Together Again Chapter Four by: Debra and Amy

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"This is boring, this is boring, lalala....lalala...... ugh, god, I wish Dawson hadn't quit working at this boring place. I mean, before it was barely bearable now I am gonna die working here all the time." Suddenly, Pacey was cut off when he heard the bell chime in as someone walked into the store. Pacey didn't even bother to look up and see who the person who had just entered this whole of doom was.

"Yippee, another one of Capeside's residents preaching to me about what an embaressment I am to my perfect family... I get enough of it at home why---?" Pacey stopped his rambling as he saw the figure standing in front of him. A girl had walked up to the front desk where Pacey was slouching. He immediatly straightened up when he saw her. The girl had shoulder-length blond hair, with some cute little hair clips in it. She was definately going for the whole preppy look, and pulling it off very nicely, Pacey thought.

"Hi, I am new in town and I don't really know the whole selection of movies you guys have here... any suggestions?" the girl stumbled nervously, obviously trying to make a killer first impression with Pacey.

"Well, to start off, welcome to Capeside, my name is Pacey, and I didn't quite catch the name that belongs to that lovely face of yours?" The girl is gorgeous, Pacey thought ecstatically! And she seems pretty nice, a rareity in attractive women.

"Yeah... um, my name is Andie. Thanks for the welcome... so any suggestions for a Saturday night?" she questioned.

Pacey thought quickly, trying to think of a flirtatious way to answer. The only thing he could think of was to say: "Yeah, of couse I do! Me you, sitting in the movie theatre, or a romantic resturant followed by a midnight walk on the beach..." But of course he didn't, too chicken.

"Ummm... hello?" Andie stared at him as if he had gone off in a daze.

"Sorry, um, how about Casablanca? That's an oldtime classic!" Pacey had known girls for a long time, and had grown to figure out the girl's personality just by her style, or the way she talked: Andie was definetly a romantic.

"Isn't that the movie that your supposed to watch with someone your physically attracted to...?" she said quietly.

"Possibly... or you could go for the whole Drew Barrymore Scream type movie, and get freaked out, whichever you choose." Pacey had learned from many years of being best friends with Dawson, the many different types of movies, which were the same, and which were completely different.

"I think I will go for Casablanca, though it will be kind of hard to enjoy since I need to watch it with someone I am physically attracted to..." Andie smiled coyally.

"So you don't find me attractive?" Pacey shot back using his adorable pouting face that always won over the ladies.

"It's 8 'o clock in the morning no teenager in their right mind looks attractive this early!" Andie was amazed, this guy sure didn't waste any time trying to make the new girl feel right at home: in his arms!

"I personally think you look pretty good for 8 'o clock in the morning..." Pacey stated shyly. And he wasn't lying. Andie was beautiful.

"Nice try scumbag.... even I am not attracted to bad pickup lines!" Ugh, Andie hated it when guys used cheesy 80's pickup lines on her, what did they think? She was a cheerleader with not an ounce of brain in her head?

"But I was serious. Really, I think you are the most beautiful creature to grace my presence on this fine morning!" Pacey exclaimed.

"How many people have you actually seen this morning?" Andie asked.

"Not too many, but you are the only one that I can remember, you have been the highlight of my week." Pacey said seriously.

Andie blushed. This guy seemed pretty nice, not sleazy as she first thought he was. Maybe she could give him a chance. "Awww.. how sweet.. go on! So what did you say your name was, anyway?"

Yes! Pacey thought. I have won her over with my unmistakable charms! "Pacey ..... Pacey Witter. My best friend happens to be a movie fanatic, he and his on and off again girlfriend named Joey are having a movie night tonight. We basically just sit around at his house and analyze movies till the crack of dawn. It can be pretty amusing at times. Plus.... free popcorn. Do you wanna go with me and we can watch Casablanca or whatever else he has in store for the evening... it would be a nice chance to meet new people..." Pacey said in a nervous rush, astounded he could say the words that he had wanted to say from the minute he had laid eyes on Andie.

Andie thought it over quickly. "I guess so...that would be really nice... so where does this best firiend of yours live?

"Hold on, lemme give you the address..." Pacey scribbled something down on a piece of paper. "Give me your phone # and I will call you later and tell you what time to come."

"Great... well I guess I will see you then, thanks again for asking me Pacey." Andie began to walk away from the front desk, forgetting why she had come, and started walking out the front door.

"Anytime... bye." Pacey softly called out, hoping tonight would be perfect.

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