The Best of Times by: Felicity


(Everyone is in the same place where the last part ended. Pacey looks like he is about to jump out of his skin)

Pacey:What is going on? Is she okay?

Dr:Everything is fine, Pacey. Joey you're fine, aren't you?

(Joey's eyes are focused on the hands on her belly)

Joey:(She nods) Pacey, give me your hand.

(He hands her his hand-- she places it on her stomach)

(All of sudden his eyes widen)

Pacey:My goodness, Joey is that our baby?

(Joey Nods)

Pacey:Does it hurt?

Joey:No, it feels wonderful. It makes me feel like I have such a connection to our child.

(Joey looks over at the doctor who has turned around not facing them-- Dr turns around with tears running down her face.)

Pacey:Are you sure everything is okay? You are crying.

Dr:It is just I remember taking care of my best friend during her pregency.Joey, your mom would be so proud of you. At Harvard, and and married to this wonderful man and about to have a beautiful child. Never ever let anyone tell you different. I was there with your mom for her first look at you and I saw the pride in her eyes then. I am sure that she is looking down on youtoday from heaven smiling very bright.

(Joey grabs the Dr's hand)

Joey:Thank you. You don't know how much that means to me.

Dr:Just take good care of yourself. Pacey, take care of my best friend's daughter and the grandchildren she will never get to hold.

(Joey is balling-- Dr starts to cry and leaves--Pacey just cradles his wife'shead against his chest)


(Pacey leading Joey though the front door)

Joey:I was wanting to take a nap at the beach.

Pacey:You didn't need the heat. I'll open the windows in our room and let the salt air drift in.

Joey:What is going on? Why are you rambling?

Pacey:Oh, nothing. Let's go take that nap.

Joey:Pacey, remember I know you.

(He hurries her into the den--Jen, Kayla, Jen's Gran, Mrs Leery, Pacey'sGram, Bessie, and Mrs Witter jump out and yell Suprise)

Joey:What is this?

Bessie:We wanted to give you a baby shower before you left.(

Joey hugs everyone and Pacey makes her sit down on the couch)

Pacey:Remember the doctor said to relax.

Joey:Yes, master.

Mrs. Witter:Pacey, your dad would like you to come to the Police station if you have time.

Pacey:Are you kicking me out?

Joey:Yes, they know I need a break from all your mothering.

(All the females laugh--Pacey looks sad)

Bessie:Pacey, don't worry it is something that always happens with first time dads. Just ask Bodie.

(Pacey Leans over and kisses his wife and then leaves)

Jen:I think Joey should open her presents first.

(Other women go to gather presents--Mrs. Leery stays)

Mrs Leery:Joey, you know I've always thought of you as a daughter.(Joey Nods)Well, I just want to apologies for the way my son has been acting. He hasjust been really hurt for a long time. I'm not saying that this is an excuse, I just wanted to let you know that he really didn't mean to hurt you.

Joey:I know, I know. I hated to hurt him but I just fell out of love with him. I will always love him as a friend. Tell him I hope in time we can all heal and get back some of what we use to have.

(She leans forward to hug MrsLeery who is crying)

Mrs Leery:Thank you, dear.

(Joey pulls back and lays back against the couch with her hands on herstomach)

Joey:Here it goes again.

Mrs Leery:What?

Joey:The baby.

Mrs Leery:May I?

(Joey nods--Mrs Leery has her hand on Joey's stomach as the other women walkin with the presents)

Kayla:Look at all the presents for baby Witter.

(Mrs Leery jerks away)

Joey:Oh, you guys, this is so sweet.

Bessie:Sis, I love you and all but please no more tears.

Joey:(Starts to sniffle)OKay.

(Everyone starts to laugh)

Joey:Let's get to present opening.

(She starts to open up packages and throwing paper each way and everyone is laughing.)


(Next Morning Pacey and Joey are sitting on the porch in the swing. Paceyhas his hand on his wife's stomach)

Pacey:Gosh, the baby seems to be more real now. I mean it seemed real before but being able to feel it makes me realize what a real thing growing inside of you.

Joey:I know, our child has always seemed real to me, I mean just look at me.(Points to her round belly) But it wasn't till yesterday at the doctor when I felt it kick for the first time that I realized that I really had a real human being growing inside of me. I know our lives will be harder than we had planned but I also know now we can handle whatever comes because ofour love for this child.

(Joey leans on Pacey's shoulder and he pats her head)

(Bessie walks up the sidewalk)

Bessie:How are my parents to be doing?

Joey:We felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday.

(Bessie rushes over and puts her hand on her sister's stomach)

Bessie:Really! Jo, that is great. Are you excited?

(Joey nods)

Pacey:Yeah, but our mommie here is a little tired. I think it is nap time for her.

(Joey gives him an irriated look)

Pacey:Don't look at me Dr's orders.

(Pacey and Joey start to go in)

(Bessie stops them)

Bessie:Before you go in. I have something for you. It came in the mail today.

Pacey:(Takes it)Thanks.

(They go in)

(Pacey pulls the bed back and Joey sinks in)

Joey:(starts to yawn) I didn't realize how tired I was. Our son or daughter was moving around so much last night. I think I only got a couple of hours of sleep.

(Pacey sits on the side of the bed and starts to read the letter--He gets a strange look on his face)

Joey:Pace, what is it?

Pacey:It is from Dawson.

Joey:What does it say?

Pacey:Dear Pacey and Joey, My two best friends in the world. You probably don't think the same about me. I am so sorry for the things that I have done. Joey, I never meant to hurt you. I am so glad that your child is okay. I would have gone crazy if I had hurt it. Paceman, you really are thebest man for "Our Joey" we never would have worked out. Please try to forgive me for everything I said and know I'm going to get help. My mom and dad found a great place for people with drug problems. I know now that I have a problem with my liqour and that I need help. I want to wish you both the best. Just know I think you are truly "Meant to be." Love, Dawson.

(Pacey looks over and sees his wife is asleep--Pacey goes and kisses her on the foredhead)

Pacey:He is right. We are Meant to be.


To Be Continued in the Next Series.

Special Edition Copy of Joey's Baby Shower gift list

Baby List:

Bessie>Old things of Alex's(basinet, crib, changing table, stroller, oldnursery rocker that was their mother's) I wonder how Bessie knew how much that rocker has meant to be after all of these years. Plus, all the other stuff I can't believe it. That has almost outfitted the whole nursery.

Alex>Copy of The English Patient (to help his aunt and uncle get a good nigh tsleep) I wanted to cry when I opened this up. I thought back to Pacey showing it to Alex when he was a baby.

Bessie to Joey>electric machine to rub all of those swollen and sore body parts-Pacey, can start that tonight. Honey, it would be the perfect job for you.

Bodie to Pacey>How to take care of your mother to be without smothering.-Perfect! Pacey make sure you read this from cover to cover.

Jen and Gram>cloth diapers, bottles, pacifer, two outfits-Cloth diapers what a great idea it will really help on the money situation.

Kayla>baby blanket, stuffed bear, and a outfit-Hey Kayla are you still wanting to throw in some free babysitting time Hee-hee.

Mrs Leery>moblie for over the crib and a baby front pack- I have been wanting one of those babypack backs. Pacey, Just think it will be great to take our little one to the park around campus where ever.

Pacey's Gram>Five outfits, baby toys, bouncing chair that hangs from the doorway.Gram Witter you have been to good to us.

Pacey's mom>Pacey's old baby blanket, bibs, Pacey's old high chair, a playpen.-- Really you have done too much for us already.


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