Dreaming My Dreams by: Freakbunni

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"Come on, Jen," Pacey said as he got up. "I'll walk you home."

"Pacey, that's the last place I want to be right now," Jen replied. "And you don't look too thrilled to go home either."


"Isn't there a place we can crash somewhere? Just for tonight?"

"Well . . ." Pacey thought for a moment. "Actually, there is. Come on."

A few minutes later they arrived at the video store.

"Here?" Jen asked, rather annoyed.

"Why not? I've got a sleeping bag stashed in the back. This is where I stay when life at home isn't so . . . homey." Pacey opened the front door and led Jen into the back room.

"What about the people who come in to work tomorrow? Won't you get in trouble?"

"Relax, Jen. The store doesn't open until noon. We'll be out of here by then."

Pacey had already spread out the sleeping bag. He went to a nearby closet and produced a blanket and a pillow.

"The bathroom's right there if you need it. To wash up or whatever." Pacey pointed to the door on his left.

"Oh, okay." Jen opened the door and went inside. She was shocked when she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was disheveled and her eyes were nothing more than puffy slits on her face.

*Look at me. I'm a complete mess.* She continued to stare at her sorrow ridden face. *I'm just one big walking misfortune, aren't I?* she though to herself. *Life isn't any easier here than it was in New York.*

A tap on the door broke her train of thought.

"Jen?" Pacey said as he poked his head in. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, I'm almost done. Just need to wash my face."

"Good, because hearing running water is starting to speed up my urination process. In other words, my bladder is about to explode."

Jen smiled in spite of herself. "Just a sec." She splashed some water on her face as Pacey watched on. After drying her face, Jen turned the bathroom over to Pacey.

"It's all yours."

Pacey entered, did his business, and went to the sink to wash his hands. He too caught his reflection in the mirror.

"Poor pathetic bastard," he mumbled under his breath. He turned off the faucet and went outside.

He saw Jen sitting on the sleeping bag with a lost look on her face. He walked over and sat beside her.

"It'll all work out for the best, Jen."

"I hope so, Pacey. I hope so."

"Here, take the pillow," Pacey said as he made himself comfortable. Jen accepted the pillow and wrapped herself in the blanket.

"It's getting kinda cold, Pacey," Jen said after a few minutes of silence. "Are there any extra blankets?"

"No, this is the only one." Pacey realized he was freezing himself. "Here scoot closer to me. Excuse the sexual innuendo, but maybe we can warm each other up.

Jen, too tired to even consider arguing, complied. She got closer to Pacey and her put his arms around her.

"You're freezing, Jen!" Pacey exclaimed as his hand brushed over hers.

For a while they laid in each other's arms as they had earlier on the pier. Neither spoke a word.

The closeness of Jen's body reminded Pacey of the nights he shared with Tamara. Resting his chin on the crown of Jen's head, he wondered what would happen if he were to kiss her. He quickly brushed the thought away, but couldn't stop his body from reacting to Jen's.

Jen was also becoming acutely aware of how close they were. This was completely different from when Jen had spent the night at Dawson's. She wasn't as physically charged as she was now, lying here with Pacey. She could smell the faint aroma of CK one on his shirt as she nestled her head into Pacey's shoulder. Things were definitely heating up between them.

Their thoughts drifted to the kiss they had shared during the day they were in detention.

*That was intense,* they thought simultaneously.

"Um, Jen?" Pacey asked timidly. "You're not the least bit . . . uncomfortable, are you?"

"No." She lied. "Why? Are you?"

"Course not." He looked down at her as she lifted her face and they proceeded to bump heads.

"Ow!" they said in unison.

"They weren't kidding when they said you were hard headed," Jen said as she rubbed her forehead.

"Sorry, Jen. Here," Pacey moved her hand and gently kissed the spot she had been rubbing. "The Pacey Whitter remedy for pain. Works every time." Jen laughed. A few moments passed before they realized their hands were still intertwined.

