New Beginnings by: Felicity

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A long hallway in a college dorm in Harvard. Joey is just about to enter her room with a box when she glances to the other end of the hall. She spots two boys about to enter their own room. She takes a second look at the boy in the front, as he walks in without looking her way. The guy in the back though turns and stares at her as she enters the room. Her roommate Kayla is laying on her bed reading a magazine.

Joey:It can't be. That would be so wierd.

Kayla:What can't be?

Joey:Nothing. Just that a guy down the hall looked an awful lot like an old friend of mine.

Kayla:Really, is he cute?

Joey:I don't know. I just saw him from the side.

Kayla:So was it your friend?

Joey:No, it can't be. He moved away the summer after our sophomore year and went to live with his grandparents in North Carolina. I can't imagine that he would come back this way.

Kayla:Maybe he just couldn't get enough of Massachusetts. Or maybe he missed someone.

Kayla looks at Joey with a knowing look.

Kayla:Like maybe you.

Joey:Kayla, you have to be kidding. Pacey, was Dawson and my best friend.

Kayla:I don't know about you but I'm going to find out what his name is. Now which room did you say they lived in?


Pacey and his roommate Shawn are moving furniture around.

Shawn:Pacey, man did you see that girl who lives down the hall from us?

Pacey:No, why?

Shawn:Nothing, it is just that she is gorgeous.

Pacey:Really. What did she look like?

Shawn:Well, she has really shiny brown hair, she was tall, and she had this very cute half smile.

Pacey:Half smile you say

Pacey starts to see Joey and her smile in different picture through the years and then drifts to memories of their last meeting and the kiss on the cheek.

Shawn:Earth to Pacey. Pacey, are you there?


Shawn:What are you thinking about?

Pacey:Oh, just about this girl I use to know. She had a beautiful half smile.

Shawn:Was she an old girlfriend?

Pacey:No, she was one of my best friends.

Shawn:Are you sure? I usually don't describe my best friends as beautiful.

Pacey:She dated my other best friend, Dawson.

Shawn:Still. . . .

Kayla comes and knocks on their open door.

Kayla:I'm Kayla I live down the hall from you. I was just going downstairs and saw your door open. So I thought I would introduce myself.

Shawn comes forward and shakes her hand.

Shawn:Hi, I'm Shawn. Come in.

Kayla walks in and walks towards Pacey.

Kayla:And you are?

Pacey:I'm Pacey.

Kayla:Well, it was nice meeting you guys. The two of you will have to come visit my roommate and me sometime. Well, I better get back and see if she needs some help moving in. Are the two of you going out later?

Shawn:Yeah, there is supposes to be some parties at a couple of the frat tonight. Why don't you and your roommate come out with us?

Kayla:Yeah, that would be great. I'll have to check with her but I'm sure it will be okay.

Shawn:We'll pick you all up at nine.

Kayla:See you then.

She walks out the door and Shawn sticks his head out and watches to see which room she walks into.

Shawn:Pacey, you will not believe what room she just walked into.

Pacey:Which one?

Shawn:She is the roommate of the girl I was telling you about.

Shawn goes and falls back onto his bed.

Shawn:I think my night just started to look up.


Kayla goes back into her room and closes the door and almost starts to scream.

Joey:Kayla, what?

Kayla:Joey, you won't believe what that guy's name is. I think you better sit down.

Joey:Where? There is not exactly not a clear spot.

Kayla goes and sweeps stuff off of her bed.

Kayla:This is how important I think it is you sit. I would never let my clothes sit in a pile on the floor.

Joey:Okay, spill the gossip. Is it the guy from She is All That?

Kayla:No, it is Pacey. Joey, it is your old friend, Pacey.

Joey collapses back onto the bed and looks up at Kayla.

Joey:You won't be kidding me would you?

Kayla:No, it is really him. Pacey and his roommate are coming tonight to get us to go out.

Joey:Kayla, I'm not really into big parties.

Kayla:Joey, you only have the college experience once and you need to live it up. Plus, it will be a good chance for you and Pacey to check up. But you may have to watch him. I may steal him from you or any one of the other girls here might. How long did you say it has been since you have seen him?

Joey:Two years.

Kayla:Well I think it is time you take a second look. He is one gorgeous man.


Girls are busy getting ready, there is music in the background. Girls are singing along and dancing around. Pushing each other away from the mirror. Putting on make-up --fixing hair-- music starts to get lower and they hear a knock. Joey goes and turns off the music .

Kayla:Hold on just a second.

Turns around gives Joey a thumbs up sign and mouths.

Kayla:Are you ready?

Joey sends back the thumbs up and mouths.

Joey:Ready as I'll ever be.

Kayla opens the door and Joey slowly walks towards the door. The boys still can't see Joey. She finally gets the nerve to come forward. She takes one deep breathe and steps up. Pacey steps back away from the door.

Joey:Hey, Pacey.

Pacey:Joey, is that really you?


Joey walks towards him and gives him a hug.

Joey:It has been a long time.

Kayla:Why don't you two come in.

Both boys enter.

Shawn:Well, I guess introductions for you two aren't necessary but what about me.

Pacey:Oh, yeah, Shawn, this is Joey Potter. A very old friend of mine. Joey, this is my roommate Shawn.

Shawn moves forward to shake Joey's hand. Then sits down on one of the beds. Kayla sit down beside him and they start talking. Pacey and Joey on another bed.

Joey:Well, you already know my roommate.

Pacey:I can't believe this is happening. I have wondered for so long how everyone in Capeside was doing.

Joey:Everyone is fine.

Pacey:How is our old friend, Dawson?

Joey:Well, he is going to film school in California.

Pacey:So how are the two of you doing?

Joey:We broke up about a month ago.

Pacey:I am sorry.

Joey:Oh, it is no problem. I am fine with it.

Pacey:I just thought the two of you would get married.

Joey:I know everyone did. Everyone seemed to think we were soul mates. I even did for a while. Then it just seemed to lose its spark. I realized the only reason I was in the relationship was because it was comfortable.

Pacey:How is he taking it?

Joey:I'm not sure. I only saw him a couple of times after the break up. He really didn't want to talk to me.

Pacey:So I guess it was your idea.


Shawn stands up from the bed and helps Kayla up.

Shawn:Hey, guys I hate to disturb the reunion but I think we need to get to the party.

Pacey gets up and helps Joey up.

Pacey:Yeah you are probably right.

All walk out the door, Joey who is last turns out the light and closes the door.

To be continued. . . . .

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