was sitting and Andie had her legs folded under her. Andie let her gaze fall back to Dawson. They had not spoken to each other after the incident in the car. She found him staring at her intently. She let her eyes meet his for a second and then she turned her gaze away.

“So what are going to do now?” Jen said breaking the silence. Everyone turned their attention to Jen.

“We could watch a movie.” Dawson said.

“Please, Dawson. We always watch movies.” Joey said rolling her eyes.

“How about if we play a game?” Andie said.

“I’m in no mood to play any juvenile board game.” Jack said.

“I know.” Andie said as she jumped out of her seat and headed to the kitchen. When she returned she was carrying some candles and a flashlight.

“What’s all this for?” Pacey said as he got up to help her.

“Okay everybody gather around the coffee table.” Everyone moved reluctantly.

“Jen go turn off the lights.” Andie said ignoring Pacey’s question. Jen turned off the lights and they were surrounded in darkness.

“Ooh, spooky.” Joey said.

The darkness was soon broken by the flickering light of a candle. Soon Andie had all five candles lighted and placed around the room.

“So what are we doing?” Pacey asked.

“I think we should have seance.” Andie said.

“This is so ridiculous.” Joey said as she tried to get up, but Jack pulled her back down.

“What’s wrong Joey scared?” Dawson asked her teasingly.

“No, I’m not scared. This is such a juvenile game.”

“Then what do you have to worry about?” Jack said.

“Fine. Whatever.” Joey said trying to hide her fear. I hate this game. Why do I have to be such a chicken? She thought to herself.

“Good so we’re all agreed?” Andie asked. Everyone nodded their head in agreement. “Okay, now everyone hold hands.” Everyone obliged.

“So who’s spirit are we going to call?” Jen asked.

“I don’t know I didn’t think that far ahead.” Andie said.

“What about Bloody Mary?”

“Someone real Pacey. Bloody Mary is just some elementary school legend used to scare little kids.”

“Fine then you think of someone better.”

“How about old man Lucas?” Jack said.

“Who the hell is that?” Dawson asked.

“He’s an old man who used to own the cabin.”

“What happened to him?”

“Well he used to live here alone. He had no family and he was a real recluse. He only left the cabin to go to the market once a week. One day he went to the market a day early because there was going to be a big storm and he wanted to get some supplies. While he was in the shop the clerk asked him of he wanted to stay with him and his family. Old man Lucas told him no, that he was fine by himself up here. He had everything he needed. So he left. That night one of the worst storms this town had ever seen happened. The next day the clerk decided to go check on old man Lucas.

When he got here the door was open and the cabin was empty. The clerk was suspicous and decided to call the cops. When the cops came there was no sign of foul play. So they thought he had went to stay with some family or friends. The clerk told them that Lucas had no family around here or friends. So the cops started poking around, seaching the woods, etc. That’s when they found the body. Nothing was wrong with the body, so they thought he had wondered out during the storm and gotten lost. That still did not explain the death though.

When the body was being examined, they couldn’t find his heart. It was gone. Just gone, no cause or explanation, it just wasn’t there.To this day his heart was never found. They say at night you can hear old man Lucas’s voice and the beating of his heart., as he tries to find it. “ Andie finished with a flourish.

“That has to be the worst horror story I’ve ever heard.”

“I’m sorry honey but,I’m going to have to agree with Joey on this one.”

“I’m telling the truth.”

“Sure you are.” Dawson said sarcastically.

“I am. Right Jack?”

“Guys she’s telling the truth. Andie and me heard his heart beating before.”

“You see I was telling the truth.” Andie said sticking out her tongue.

“So are we going to this or what?” Jen asked.

“Okay, everyone hold hands again. Now we have to take this seriously, no joking around.” Andie said as she glanced around the table seriously. Joey burst into laughter.

“I-I’m sorry Andie. This is just to fuuny. C’mon do you really take stuff this seriously.” Joey said in between fits of laughter. Everyone else was smiling.

“She’s right Andie.” Jen said as she tried to contain her own laughter.

“Fine don’t believe then. Now you guys are going to regret not believing. Old man Lucas’s spirit will get revenge on all of you.”

“Ooh, I’ m so scared.” Pacey said before breaking into his own laughter. Even Dawson and Jack we’re laughing now. They we’re interrupted by the sound of a knock on the door.

“Thats probably his spirit now, right Andie.” Dawson said in between his laughter. This caused everyone else to laugh louder.

“Whatever.” Andie said and got up to answer the door. She was surprised by who she saw on the other side of the door.

“What are you doing here?” Andie asked incredulously.

“Well, well, what do we have here.” Abby said as she saw Andie. Andie slammed the door closed.

