Together Again Chapter Eight by: Debra and Amy


Dawson held Joey's hand and they walked home from school that day. He was still kind of worried about the whole skydiving escapade that he was about to go on in a couple of days.

"Hey, Jo, what do you think about this whole skydiving trip?" Dawson asked quietly. Joey looked over at her boyfriend, and saw him looking very concerned and worried. Just like Dawson, Joey thought. He really was kinda nervous bout what Jailbait brought up at lunch. Well, then I guess it's my job to change his mind Joey smirked inside.

"I think it sounds very romantic." Joey whispered coolly into his ear. She felt his grin spread through his body like fire, as he turned around to hold Joey in his arms.

"Oh really? Then I guess it is worthwhile coming." Dawson said in that cute little voice he had before giving her a long, smooth kiss. Before things could get to heavy though, they both broke away laughing. They began walking towards Dawson's house again.

"Since we are going skydiving in the morning everyone has to sleep at the site, right?" Joey said a little hesitantly.

"Yeah." Dawson said curiously, wondering where this conversation was going .."What's your point?"

"Before we actually go skydiving, it sure will be romantic waking up next to you...watching the sun rise." Joey said trying to make her point without trying to be TOO corny.

"Yes, that does sound very romantic." Dawson said very devilish, finally
getting what Joey was talking about. Now, he was getting excited for this trip. What was going to happen that night though? Dawson didn't want to act like the typical, hormone driven boyfriend, but would Joey, maybe want to take their relationship one step further? Dawson knew that he was ready, or at least he thought he was, but he would NEVER pressure Joey into doing anything she didn't feel comfortable with. Forget it Dawson, he told himself. You don't need to sleep with Joey to show her how much he loved her.

"You know Jo, you are so cute!!!" Dawson said shyly. When he saw how
happy Joey looked, just holding his hand, all thoughts of anything else flew out of his mind; he was just so happy that they were together again.

"Well, hey Dawson you aren't so bad yourself!" Joey said grinning from ear to ear. They walked on in silence until reaching Dawson's house.

"So what are we going to do tonight?" Dawson asked Joey.

"Well, I have a major science paper due tomorrow worth half my grade. So probably not that much, I should be getting home pretty soon." Joey said frowning. It was so unfair, all she wanted to do was spend time with Dawson, lately more than ever. She knew every day things between her and Dawson grew more intimate, and they were spending almost every waking moment together. It was great that Pacey had Andie now, so Dawson didn't have to worry about Pacey feeling hurt and left alone all the time. The skydiving trip.... Just another amazing day she will spend with her boyfriend. What if something happened their though? By them taking their relationship to the next step? It wouldn't be that preposterous an idea Joey thought. But they were too young. Forget about it Joey told herself. Just enjoy what you and Dawson
already share.

"Oh OK I guess I could start my film paper." Dawson said.

"Well, before I have to leave, let me give you something to keep you through the night." Joey put her arms around Dawson's neck and stood on her toes to reach Dawson's height. She pulled him in close to her and was just about to kiss him when--Dawson's mom opened the door. They quickly broke away, not wanting his mom to see them like that.

"Hello Dawson, Joey... How was school today?"

"Great." They both answered simultaneously. Gail looked at them curiously, what was different about them? They seemed to be off in a different world today, she just couldn't put her finger on what was different though...

"Where are you going?" Dawson said wanting to get rid of his mom so that Joey and himself could have some time alone before Joey had to leave.

"Well, I have to go to the market and the cleaners to get some groceries and my new suit." Gail said

"Oh, OK see you when you come home then. I have some work to do so don't
worry bout us. Bye mom." Dawson exclaimed quickly. What was wrong with him Gail thought? He was acting like he was trying to get her to leave. What did he have to do that was so important? Only Joey was here and..... Gail glanced quickly at Dawson and Joey. They were just looking into each others eyes, like two sick lovebirds. So that was it, they finally got back together.

"Good-bye Dawson, Good-bye Joey, have fun...but not too much if you get my drift." She walked out the door while hearing them both say at the same time, "Bye we will!" She laughed quietly to herself...they definitely were together again.

They both watched the car as it slowly traveled far out of site.

"Now where were we?" Dawson said very mischievously bringing Joey over to one of the lounge chairs.

"Dawson, did you see the look your mom gave us? She could tell we were back together. What if she doesn't let me climb through your window anymore, or have movie nights?" Joey looked at Dawson worriedly.

"Joey, did my parents do that the first time we were together? No! They wont do all that stuff you mentioned, I wont let them. Besides, even if they do do all that stuff, there are other places we can go...." Dawson said smiling.

"Now where were we?" Dawson asked again.

"Right about here." Joey said kissing Dawson on his neck. They both go closer together and soon the colors were flying.

A little while later after Joey had left Dawson sat in his room doing his homework. The phone rings bringing Dawson out of his a trance.

"Hello?" Dawson said very cheerfully

"Hey Dawson, what's up? Where is Joey, normally she is your secretary!" Pacey said nervously.

"Oh she had this big paper due tomorrow so we separated for the night" Dawson replied a little disappointed.

"OK......Dawson I have a confession to make..........." Pacey said very

"What is it Pacey? What's wrong, what happened?" Dawson asked very worried.

"OK you know how we always have movie night, well I asked Andie to join us for the feature presentation, but you see when we were getting ready to come into the room we saw more than we paid for..." Pacey said feeling a wave of relief that he finally told Dawson his secret.

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!" Dawson said nervously. "How much did you see?"

"Well, lets just say this we saw more of Joey than imaginable. Boy she is fine without a shirt, ya' know." Pacey said very openly.

"And.....Andie saw this, oh my goodness what a good first impression." Dawson said sheepishly.

"Yup she did, we ran away laughing, we actually had a pretty nice evening, besides seeing you and Joey totally making out on the bed. Dawson you went to at least third base." Pacey said laughing.

"That is why Andie seemed a little giggly during lunch today right?" Dawson said questionably.

"Well, no I am pretty sure is like that but she was overly giggly. Anyway just a question, Did you do it with Joey?" Pacey said unsure of what Dawson's answer would be.

"No no no, we are not ready for that yet, although we were really close to it........" Dawson said remembering the night of pure joyness.

"Well, now Andie has something to use against me." Dawson said ashamed.

"Don't worry, I have to go anyway, but watch when you do those things with your little lovebird, you never know who is watching, gotta jet, see ya." Pacey said having a bit too much fun considering the circumstances.


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