Life is Full of Surprises by: Felicity

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(Bride and groom dancing around)

(Mr and Mrs. Witter come up to them and tap Pacey on the shoulder)

(Pacey turns in their direction)

Mrs Witter:Pacey, can we talk?

(Pacey shrugs his shoulders and walks over to where it is quieter-- Joey and the Witters follow)

(Pacey pulls out a chair for his wife and then sits down himself very close to her holding her hand.)

(His parents sit across from them)

Mr Witter:Son, I can today to apologize. I had a very smart lady come and set me straight on how bad I have treated you. Your wife there is an incredible woman, you are very lucky to have her on your side. I will never have to worry about you as long as she is there. Pacey, I just want to let you know that I am very proud of you and that I love you. I know it's going to take time but do you think someday, you'll be able to forgive me?

Pacey:(He gets up and goes over to his father and stands over him) Dad, Joey and I have discussed this. If it was only me I had to think about I am not sure I would forgive you but their is our child involved now and it needs grandparents. It is going to take some work but I would like to form some kind of relationship with you.

(Mr Witter stands up and gives his son a hug)

(Pacey pulls away)

Pacey:Dad, you have hurt me a lot. I think we will just have to give it all time.

(Mr Witter nods and walks over to his daughter in law)

(Joey stands up and meets him half way)

(Mr. Witter whispers in Joey's ear)

Mr. Witter:I am very proud to share my name with you.

(She lends over and whispers in his ear)

Joey:Thank you. (She kisses him on the check-he blushes)(Everyone laughes)(Mr Witter reaches out his hand toward her stomach but pulls away) It is okay.It seems to be my main attraction these days.(Mr Witter pats her stomach and does down on a knee)

Mr Witter: Hi, little Witter. It is your grandpa talking. I just wanted to introduce myself, so you won't be to scared of me when you come out.Everyone out here really can't wait to meet you. You have to know that you are very loved and have two of the best parents in the world. They have both been though a lot in their lives but that has just made them stronger. They are both very special people be good to them.

( He stands up--Joey has tears in her eyes--Pacey has wrapped his arms around her)

Pacey:Joey, it's okay, don't cry.

Joey:Pacey, it is just so sweet.

Mr Witter:Young lady, take care of those two for me. (He pats his son on theshoulder and her stomach) And, Pacey, you take care of your wife and little one. But, right now I want to do something to take care of all three ofyou.(Mrs. Witter stands up and goes and stands next to her husband)

Mrs. Witter:Yes, we have a little wedding gift for you.

Mr. Witter:Kids, we have a rent house that we usually rent to young married couples who are at Harvard, the house is very close to campus and great for going home between classes for naps or studying. But we want to give it to you for as long as you need it.

Mrs. Witter:Please, say you will take it. It would mean so much to us.

Pacey:Wow, I wouldn't really call that a small gift by any means. But I think we would be fools to say no to a rent free home.

Mrs Witter:Plus free utilities and cable as well.

Pacey:What do you think, Jo?

Joey:I think we should take it. What with hospital bills, groceries, and bare necessities it would be nice not to have to worry about rent.

Pacey:Okay, thank you. We'll take it.

Mrs Witter:Oh, I'm so glad.

(She pulls Pacey into a hug)

Pacey:Listen we'll come see you before we leave on our honeymoon but right now I must get my wife home for a little R and R.

(Pacey winks at Joey--She smiles huge)

Joey:Yeah you know I am starting to feel tired all of a sudden.

Mrs Witter:Oh, yes, get her to bed. She needs all the rest she can get before the baby come. Those two A.M. feeding are hell.

(Joey yawns very huge)

Mr. Witter: Yes get your wife to bed.

(Pacey and Joey get a way from them)

Pacey:If he only knew.

(They burst out laughing) ______________________________________________________________________

(They walk up to Bessie and Bodie's house-Pacey is carrying Joey about tocarry her over the threshold)

Joey:Put me down I am going to break your back.

Pacey:Joey Witter, Joey Witter, you know I really like the sound of that. (He kisses his new wife) Joey, you haven't gotten any heavier than before you were expecting. You aren't even showing yet.

Joey:(She smooths down her dress) What do you call this?

Pacey:That's tiny.

Joey:Do you think your parents know why we were really coming home?

Pacey:No, did you see my mom? They had no clue they just thought you were tired because you're pregnant.

(Dawson steps out of the shadows laughing)

Dawson:If it isn't the happy couple. I hear congratulations are in order that today is your big day. So Joey have you heard the rumors? Yeah, you are the new town tramp and Pacey, you finally decided to sleep with someone your own age just not as careful this time.(Pacey puts Joey down and goes after Dawson but Joey pulls him back) Gosh, Jo, the way everyone said you would turn out is true. You are just like your good for nothing sister.And, Pacey, you are the loser your dad always said you were. How I can't wait to see how the two of you will turn out in a couple of years. Pacey you will never go to med. school you will be too busy trying to pay all of your bills and Joey what about the sucess your always dreamed of? You two are going to end up back here in a run down shack, Joey will be waiting up everynight hoping you will come home to drunk so you will just pass out with out a beating. Pacey and you will work at the corner gas station pumping gas.(Joey has tears rolling down her face)

Joey: Dawson, you know nothing about us. We love each other very much and that will gets us though anything.

Dawson:Joey, you are so out of your mind. You are both losers and alway swill be.