“Ooh, that lttle bitch, how dare she.” Abby said between clenched teeth.

“Well, I guess they’re not happy to see you.” Chris said.


“So should we let them stay?” Andie asked everyone else after she told them who was at the door.

“I vote we leave them out there.” Joey said.

“So do I.” Pacey said.

“Me too.”


“Me three.”

“Come on we can’t just leave them out there.” Andie said in there defense.

“Yes we can.”

“Where’s your human compassion? What happened to kindness to your fellow man?” Andie asked.

“That would apply in this case if we were actually dealing with human beings. I’m 80% sure they’re not human.” Joey said.

“Come on its only for one night. Please, and if you don’t agree now I won’t stop bothering you until you do.” Andie said pleadingly.



“I can’t promise I’ll be hospitable.”



Andie left the kitchen to go tell Abby and Chris, who were waiting in the living room. Dawson, Jen, Joey and Jack banged their heads against the table in unison.

“Why do I have a feeling we’re going to regret this.” Pacey said.

“My humblest apologies Old man Lucas I believe now.” Dawson said.


“So you think they’ll let us stay?” Abbie asked Chris as she looked around the living room. She was absentmindedly picking up stuff and putting them back.

“I honestly don’t think so.”

“Oh, please Chris, Andie is to sickeningly nice to let us stay outside.”

“But, the rest aren’t. Abby your not exactly Miss Popularity.”

“Just watch Chris.” Abby said smugly. They were interrupted by the sound of Andie approaching the room.

“You could stay, but only for tonight.” Andie said.

“Fine.” Abby said.

“Yeah, thanks.”

“No problem.” Andie said before leaving the room.

“I told you so.” Abbie told Chris after Andie was out of earshot. Chris shook his head in disbelief, he was sure they were going to leave them out for the wolves. Andie must have convinced them. Chris thought to himself with a smile.


“This is so boring.” Abby said. They had all gathered in the living room to watch a movie.

“You know, if you don’t like it you can always leave.” Pacey said.

“Yeah Abby the doors right over there.” Joey added.

“I have to go to the bathroom. Which way is it?” Abby asked.

“Its over there, go down the hall and make a right. Its the first door on the left.” Andie said. Everyone else ignored Abby and continued watching the movie.

Abby stormed away.


“Look what I found.” Abby said as she reentered the living room holding a bottle of wine.

“Abby, put that back.” Andie said.

“No way. I propose we play a little game.”

“What kind of game?” Andie asked wearily.

“The alphabet game. You should know how to play Jen.” Abby said with a knowing smile. Jen glared at Abby.

“How do you play?” Andie asked.

“You usually say a name of a city and keep it to a beat. Everytime you can’t think of one or lose the beat you have to take a shot.” Chris stated matter of factly.

“That is so retarded.” Pacey said.

“I don’t know I think we should play.” Andie said.

“Andie you actually want to play this idiotic game?”Pacey asked incredously.

“Yeah Pace why not.” Andie said.

“Yeah, Pacey live a little.” Abby added.

“So does everyone want to play?” Andie asked. Everyone nooded their head in agreement.

“Fine, then its settled.” Abby said.

Everyone gathered around the table to play.


“R- Raleigh.” Abby said never losing the beat.

“S- S-......” Andie stuttered out.

“Oh, it looks like we got a loser here.” Abby said her voice slurred.

“I was so close.” Andie said she was feeling tipsy.

“Come on now, chug it down.” Abby said. Andie held her nose and swallowed the drink. It stopped burning on the way down, five drinks ago. She thought to herself.

“So lets start again. Its your turn, right Pacey.” Andie said. He nodded his head.

“T- Turkey.” Pacey said.

“Ooh, Pacey you made a mistake. Now you have to drink.” Andie said between giggles.

They were all drunk now. Dawson, Jack, Jen, Andie and Chris were laughing at everything. Joey was real quiet and serious. Abby was loud and obnoxious. Pacey was slightly tipsy but holding his own.

“She’s right Pacey you have to drink.” Dawson said his voice noticibly slurred.

“Drink. Drink. Drink....” They were all chanting now as Pacey downed his drink.

“Alright!” They all yelled.

Abby grabbed the bottle. “Okay. Who’s turn is it now?” She asked.


The now empty bottle of liquor lay thrown on the floor. Andie was standing on the coffee table giving a speech.

“Now, whoever said drinking was bad for you is so full of it. Well maybe it’s just a little bad for you.” Andie said using her fingers to show how bad drinking was.

“You say it sister.” Abby said her voice slurred.

“Andie honey I think you should try to get some sleep.” Pacey said, while trying to get Andie off the coffee table.

“No. I’m not tired.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.” Pacey said as he grabbed Andie and carried her to her room.

