Decisions... Decisions Part One by: Debra and Amy


Rating: PG

RING!!!!!!!!! The empty halls of Capeside High suddenly filled up with excited teenagers happy to be done with school: at least for the next 2 weeks. It was spring break and EVERYONE was glad to have a rest from all the pressures of school.

Dawson Leery walked out of his 8th period film class and went straight to his locker, and began to rearrange his backpack with the supplies he would be needing over the vacation. He was so glad he was almost done with this place. Just about two more months and he had the whole summer to hang around; until.... He suddenly felt someone put their hands over his eyes and whisper harshly like the killer in Scream, "Guess who??!!" He smiled as he felt the cool touch of a metal ring against the skin of cheekbone.

"Hmmm, let me think! Could it be Janet from the strip club the other night? Or was that Sharon from the bar? Now what did I tell you about showing up where she could see us together?" Dawson said jokingly while trying to yank the prying hands off of his face. The mystery person hesitated for just a second until replying.

"You're going to die tonight Leery!" Josephine Potter said sarcastically as she pulled her hands away from her boyfriend's face to smack him lightly on the behind.

"I don't think that that is possible!" Dawson leaned in to give Joey a small kiss on the lips, but stopped abrubtly when she smacked him again, a little bit harder this time, on the butt.

"Ouch! Hello to you to Jo." Dawson said while trying to grab the hands of his girlfriend for about two years. It was the ring, the ring he had given her for their 5 month anniversary; it always gave her away. She frowned.

"Now what's taking you so long?? We only have 2 weeks of spring break. Why waste another minute of it in this hell hole?" Joey muttered.

"I'm almost done, I just gotta dump all of this trash into my locker: and then its off to... to.... where were we going again?" Dawson asked innocently.

"Anywhere but here!" Joey replied while taking Dawson's free hand and pulling him away from his overly stuffed locker.

"Okay, okay, okay! Just hold your horses! Joey, it's not like there is someplace new and exciting that we have to go to! Nothing has changed in this town since we were born." Dawson said.

It was true: nothing in this town ever happened. Joey gave him a pleading look that Dawson had never been able to resist. He slammed his locker door shut, and picked up Joey and twirled her around until he got dizzy and had to stop. Joey's hazel eyes danced with happiness as she gave her boyfriend a big hug. Since she and Dawson had become a couple so long ago, things had really started to change for her. Her sister's business was picking up, she had a great circle of friends, and most importantly... the man she loved was right by her side. They walked out of the school only to hear their names being screamed across the huge courtyard.

"Dawson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joey!!!!!! C'mon over here! We've been waiting for you two to get out of there forever!" Dawson's best friend Pacey shouted.

Dawson and Joey turned to see Pacey and his girlfriend, Andie, standing on the corner of the street next to the High School. Dawson shrugged and walked over to where the couple was standing.

"Hey, Pacey!" Dawson greeted his friend.

"You guys I had a teriffic idea for what we should all do tonight! I mean if you guys aren't busy. We should all go to that new movie showing at the movie theatre tonight... it's supposed to be amazingly scary. " Andie gushed in her normal manner.

Joey looked over at Dawson who gave her his puppy dog eyes that Joey loved. She turned back to Andie.

"We would love to Andie but I think Dawson had something planned for tonight... but how about later this week?" Joey asked her friend.

"Yeah sure! Anyways we will see you u guys later!" Andie replied.

"Bye, D...oh and remember don't do anything that I wouldn't do!" Pacey cracked, using his childhood nickname.

"There isn't much left for me not to do....!" Dawson yelled sarcastically after Pacey.

After the other couple was out of site Dawson wrapped his arms around Joey as they started to walk home. Joey began talking just a few minutes after they began their journey home.

"So tell me... what do you have in store for tonight Mr. Leery?" Joey asked suspiciously.

"You'll see.... it's all supposed to be a surprise! I will tell you one thing though; I have to tell you something, something you will like A LOT!" Dawson said getting excited about what he had to tell his girlfriend.

"Okay... if you wanna keep it a secret that's fine with me! Just what should I wear? I have no idea where we're going or what we're going to do so you have to tell me how to prepare." Joey asked.

"Whatever is comfortable for you... we aren't going out or anything like that but you should look... respectable." Dawson commented.

"Respectable? I am beginning to get nervous here Dawson. Are you sure we aren't going on some secret mission or something to meet ET? You are getting me all curious!" Joey pouted.

"I promise you Joey.... you will be glad you waited to find out. Just meet me on my porch at 7.... and enter through the front door... not the regular way." Dawson gave the instructions he had prepared.

"I can't wait!" Joey said smiling. As they approached Joey's house she pulled him into a long kiss. She didn't want to go too close to the house. The last thing she needed was for Bessie to catch them making out... though she had before. However, Dawson pulled back abruptly, before the kiss could deepen.

"All in good time Joey! Wait for tonight!" Dawson smiled and gave her one last kiss before turning around and walking in the direction of his house, leaving Joey wondering what was going on in that boyfriend's head of hers.


"Mom!!!! I'm home!" Dawson screamed as he walked through the front door of his house. He dropped his bag at the foot of the stairs and walked into the kitchen to find his mom sitting down making a salad.

"Oh mom! I hope you're not fixing a big dinner, I thought I told you that I had plans with Joey tonight!" Dawson said.

"Honey, I don't mean to sound rude, but it's not for you and me! I know you have plans with Joey tonight..." Dawson's mom trailed off.

"Well then... who?" Dawson asked curiously. He looked at his mom who was taking as long as possible to answer her son's question. Finally, she glanced up from her work.

