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This page has my recommendations for best fic that can be found on this site. Below those, you can see the winners of the best fanfic award on this site for certain months. These are the months in which the people who read this site voted for their favorite writer and fanfic series. It's the cream of the crop, so enjoy!

Alex's Recommendations:

Fionna's Disclosure - This was one of the first DC fanfics I ever read, and certainly the first I was taken aback by the quality of. It just plain rocks. I totally agreed with her desire for some reference, or preferably overanalytical discussion, of the detention kiss between Dawson and Joey. I guess it would have made the plotline too short and obvious for the real writers, and then they wouldn't have been able to draw out the plot arc of season one, but Fionna handles it beautifully. She captures the characters so well, making the dialog totally believable, and even takes care of what the writers couldn't by allowing Dawson's slow break out of denial to not ruin the pacing of the real show's plot. This could definitely be a lost scene, and one that might even make the real characters of Dawson's Creek a little more believable, a little more real... THAT'S how good it is. This is, hands down, one of my favorite fanfics.

Freakbunni's I Shall Believe - I think what I like best about Freakbunni's series is the great pains she took to develop her characters. She gets all of their motivations through clearly and easily, and makes you care about characters you might already be attatched to that much more. It's only a shame that her series wasn't longer.

Katy's Model Behavior - I think what I like most about Model Behavior is the easy introduction of new characters. I'm always wary of new characters in fanfics. I was always wary of new characters on the real show. It took me a while to get used to Jack, certainly. Katy allowed me to be interested in the new characters, though. I wanted to read more about them and find out more about them and how they fit in with the story. The other cool thing about Model Behavior is it is a very different story. Of course Joey, Katie Holmes, is beautiful. It may have been a little too easy for Joey to hit supermodel status in the story, but it's a really interesting situation to put her in. How is Miss Underprivilaged Small-Town Girl going to react to fame and fortune? How is she going to react to being pulled away from Dawson? At the very least, I respect that Joey doesn't even think twice about putting her career over Dawson at the age of fifteen, and that's where it gets interesting... All the characters also have a fair amount of plotlines. No one really gets lost in the mix, and that's sometimes tought to pull off. Again, it drives me crazy that Katy never finishes anything she writes... or not much of it anyway... but at least this series starts off with a bang and keeps it up for quite a while.

Katy 's The Dawson Show - Liz's and Katy's the Dawson Show came out around the same time. I must say, I really liked The Truman Show, and I was excited to read both stories, but I was skeptical about whether or not they'd be too similar. I think Liz's writing is wonderful, but I'm not going to go on about how some of her stories are so great because she's not on my site and these are recs for fic you can find here :) (though her Dawson Show is great! And so is the Opposite of Sex and Endless Summer...) Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the two series WERE very, very different, and both were very, very good as well. Katy's starts after Joey and Dawson's dance breakup, and follows a path more similar to the movie The Truman Show. The way she handled making up both a Dawson's Creek show plot and a behind-the-scenes characters plot was very cool. A favorite part of mine was also the quotations she'd have as previews of the next part, very funny. I can say this, because I've worked with Katy on fic and she knows I mean it in the best possible way, but this series also always made me want to kill her. ONE LAST PART, and she never finished writing it! Ahhhh! To quote the Truman Show, "how does it end"????

Kilby's Moving - Some fanfiction sites list "Moving" in the "Classics" section, and it's easy to figure out why. Her writing was creative and original when it first began being posted. To the best of my knowledge, she was the first writer to try the Joey-and-Pacey-date-to-make-Dawson-jealous storyline and use it to segway into a suspenseful love triangle series. Her plotline also rocks because, back when the show first started and I was all about Dawson and Joey, her story was that first that made me see both sides and root for Pacey. She's influenced an army of imitators, and I think it must really be interesting to be able to think to yourself "wow, I started a cliche".

Laura's Dazed and Confused - Laura starts off right where Season One left off, and I think her ability to capture the characters perfectly makes her alternative to season two better than the actual show in a lot of instances. Check this out:

PACEY:(sarcastically.) Good morning, sunshine. (Joey rolls her eyes.)
JOEY: Die, Pacey.
PACEY: (he flashes her a charming smile.) What, no good morning kiss?
JOEY: (moving as far away from him as possible.) *Shut up*, Pacey. (He starts the engine and they drive off.)

Okay, it's a pretty simple Pacey/Joey scene, but a lot of people just can't quite capture it. Her story is so complex, turning into a love pentagon, and yet the drama is believable. A lot of times it's ludicrous to think characters can be ridiculous enough to get into that kind of situation, but not in Dazed and Confused. Everything develops so on-the-mark.

DAWSON: (rudely) Oh, I don't know...what's the appropriate time period to stop wanting to *kill* yourself after the girl you love, who's *also* your
best friend in the *whole entire world*, falls in love with your *other* best friend, both of whom won't even *talk* to you? What is it? A week? Two
days? (He flops his face down on the table. Jen leans back in her seat, just observing his behavior. He sits up, apologetic.) I'm sorry...I'm just...really
torn up about this. I don't mean to bore you with all my incessant whining. (He falls onto the table again.)
JEN: (looking at his lunch, which he hasn't touched.) Aren't you even going to eat any lunch?
DAWSON: (muffled) I'm not hungry.
JEN: (turning her face away from him) Now I know what Joey must have felt like when you talked about *me*...
DAWSON: (turning his face to her) Did you say something?
JEN: (with a fake smile) Nope! (He glances over at Joey, who is laughing with Pacey, and buries his face in his arms again.)

Ahh.. perfect. This series is just so good and pleasantly long. Even if you didn't find the parts I chose to quote terribly interesting, definitely read through the series yourself. I think you'll find you do agree that Laura writes some fantastic fan fiction.

Tara's When She Was Bad - This story is just fun! Fun fun fun to read. I kind of like Joey being bad stories, the authors of them usually have a way of making them very interesting, whether it is not revealing her motivation all at once or putting her in a strip club! I think a really good aspect of this story is how her motivations start to change, surprising her, maybe even shocking her. Joey and Pacey in such a crazy, lust-filled situation is also incredibly amusing. If you like your stories maybe a little bad or a little smutty, I think this is one of the better ones, and certainly one of the most entertaining.

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July 1999 - Amy and Debra
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