The Return by: Felicity


Three years later. They have just finished their junior year of college. They are still friends with Kayla and Shawn.

Pacey and Joey are in Joey's room that is now completely empty. Joey: So are you sure you want to do this? I mean go back to Capeside. Are you sure you don't want us to go to North Carolina this summer and spend time with your grandparents again?

Pacey wraps his arms around her middle and looks into her eyes.

Pacey: Joey, I know you are just trying to protect me but really I'm going to be fine. Remember I am the one who is her to protect you. I can handle anything as long as I have you by my side.

Joey: You'll always have me by your side. We are never going to be separated again.

He goes around to her back and wraps his arms around her and puts his head on her shoulder.

Pacey: I know.

He kisses her shoulder.


Home in Capeside

At Joey's door-- Pacey has all of the bags

Joey: I wish you would let me hold something.

Pacey: No, I'm fine besides your not suppose to.

Joey knocks and walks in.

Joey: Bessie, Alex, Bodie anyone home?

Alex comes running around the corner and jumps into Joey's arms.

Alex: Aunt Joey, I'm so glad you are finally home.(he notices Pacey) Who is this?

Joey grabs Pacey's hand.

Joey: This is a friend of mine named Pacey. He use to put you to sleep with the movie The English Patient.

Alex: You mean you knew me when I was little?

Pacey nods.

Pacey: Yeah, I sure did. I use to baby-sit you all of the time.

Joey: Alex, sweetie where is your mom?

Bessie comes in the front door.

Bessie: Right here, I was just picking weeds in the garden out back when I heard your car pull up.

Bessie and Joey embrace. Bessie turns and sees Pacey.

Bessie: Pacey, long time. You look great.

Pacey: Thanks, so do you.

Bessie: Well, business is going really well for us. Bodie, says to tell you both he wishes he could be here but someone had to stay at the restaurant. I thought we might go out to eat there later to surprise him.

Joey: That would be great but first we need to tell you something.

Bessie: This sounds serious. Maybe I should sit down for this.

Bessie sits down.

Pacey: Yeah, Jo, maybe you should to you look tired.

Joey sits down.

Joey: Bessie, Pacey and I are going to get married this summer. We didn't tell you sooner because we wanted some time to enjoy the idea alone before we told anyone. It will probably just be at the Justice of the Peace but we want you all there.

Pacey is now standing behind Joey and rubbing her shoulders.

Joey: So what do you think?

Bessie:(teary eyed) You are both so young. Are you sure this is what you want?

Pacey: More than anything. We both know if we didn't have each other in our lives, they would be empty. I hope you are okay with us getting married.

Bessie: You know I have always dreamed you would be my brother-in-law someday, I am very happy. (Joey looks at her in surprise) Yes, all those years you thought you loved Dawson, I knew Pacey was the one who you really cared about. The one you really loved. I want your wedding to be special leave it all up to me.(She hugs them both)Pacey, why don't you go put your bags in the back room and let me and my sister talk for a while.(Pacey looks at Joey)

Joey: Go ahead. I am fine.

Pacey: Okay. Then I'll go outside and play with Alex.

He goes to the back. Bessie faces Joey.

Bessie: So when are you due?

Joey is flabbergasted.

Joey: How did you know? I mean, you can't tell. I'm not showing.

Bessie: Pacey carries in all of the bags and he is making you sit down and you don't argue. Then he is rubbing your shoulders. I just put it all together.

Joey: He is very protective right now. But that isn't why we are getting married. We have been planning this for a while. The baby just speeded things up a bit. I really love him, Bessie, I really do.

Bessie: I know, sweetie, I'm really happy for the two of you. You both finally have discovered what love is. You were able to rise above the lives you were raised in and discover true happiness. So when should I expect my first niece or nephew?

They are talking as scene fades.


Joey is sitting in a rocker on the front porch. Her hand in on her stomach. She isn't showing yet. She talking to her child but to anyone passing by would think she was talking to herself.

Joey: Your Dad and I love you very much. Your dad is already talking about teaching you how to swing a bat and how to ride your first bike. Every time I think about it I tear up, your dad says it is just hormones but I think it is because those thoughts are priceless. Don't worry about not being loved when you come out there is tons of people out here ready to smother you in love.

All of a sudden she hears a noise. On instinct she covers her stomach to protect it. She raises up by holding on to the porch rail for support.

Joey: Who is there?

Dawson comes out from behind the bushes.

Dawson: Me.

Joey: Oh, Dawson. I didn't know you were coming home for the summer. I thought you would stay in California.

Dawson: Yeah, if you knew I was coming home would you have brought your fiance home?

Joey: Where did you hear about that?

Dawson: My Mom. So what was that I heard you talking to yourself about, love? What do you know about it? We had it once but you let it slip away.(He comes onto the porch and stands next to Joey)

Joey: Dawson, are you drunk?

She can smell liquor all over his breath. She starts back towards the door but each step she takes Dawson matches.

Dawson: I had a couple of beers, trying to wash away how much you hurt me. How much Pacey hurt me. Did you know I was going to come see you at Harvard before I left for California the first time? I didn't come because Pacey told me not to. He said you needed time. Look what time got me, my two friends getting married.

Joey can tell he doesn't really know what he is doing and she gets scared. She turns for the door but before he can reach it, Dawson has grabbed her and slammed her against the wall. It is then that Pacey hears it and comes running toward Dawson and pushes him as hard as he can.

Pacey: Dawson, stop it, she's pregnant.

Dawson stands with his mouth open and starts to back off the porch and then runs. Pacey runs over to Joey and she fall into his arms crying.

Pacey: It is okay now. Everything is okay. Just relax. We need to get you to the doctor and make sure everything is okay.

Joey: I'm fine, trust me.

Pacey: Okay.(He lifts her into his arms and holds her like a baby as he carries her to the car and puts her into the passenger seat and buckles her up)

Joey: I'm fine, I don't need the doctor.

Pacey: Joey, you took a hard blow. I just want to make sure.

Joey: Pacey. . . . . .

Joey passes out.

To be continued. . . . . . .
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