[Background music: "Glycerine," Bush]

Jen lifted her eyes and saw that Pacey was staring at her. She couldn't bring herself to look away.

Pacey's gaze shifted from her eyes to her lips. Slowly their heads came together.

The kiss began slowly, both of them hesitant. But soon innocent shyness gave way to passionate lust as the kiss became more and more frenzied and desperate.

"Pacey," Jen whispered. "Pacey, no."


"We can't," Jen said, getting up and moving as far away as possible from Pacey.

"I'm sorry, Jen," Pacey stammered. "I don't know what came over me . . ."

"No, Pacey. I'm equally at fault here. I just wasn't . . ."

"Jen, don't. You don't have to explain yourself." They found themselves at opposite ends of the sleeping bag, clearly embarrassed. The silence grew thick as they sat speechless.

"Let's just pretend that this didn't happen, okay? Pacey?" Jen said slowly. She laid down again with her back toward Pacey, hoping he wasn't looking at her.

"Yeah, sure."

The rest of the night passed without incident, with neither of the two able to sleep.

On the way home from the ruins, Joey had fallen asleep. Not wanting to risk waking up Alex, thus rousing the rest of the Potter household, Dawson decided that it would be best if Joey stayed at his place for the night. After pulling up to the front porch, he gently tried to wake Joey up to no avail. Dawson got out of the car, opened up the passenger side, and gathered Joey into his arms, determined to carry her into the house. He entered the front door and as he reached the stairs, Joey began to stir.

"Dawson, what are you doing?" she asked sleepily as Dawson began his ascent.

"Shhh . . . don't talk, I'm . . ." Dawson misjudged his footing and tripped on a step, launching both himself and Joey forward. Both of them tumbled onto the second floor.

"Joey, are you alright?" Dawson asked with concern.

"I think I lost part of my hip to the carpet, but other than that, I'm fine." she replied groggily. Dawson pulled her up. "I never pictured you as the chivalrous type."

"You looked so peaceful . . . I didn't want to wake you."

"So you drop me on the floor instead?" she said with a smile. "You sure do have a misguided sense of affection."

"Hey, at least give me a chance to redeem myself, will you?" Dawson scooped her up once again despite her tired protests.

"How about if I just give you the other half of my hip?"

They entered his room and Dawson gently lowered Joey onto the bed. He walked around to the other end and plopped down next to her.

"Are you . . . okay with this Joey? Staying the night here? Cause I don't have the strength to carry you all the way home . . ."

"Afraid I might jump you bones tonight, Dawson?" Joey said amusingly. "Don't worry. I don't think either of us is ready to bring new meaning to the phrase 'sleeping together.'" Dawson chuckled. He put his arm around her and closed his eyes.

[Background music: "Dreaming my Dreams," The Cranberries]

Joey turned to look at him. She brushed the hair out of his eyes, then ran her fingers down the side of his face. Her fingertips gently stroked his lips. She laid there, fascinated by the tingling sensation she felt every time she came in contact with Dawson. She pressed her lips onto his, and was surprised when Dawson reacted by pulling her closer and kissing her back.

"You don't waste any time, do you?" Joey asked when the kiss was over.

"Just wanted to release some of that sexual tension before you leave for France."

Joey's heart sank. France. How could I have forgotten? "Look Dawson, about France," Joey began, but Dawson cut her short.

"Joey, don't. I think we've had enough drama for the night. Let's just leave things as they are and worry about that tomorrow, okay?" He kissed her forehead, then her eyelids. "I just want to lie here, with you."

Not wanting to ruin the moment, Joey snuggled closer.

[It's out there, it's out there . . . it's out there, if you want me I'll be here . . . it's out there, it's out there . . . it's out there, if you want me I'll be here . . .I'll be dreaming my dreams with you . . . I'll be dreaming my dreams with you . . . and there's no other place that I'd lay down my face . . . I'll be dreaming my dreams with you . . .]

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