The Game of Truth or Dare by: Felicity


Joey and Kayla getting ready.

Joey:So what are the plans for tonight?

Kayla:Shawn and I were talking about maybe going to get a bite to eat and then go back to their room and watch movies or something.

Joey:Sound good just as long as we don't watch movies. I have watchede nough of those to last me for a while.

Kayla starts to giggle.

Kayla:Okay, I think we can thing of something else to do.

Joey:So are you sure, Pacey is okay with me hanging out with everyone tonight?

Kayla:Yeah, I think it may have been his idea for us to do something together.

Joey:Okay, let's talk about what I should wear.


Pacey is getting ready and Shawn is on the computer.

Pacey:So what are we going to do tonight?

Shawn:I thought we would take the girls to that Chinese restaurant we found a couple of weeks ago and then just play it by ear.

Pacey:Are you sure Joey doesn't care I'm coming along tonight. I mean I'm worried she's still upset with me.

Shawn: Pacey, what happened weeks ago. Besides Kayla told me it was Joey's idea for all of us to hang out. Something about how she missed all of us hanging out together.

Pacey:Well, okay. Then it sounds like a lot of fun. ______________________________________________________

Later on that night back in Shawn and Pacey's room.

Kayla:So what does everyone want to do?

Kayla and Shawn give each other knowing looks. Pacey is sitting on thefloor and Joey is on his bed. Kayla and Shawn are up on his bed wrapped up in each others arms.

Joey:Should we leave you two alone?
Kayla:Oh, no. We're fine. They split up.

Shawn:Yeah, it is just we haven't had much time to get this close in a while.

Kayla:Okay now that is all settled. Why don't we play a game?

Shawn:Yeah, I have the perfect game. Why don't we play Truth or Dare?

Pacey and Joey both groan.


Joey:We have just had really bad experiences when it comes to that game.

Kayla:It's fun, let's play it.

Pacey and Joey look at each other. Joey gives him a half smile and Pacey grins.

Pacey and Joey:Sure.

Kayla and Shawn give each other knowing smiles.

Kayla:Okay, who wants to start?

Music plays in the background. People are doing crazy things and some are laughing like crazy during this sequence. The music is now slowing down.

Shawn:Okay,it's my turn. Pacey, truth or dare?


Shawn:Okay. I have a good one. Pacey, who is it that you have secretly wanted since the day we arrived?

All eyes are on Pacey as he looks at each person.

Shawn:Come on, Pacey, you have to answer it.

Pacey:Why don't you ask me another one. Shawn:Pacey, you have to answer it.

Joey:Yeah, Shawn, he doesn't have to . . . . . . .

Kayla:Oh, Joey, yes he does.

Pacey: It is Joey. It has always been her.

Joey with a stunned look on her face, can't take her eyes off of Pacey.

Kayla:My turn. Joey, truth or dare? Joey not even thinking


Kayla:Joey, I dare you to kiss Pacey.

Joey in almost a trance gets up from the bed and walks over to where Pacey is sitting in the floor. She kneels down and kisses him squarely on the lips. They keep on and on. Kayla and Shawn quietly sneak out of the room. Pacey is finally the first to break up for air.


Joey:(she goes back in for more) Pacey don't stop.

Pacey:I want to kiss you more than anything but we need to talk.

Pacey gets up and takes Joey's hand into his and leads her to his bed. They both sit down.

Pacey:What is happening between the two of us?

Joey:Something I have wanted to happen for a long, long time. Pacey I have loved you since all those days in Capeside. When I thought Dawson was the only guy for me, it was really you I wanted. Then we got here I tried to fight my feelings for you, because I was afraid of everything I was feeling. Instead I just realized the reason I chose Dawson over you was because I was afraid of the excitement I would have with you.

Joey starts to kiss him again.

Pacey:No, wait. I need to tell you what I'm feeling. Joey, I fall in love with you for the first time when we were five years old and we had our first fight on the playground. Every year after that my love for you grew moreand more. My heart broke when it couldn't protect you from the pain of losing your mother. I hated leaving you when I left Capeside. All those years in North Carolina you were all I thought about and the reason I tried so hard in school. I knew if I wanted any chance of going to the same school as you, I had to try extra hard. It is no chance of fate we ended up at the same school. I remembered how you always talked about Harvard. I worked my butt off to get in and hoped that it was still your dream. I'm here because of you. Joey, I want you so much and I just can't keep it a secret any longer. They start to kiss wrap up into each others arms and roll over into the bed as the lights fade.


The Next Morning

Joey and Pacey are under the covers asleep. Kayla and Shawn slowly open the door.

Kayla:Looks like our little plan worked.

Shawn:Yeah, I say we make a pretty good team. What would you say if we went back down to your room and went back to bed?

Kayla:I say lead the way.

They close the door. Joey and Pacey slowly start to wake up. Pacey rolls over till the come face to face with Joey.

Pacey:How are you this morning?

Joey:Wonderful. I haven't felt this good in a long, long time.

Pacey:Well, I'm glad. You know we really should have done this sooner.

Joey:What? Pacey:I really should have told you that I loved much sooner.

Joey:Yes, you should have.

Pacey:Hey, I'm not the only one. I can think of a certain female who could have come clean about her feelings sooner too.

Joey:Well, at least we have each other now. Hey, Pacey, do you think our room mates planned all of this?


Joey:Remind me to thanks Kayla after I finish giving her a piece of my mind.

Pacey:Remind me to do the same for Shawn. Now I say our first order of business is to get back to this.

He rolls over and starts to kiss Joey.

Joey:I think so, too.

THE END Another Series is coming as a part two of these one called Meant to Be. I would really like to hear from everyone.


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