Pacey:(steps forward) Get the out of here. Have you not already done enough?

Dawson:Can't wait to see the two of you fail miserable.

Pacey:Get the hell a way from us.

(Pacey starts to run after him but Joey is more important to him now and hejust holds her as Dawson runs off)

Pacey:Sh, it is going to be okay. He is so wrong. Dead wrong. ______________________________________________________________________

(Next Morning-Joey is sitting at the table writing in their wedding album)

(Pacey walks in and sees his young wife and a huge smile spreads across his face)

(He wraps his arms around her and kisses her on top of the head)

Pacey:How are you this morning?

(Joey jumps up and runs to the bathroom--Pacey tries to follow but she slams the door)

Pacey:Joey, are you okay?

(Pounds on the door)

Joey:Go away.

(Then he hears her getting sick)

(Pacey runs back into the kitchen and gets aglass of water)

Pacey:Joey, let me in. I have a glass of water for you.(Silence) Jo, let me give this to you.

(Joey opens the door on her hands and knees she sticks her head out)

Joey:Why do that can come up to?

Pacey:I just wanted to feel useful. Can I come in and hold your hair up orsomething?(Joey leaves the door and is running back to the toliet--Pacey goes and pulls her hair back)

Pacey:Jo, are you feeling better?

Joey:No, I can't seem to keep anything down, my back aches, I can't get in to most of my own clothes and it is all your fault.

Pacey:My fault?

Joey:Yeah, if you hadn't knocked me up. I won't be praying to the toliet gods every morning.

Pacey:Hey, jo, I think it took more than just me. I know I am a stud and all, so I guess it could have happened.

(He has a huge grin)


(She throws something at him and Pacey runs out)

(Few momentslater Joey shuffles out slowly; Pacey is looking at their wedding album)

Joey:Sweetie, I am so sorry. It is just these darn hormones.

(She starts to cry because pacey doesn't look at her)

(He finally turns around and looks very sad--he walks over to her and surrounds her barely showing belly with his arms)

Pacey:It is okay. Shh, shh everything is fine. We just need a break. We both have a lot to deal with right now. I think going to North Carolina,with my grandparents pampering us would be a good idea.

Joey:Yeah, I need a chance to unwind and have time alone with my husband andyou did say they had a very big house.

Pacey:The biggest in town. Joey, I love you and I completly understand your moods. I am just afraid you will blame me someday for ruining your life.

Joey:Ruin my life, are you crazy. Yeah we are got married and are having achild sooner than we excepted but we love each other and that is all tha tmatters. I will never ever regret my decisions I made. I love you toomuch.

(She kisses him)

Pacey:Okay, now that is settled lets get ready for your doctor's appointment. ______________________________________________________________________

Doctor's office Joey is laying on examining table-Pacey is by her side)

Pacey:Do you know how sexy you look right now?

Joey:Yeah, if you have a wierd disorder were you think beach whales in hosiptal gowns are sexy.

Pacey:No, actually I thought you looked more like my beautiful wife, who's round with my child. And, I love it so much I don't think I have ever see anything more beautiful.

(Doctor comes in)

Doctor:Hello, Mr and Mrs Witter, how are you today? Mom, how has the little one been treating you?

Joey:Still a little quesy in the mornings.

Doctor:You are about in your fourth month, right?

(They nod)

Doctor:Well, that should be over soon. Are you getting enough rest? Are you taking naps regularly like we talked about?

Joey:As much as possible. What with everything going on lately it has been hard.

Doctor:I want you to try harder. You are looking exhausted.(Pacey reaches for the hand Joey throws out) Don't worry everything is just fine. It is just that you are so young and I want to be extra careful.

Pacey:I'll make sure she get plenty of rest.

Doctor:I am sure you will. Now are you ready to see your first picture of your child?

(Both nod)

(Doctor rubs cold stuff on Joey's belly)

Joey:Oh, that is cold

( the Doctor gets the monitor and starts to slide itover Joey's stomach, as she watches the screen)

(Doctor's eyes start to get large and eyes start to tear)

(Joey give a little gasp for air)

Pacey:(Fearful look)(looks back and forth between the doctor and his wife)What?Why is the doctor's eyes huge and why did Joey give the little gasp for air?

To be continued

..............Want to see what Joey was writing in her wedding album-------

Wedding Gifts:

Bessie and Bodie> Old things from the ICE HOUSE II -- toaster, blender, mixer, pots and pans -- Joey's mom's dishes, silverware and glasses -- spice collection. My sister, always just a culinary minded person.

Pacey's Grandparents>Old furniture in storage -- bedroom set, couch and matching loveseat,kitchen table -- small part of Pacey's inheritance, $1000. Gosh, we hardly have to worry about furnishing our place.

Jen and Gram>towels, sheets, quilt. What was there, a whites sale? Just kidding, it was great of them.

Kayla>Knick knacks for the house -- framed copy of Joey's fave painting After living with me all of those years she know she has to help me decorate.

Shawn>Old TV and VCR that is parents are replacing and $100. Shawn, always such the entertainer.

Pacey's Parents>The rent house w/all utilities paid Furnished study with all the lastest electornic gadgets $500. All I can say is wow!

Leery's>$300, Pacey and my second parents.

Friends of Pacey's from North Carolina>two rockers and a porch swing, for all those nice nights of cuddling.

Jack>a framed print. It was beautiful.

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