"An old friend of mine is in town for a little while and is coming for dinner." Gail said shrugging her shoulders. "I am kind of nervous about it actually, I haven't seen him in a long time."

Dawson just stared in surprisement. Ever since his parent's divorce his mom hadn't really had a social life at all. Her world consisted of sleeping, eating, work, and Dawson. His dad had moved on and he had a girlfriend at the moment, but his mom was still holding on to the past.

"Oh!" Dawson finally responded. "I don't mean to pry mom, but is this guy coming... an old boyfriend or something?"

Gail nodded. "Yes, he is. I haven't seen him since the break-up way back in freshman year of college, but he called and said he was in town and wanted to see me so..." Gail smiled like she was off in another world, a world that didn't include Dawson. She suddenly seemed to snap out of it. "I am sorry honey... how was your day?" she asked her awaiting son.

"Good, I am gonna tell Joey tonight mom!" Dawson said getting excited. Gail grinned.

"I am sure she will be very happy," Gail assured Dawson.

"I hope so! I sure am!" Dawson admitted. "Anyways I gotta go get ready for tonight. Mom, do you think you could make double or extras of whatever you are cooking for dinner tonight. I want to have a REAL meal for Joey, not just something like pizza...!"

"Sure honey. Is salad, and chicken okay?" Gail asked.

"Definitley! Thanks mom, I owe you one." Dawson said over his shoulder as he ran upstairs to get changed for tonight.


"Hey, Bessie!" Joey welcomed her sister as she walked into her house.

"Hi... and exactly why are you so chipper on this afternoon?" Bessie looked at her sister curiously.

"Well, it IS the beginning of vacation. And more importantly, me and Dawson have plans tonight!" Joey exclaimed.

"When have you and Dawson NOT had plans on a Friday night?!?!" Bessie said.

"I don't know Bessie, he seems really excited for tonight. He keeps saying that he has to tell me something.... I guess something important." Joey explained.

"Well, you have something to tell him, too!" Bessie reminded her younger sister.

Joey's face clouded over almost immediately. "No! Bessie I promised myself I wouldn't tell Dawson until after this vacation was over! I want to spend this vacation together with him happy, seeing that it is our last vacation in Capeside because we graduate in June! We cannot let him find out until after it is over... Promise me Bessie you won't tell anyone until I tell him?" Joey pleaded with her older sister.

"Of course, Joey! I wouldn't think of it. Now why don't you go upstairs for a little while, I have to clan up Alex in the kitchen." Bessie suggested. Joey nodded. "Besides, the sooner you get ready, the sooner it will be time to see your boyfriend again." Bessie reminded. Joey grinned in anticipation.

"I am going to go upstairs anyway to take a shower and maybe knock off the little homework I have for the week. Thanks, Bess." Joey yelled over her shoulder as she ran up the stairs. Joey really had no idea what Dawson was going to tell her tonight... but whatever it was she was sure she would like it.


Joey got out of her rowboat as she got to the Leery's dock. She was so glad it was vacation, that she could have no worries or problems for at least the next two weeks. Well, besides that thing that she and Bessie were discussing earlier. But she was not going to tell Daws about the letter now.... she just wanted to lie down with his strong arms wrapped around her. She sighed as she neared the porch to find a note taped onto the screendoor. Joey walked a little closer to see what it said. She squinted to make out the words in the dark.

Dear Joey,

Sorry to have you come all the way here to find your date missing in action! Go to the Ruins and meet me by the picnic table. I will explain all of this then. I love you.

Yours now and forever,

Joey smiled at Dawson's sentimentality as she descended down the stairs to head off to the ruins. She was going to make this vacation a memorable one, it was the least she could do.

*******************10 minutes later**********************

Dawson ran around the empty picnic grove straightening up the tablecloth, candles, silverware... he wanted this night to be perfect. He glanced at his watch as he leaned back onto a tree to wait for Joey. Well, everything looked great, now where was she?? He looked around the area, scanning for any sign of her. Suddenly, Dawson heard someone yell as if she had fallen down. Dawson quickly jogged over to where the noise came from, to find Joey sprawled across a bunch of leaves, twigs and bushes. She looked up to see Dawson trying not to smile and she grinned. He gave her a hand and he pulled her up to her feet.

"Well it's not that funny!" Joey said as she brushed the leaves off her skirt and top.

Dawson stopped chuckling. "I'm sorry Jo. You always did know though how to make an entrance!" Dawson said sarcastically as he helped Joey to the table. She gave him a light punch on the arm as he sat down on the bench. However, he saw all the joking go out of her expression when she saw all the hard work Dawson had put in to the area. There was soft music playing, a beautiful dinner set on the table, a blanket laid out on the floor, and candles all over the place. She melted right on the spot.

"Dawson," Joey breathlessly spoke. "It's amazing! How long did it take you to fix this place up? You didn't have to do this!" Joey said shaking her head in disbelief at all the trouble her boyfriend had went to make her happy.

"I know. I wanted to." Dawson said satisfied with her enjoyment of the scenery.

Joey stood up and stuck her hand out to him. "Now that I am fine and back on my feet, I would be honored if you would dance with me." Joey asked her eyes shining.

Dawson wordlessly pulled her close and they began dancing to the slow music Dawson had put on. Joey leaned on his chest in contentment. Then she remembered. "Wait... hold on a secon. Can you PLEASE tell me now? I have been dying all afternoon! What is the big surprise?" Joey questioned curiously. Dawson broke out in a huge smile.

"Okay... I guess I can tell you now. Joey, you will never believe what I found out last night..." Dawson began mysteriously.


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