Goodbyes by: Felicity


Summary: Joey and Pacey meet again after being seperated for two years. Both are now at college at Harvard.

The Past-Capeside

Dawson and Joey are standing at Pacey's locker with their arms wrapped around each other watching Pacey throwing books into her backpack.

Dawson:Can you believe another year has gone by?

Joey:Yeah, and what a year it has been.

Pacey:Yeah the two of you breaking up and then getting back together, Abby's death, Andie losing it and then leaving, and then my parents deciding they were tired of me and shipping me off to my grandparents.

Joey:Your parents have to change their minds. I mean who am I going to fight with if you leave?

Pacey:I'm sure someone will show up that can match me word for word.

Joey:No, I am serious, Capeside will just not be the same without you.

Dawson puts his hand on Pacey's shoulder.

Dawson:Yeah, Pace, you are going to be missed.

Pacey:No, you guys won't miss me. You will drift off into your own little dream worlds and forget all about me.

Joey:No, you are too special of a guy.

Joey leans over and kisses Pacey on the cheek. Pacey embraces Joey and over Joey's shoulder Pacey mouths thanks to Dawson.


The Present-Capeside

Joey and Dawson are sitting on Dawson's bed enjoying one last movie night.

Joey:Dawson, I think we need to talk.

Dawson:Okay. Can you believe we graduated high school today?

Joey:That is what we need to talk about. Dawson, you know I love you and I always will but it is just not the same anymore.

Dawson:How do you mean?

Joey:Dawson, I don't know. It's just not there anymore. Do we really have to over analyze everything.

Dawson:But you said that you loved me.

Joey:Yeah, I do. But it is not a romantic love but the love shared between two friends.

Dawson:Is there someone else?

Joey:No, it is just I don't feel the same. Plus, you are going to be in Calfornia in a couple of weeks and I am going to be in Boston. I just don't think it would work even if the feelings were still the same.

Dawson:So you are willing to throw away two years of your life for a decision you must have just made.

Joey:I didn't just come up with it. I have been thinking about it for a while.

She gets up from the bed.

Joey:Dawson, it is time we just let go.

She leans over and kisses Dawson on the forehead.

Joey:I know you can't see it now this is all for the best.

She climbs out the window and never looks back.


The Present-North Carolina

Pacey sitting with his grandparents at the kitchen table.

Pacey:I want to thank you both for putting up with me for these past two years.

Mr. Witter:Put up with you, Son, I don't know what we would have done without you. You brighthen our lives so much and made us feel so much younger. We are both so proud of everything you have done.

Mrs. Witter:We will miss you so much, when you leave us in a couple of weeks for Boston.

Pacey:I'll miss you guys too. You two have been more of parents to me than my real parents. I know he is your son but he never was much of a father.

Mr. Witter:I know he has been rough on you but I know deep in his heart, he cares for you a lot.

Pacey:Maybe. But, I have never seen it. Listen I need to go out for a while. I love you guys.

Pacey hugs his grandparents. Pacey then leaves.

Mr Witter:I wish I could get my hands on our son. Actually, that probably wouldn't be a good idea. I'm not sure what I would do. He almost destroyed his son. Lucky though Pacey is stronger, bravier, and smarter than the man who raised him.

To be Continued. . . . .

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