Fools Rush In by: Holly and Jenny

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Disclaimer: If I was Kevin Williamson and I owned these characters would I be writing this? No, because then I would be a god like figure, hanging around with (sigh and glazed look here) James Van Der Beek and Josh Jackson.

Rating: R Some sex, and innuendos, but nothing graphic. A tame R.

Author's Note: Hey, everyone! Thank you so much for the great feedback we've been getting! Keep it coming! Anyway, a special thanks to the wonderful Stephanie for all her help on this story. Love ya, Stef!

Happy Holidays all ! I hope you get everything you want from Santa!

(BTW- pretend Pacey and Andie have already gotten together, K? and he knows about her mom.)

Fools Rush In

The sun shone down onto the couples head. Dawson opened his eyes and looked at the person who lay next to him. Her long brown hair fell over his arms, which were wrapped tightly around her. Her eyes were closed and for the first time in the past week or so she looked truely at peace. Dawson sighed contentedly. He didn't know how he couldn't have seen how perfect Joey was before now. He was in love. A scary prospect but wonderful at the same time. If only he could get Joey to talk about what had been bothering her lately, he would be completely, deleriously happy.

Somehow last night he had been able to convince her to stay the night. She had been worried about them rushing things and had begged off from staying over on movie nights. Last night, however, he had been watching her stare at the movie and he knew there was something truely wrong with her. It was killing him to see her in so much pain and the fact that she wasn't coming to him with whatever was bothering her.

"Mmm.." mumbled Joey. Her eyes fluttered open. Dawson looked at his love with a big Dawson grin.

"Dawson..Your doing it again." She whined.

"Doing what?" he asked innocently. She rolled her eyes.

"Staring at me. Your making me feel like some kind of lab specimen."

"Always the cynic."

"Always the romantic dofus."

"Good morning."

"Good morning."


"W ith morning breath?"

"I'll risk it." He leaned over, propping himself up on his elbow, and kissed her passionatly on the mouth. When Joey drew back out of breath, he tucked his head down onto her shoulder and whispered into her ear.

"There are other things i'm willing to risk too." He smiled seductivly at her.

Joey frowned. " Dawson are you trying to seduce me? Because you are not at your best in the seduction department at seven in the morning. Where's the mood lighting, the soundtrack, and the drippy candles?"

'Joey, queen of the cynics."

"Dawson, your running out of material. Good directors don't recycle witty comments like you do." Dawson made a fist and punched his chest, falling back onto the pillows.

"My love has trashed me. Now I am in mortal pain. Only a kiss from her will save my life."

" Oh, please." Joey groaned and rolled off the bed.

"Hey, c'mere. Where you running off to?" Joey put her sweater on over the t-shirt she had worn with her jeans to sleep in. She sat back down on the bed and leaned into Dawson's strong arms. Had he been working out lately? No, she had to be strong and not think that way. Lately, though every time she was with him she had been thinking more and more graphic thoughts. And she was pretty sure he felt the same way. Joey just wasn't sure she was quite ready to act on her thoughts yet, whereas Dawson seemed ready to jump her at any moment.

"Sorry, romeo, but some of us have to work for a living." She raised her eyebows.

"You can work for me."

"Was that your lame attempt at a sexual innuendo?"

"Yes. Yes it was."

"I'm going to work now. Why don't you go take a cold shower?"

He smiled. " Yes, drill mistress Joey." He mock saluted her.

" And maybe later tonight we can work on improving those comments that are supposed to turn me on." She said as she walked toward the window.

"And Dawson?" She said, one leg out the window.


"That's Liuetenant Joey, Soldier." Dawson leaned over to his desk, after she had dispeared and reached for the phone. He dialed a number and waited for the person to pick up.

"Pacey, man? I gotta talk to you."

Joey put her key in the lock of the door to the Icehouse. She pushed open the door and looked in bewilderment to see that the lights were still out and nothing had been set out for the breakfast rush. She was concerned. Bessie was always in by five to set up. This was completely unlike her.

"Bessie!Bessie! Where are you!?" Joey began to feel panicky. What if there had been a robbery. What if Bessie was hurt? What if..? Her thoughts trailed off as she heard a muffled sobbing from the back room.k

"Bessie is that you?" There was no answer. Now Joey was really scared. She pushed open the swinging door to find Bessie hunched in the corner, head in her arms, crying her eyes out.

"Oh, My god! Bessie what happened!?" Joey knelt down beside her, and put her hand on her arm. Bessie looked up through her tears.

"Joey? Oh, Joey. It's over." She put her head back down as though she wasn't strong enough to keep it up.

"Bessie, your not making any sense. What's over?"

Bessie looked shocked as though she just realized that Joey was there.

"Bodie's gone. We had a fight and he's gone. And he's not coming back." She burst into tears again.

"What?" Joey asked incredulously.

" I think it may actually happen, Pace. I mean I think she wants to."

"Of course she does man. I mean what girl wouldn't want her first time to be with THE sap of saps Dawson Leery?" Pacey grinned and bit into his burger. The two friends were at the only other restaurant in Capeside, other than the Icehouse. Dawson hadn't wanted Joey to overhear this conversation.

"Um, thanks. I think." Dawson raised his eyebrow. " So anyway. I need to know something."

"No, bondage is not good for the first time."