“Is anyone else hungry? I’m going to get something to eat.” Dawson said to the rest of them. Joey had fallen asleep on the couch.

“I am.” Jen said.

“So am I.” Chris said as he got up.

Jack and Abby got up and followed them to the kitchen.


“Here, Andie lets get your shoes off.” Pacey said gently as he took off Andie’s shoes.

Andie was lying on her bed, sleeping and murmuring.

“But, I don’t want to go to school.” She said. Pacey laughed as he took off her socks.

“Andie, I’m going to pick you up now to take off your shirt okay?” He asked gently. Andie nodded her head in agreement. Pacey took off her shirt to reveal a T-shirt underneath. He placed her gently back down on the bed. He tucked her in under the blankets and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“G’night Andie.” He whispered as he opened the door to go.

“G’night Dawson.” Andie murmmered. “Dawson, I’m sorry about the kiss in the car. I lied when I said it meant nothing.” Andie continued murmmering. “But, Jack gets to go.”

Pacey closed the door behind him. How could Andie confuse me with Dawson. What was she talking about, a kiss in the car. Andie didn’t kiss Dawson in the car. We all rode up together, I would’ve known. Pacey thought to himself. Then something clicked. Andie was alone in the car with Dawson, when they went to get Jen’s medication.


“Did you ever realize how funny the word water is?” Dawson asked the group in the kitchen. “I mean why don’t we pronounce it waiter? Shouldn’t the A be long?”

“Your right Dawson it is a funny word. Water. Water. It sounds so funny.” Abby said in between fits of laughter.

“Dawson. Dawson. What the hell kind of name is Dawson anyway. What the hell were my parents thinking when they named me Dawson. Chris now thats an okay name.” Dawson said as he put his hand on Chris’s shoulder using him for support.

“Thanks, man.” Chris said his eyelids heavy with sleep and liquor. Jen and Abby wouldn’t stop laughing.

“Jack thats a cool name too. I guess no girls can see themselves with a guy named Dawson. They date Chrises, Jacks and even Cliffs but not a Dawson.” Dawson said his voice slurred taking on a serious tone as he turned his attention to Jack. Pacy entered the kitchen.

“Hey, Pace long time no see man.” Dawson said when he saw Pacey. “Well my name could be Pacey. What the hell kind of name is Pacey? It sounds like Pasty.” Dawson said, which caused Jen and Abby to laugh louder. Jack was starting to look green.

“I don’t feel so good.” Jack said and ran off in the direction of the bathroom.

“Well it looks like some one can’t hold their liquor.” Abby said after Jack left. Chris was leaning against the wall starting to fall asleep. Jen and Abby were sitting on the table. Dawson was by the sink.

“Dawson can I ask you a question?” Pacey asked Dawson with controlled anger.


“Did you kiss Andie?” Pacey said through clenched teeth.

“What are you talking about?” Dawson asked Pacey his tone serious.

“Let me make it simpler for you. When you and Andie were in the car, when you went to get Jen’s medication, did you kiss?”


“Dawson its a simple yes or no question. Did you or did you not kiss my girlfriend?” Pacey asked his anger showing. Jen and Abby watched this scene unfold with wide eyed fascination, neither one speaking a word. Chris had fallen asleep.

“Yes, we did.” Dawson said in a quiet voice.

Pacey lunged at Dawson and grabbed him by his shirt collar.

“I’m sorry.” Dawosn said.

“I should slug you, I really should.” Pacey said through clenched teeth.

“I know man, I’m sorry.” Dawson said as Pacey released him.

“If Andie woudn’t have said something in her sleep would you have told me?” He asked in a quiet voice.

“It was a mistake.”

“So I should take that as a no.” Pacey said as he left the room, the sound of the front door slamming reverbarated through the house.

Dawson pulled out a chair and sat on it letting his head rest against the table top.

“Well Dawson you sure do get around.” Abby said with a smirk breaking the silence. Jen shot her a glare and went to go comfort Dawson. “What now its your turn again Jen? First Jen, then Joey and now Andie. Dawson, I’m surprised at you.” Abby said in mock surprise.

“Abby just shut up!” Jen told her.

“Well some people are just a bit touchy aren’t they?” Abby said as she exited the room, taking Chris with her. “Hey, sleeping beauty the party’s over.” Abby said as she dragged Chris out of the room.

“You know Jen you should go get some sleep.” Dawon told Jen.

“I’m fine Dawson.”

“Go, you weren’t feeling well earlier and right now I just want to be alone.”

“You sure, Dawson?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Go.” Dawson said flashing her a fake smile.

“Okay. G’night, Dawson.” Jen said sadly as she exited the room.

“G’night, Jen.” Dawson said to the now empty room.

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