"Yeah, thanks. No, I just wanted to know what kind of condoms you and Andie use."

"Me and Andie! Whoa, boy! Step back here!"

"You mean you and she aren't..?"

"Are you kidding, bro ? That girl barely let's me french kiss her."

"Oh. I just assumed after Ms. Jacobs..."

"What that I'd only go out with a girl who'd have sex with me? Thanks a lot for your faith, D." Pacey looked hurt.

"All hail me. Dawson, king of blunders. I'm really sorry, Pace. Of course I don't think that."

"Oh, hell. It 's okay. That's just you Dawson. So, you want to know what kind of protection to use?"

Dawson lit the last candle. Flames flickered all over his room. Selena's Dreaming of You was playing on the stereo and he was wearing a sweater he knew Joey loved him in.

Joey climbed through the window and looked around in amazement.

"Dawson, what is all this.." She trailed off as he put his finger up to her lips and took her in his arms and they swayed to the music.

"Wonder if you ever see me and I wonder if you know I'm there, If you looked in my eyes, would you see what's inside, would you even care? I just want to hold you close but so far All I have are dreams of you So I wait for the day and the courage to say How much I love you. I'll be dreaming of you tonight Til tomorrow I'll be holding you tight And there's nowhere in the world that I'd rather be Than here in my room dreaming about you and me.."

He swung her down onto the bed and she laughed. He leaned down, looking into her eyes and kissed her. The kiss went on and on , and when she drew she smiled at him.

"This is nice. I've had the worst day. This just feels really good."

"Hmm, lets see if I can make you feel even better." He kissed her again and let his hands wander up her shirt to the edge of her bra. She continued kissing him, even though she was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. He reached his hand around her back and began to undo the clasp on her bra. Joey got a warning signal in her head and pushed him away hard.

" God Dawson! What the hell are you doing!?" She got up off the bed and straightened her shirt.

"Well, I jUst. I thought.." She cut him off.

" I don't want to hear it Dawson! I don't have any desire to hear what your thinking. I n fact, right now, I don't have any desire to be in the same state as you.'

"Joey, I..."

"No, I don't think so. Like you thought I was just going to bed down with you without even talking about it! Just kick back and let you have your way with me or something ? Who do you think I am? Jen?"

"Joey that's not fair!"

"Your right, Dawson. It's not fair to me. You didn't even talk to me about this! Don' t you think I deserve some sort of say in this?"

"Yes of course, but I just assumed.."

"That's right. You assumed. You assume a lot of things Dawson. Well, this time you assumed wrong. I am not some character in one of your scripts! I actually have indepent thoughts and feelings! I am Joey! Me! And I make my decisions! Not you!" She stormed out the window and practically jumped down the ladder. By the time Dawson got to the window she was running down the yard towards her rowboat.

"Joey!" He yelled in vain. " JOOO!"

Joey wasn't sure where she was going. She just had to cool off. She docked by the swingset where she and Dawson used to play as kids. She saw a somewhat familiar figure sitting on one of the swings.

"Hey, Andie. What are you doing in the eternal land of mopers?"

"Oh, hey Joey " She said looking up. " I'm supposed to have a date with Pacey tonight. There's something I've been meaning to tell him, but I can't bring myself to tell him."

Joey sat down and brgan to swing. " Want to talk about it?"

"No. You?"

"Yeah , actually I do. I mean I know we don't know each other that well, but your dating Pacey,so I assume you must be incredibly patient and tolerant."

"You could say that. Talk away."

"Well, my sister Bessie you know. I'm sure you've heard the gossip about her and my family." Andie sort of nodded.

"Anyway, classic story. She got pregnant to young, but she had her bably and we all love Alexander. But she and her boyfriend Bodie have been having problems and now their broken up. And she's a single mom. And I don't want to be. Dawson..Dawson, he is so ready for us to sleep together and I would if there was a way to garuntee I wouldn't get pregnant. But there isn' t. And I love my sister. I'm proud of her and I admire, but I don't want to be her. I want to get out of this town and do something great. So, I can't sleep with him right now. I totally blew up at him tonight."

:"Well, " said Andie. "When Pacey and I got together, I kind of made it really clear I don't want to have sex until I'm sure and he's respected that. Have you tried talking to Dawson?"

Joey looked down. " No, I guess I'm not being fair, since he can't read my mind. Well, usuallyl. Thanks Andie. "

"No problem Jo. Anytime."

Pacey knocked on the door of Andie's house. Jack answered the door.

"Hey, Pacey. Andie's not home yet, but come on in. Actually, I could use your help. Mom's having one of her spells. Could you get her pills?"

Pacey stepped in. "Sure, where are they?"

"Um, in the kitchen cupboard. Third one on the left. bring them into her room."

"Okay." Pacey walked into the huge kitchen. He found the correct cupboard filled with pill bottles. As he searched for the right one, he didn't hear Andie come into the kitchen.

He picked up a bottle with Andie's name on it. "Prozac?" He said out loud.

"Yeah, Prozac. " He heard a voice behind him. There was Andie glowering. He swallowed hard. He knew he was in big trouble.

Stay tuned for the next installment. Why is Andie on Prozac and will she forgive Pacey for invading her privacy? And will Joey and Dawson reconcile and how far will she be willing to go? And whatever happend to Jen? Read the next story to find out all this and more! Please send feedback--it's a wonderful thing!

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