The Never Ending Struggle by: Holly and Jenny

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Disclaimer: Hi, my name is Kevin Williamson, I am a millionaire genius who gets to hang out with James Van Der Beek--oh, wait no, I’m just multiple personality schizo Holly. Oops.

Author's Note: Hello, everybody. I am returned from my vacation and now it is snowing so I am missing MORE school. Yea!!!! This is a good thing since finals are coming up and I am just lost in Geometry. I have to dedicate part of this series to my good buddy, Amanda, who I have known for 9 years and introduced me to Brittany Spears, who, by the way, has an awesome cd, so go get it. This is also dedicated to any one who has lost someone to suicide, and to Sarah, one of the bravest people I ever had the honor of knowing. Sarah, how you dealt with the loss you felt when I knew you was truly inspirational. And, Tom, 100 mg. Zoloft rules!!

Note from Jenny: Hey all!! Yes, I actually DO exist, I’m not just a figment of Holly’s imagination...I don’t think!! :) Anyhow, I hope that ya’ll like our stories, we’re writing as fast as possible, so don’t splam our e-mail, ‘k? Danke, gracias, et. al.

Rating: I have absolutely no idea...maybe an R, maybe a PG 13. Just no small children, I don’t believe in ratings and censorship anyway.


“I never promised you a happy ending,
you never said you wouldn’t make me cry,
But summer love will keep us warm,
long after our Autumn goodbye,
Autumn goodbye,
Autumn goodbye.”

Pacey looked over at Tamara, who was sitting beside Mitch. Mitch had his arm around her, and was grinning and making suggestive glances toward her. His Tammy. That slime. Pacey swore that if he had to sit still one more second and watch him ooze all over her, he was going to punch him out. Wait! HIS Tammy? No, he was dating Andie now, Tamara was aloud to date whomever she wished. Still was he dating her best friends mother? He thought not. He was beginning to steam...

“Pacey, what is wrong with you?” Andie whispered through gritted teeth.

“What do you mean?” he whispered back. “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“You’ve been acting weird all night.”

“Have not.”

“Have too.”

“I’m not doing this now,” he snapped.

Andie drew back as though she had been slapped.

Pacey sighed and put his hand on her head. “I’m sorry McPhee. I guess I’m just feeling bad for Mrs. Leery.” They both glanced at the woman at the head of the long table the dinner party was eating at. Her eyes were red and she looked awful.

“She’ll be okay,” Andie said comfortingly.

“Yeah.” Andie turned back to her dinner and grinned at Jack, who was really hitting it off with Doug. Pacey glanced back again at Tamara.

* * * * *

“Dawson...”Joey said warningly. His hand was sliding dangerously up her thigh.

He grinned at her. “What Joey?” He asked coyly.

“Have you noticed there are other people at this table?” She inconspicuously reached her hand down to swat at his.

“There are?” he asked. He looked at her seriously, his smile slipping off his face. “Because all I can see is this beautiful face in front of me.”

“Oh, please..” Joey started to snicker. “That’s the best you can come up with, Dawson?” He looked somewhat hurt.

“I meant that Joey.”

She smiled, leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the mouth. He smiled widely.

“Oh, and Dawson?”

“Yeah?” He looked at her seductively.

“I’m not sleeping with you tonight.”

* * * * *

“So, Jen,” Bill leaned across the table to look into her fiery hazel eyes. “Tell me about yourself.” He gave her an easy grin, thinking exactly how lucky he was to have Jennifer Lindley as his next door neighbor for the next couple of weeks. He had already gotten the rundown from Dawson. He knew she was Dawson’s ex, but that Dawson was wild in love with Joey now, so he had the green light to go for it with Jen. The only other substantial thing he knew about her was that she was from New York. He decided to go with that information.

“What was New York like? Were you a wild city girl?” He joked.

“Wha--Why? What has Dawson said?” She stared daggers at him. Okay, now Bill was really confused.

* * * * *

Gail Leery watched her husband fawn over another woman, her son’s old English teacher no less. She watched Tamara Jacobs eat the meal she had slaved over. She watched Mitch drool over her pretty face and long legs. And she cried.

* * * * *

Bessie looked at her sister, so in love with Dawson. She looked at Andie and Pacey, his arm nonchalantly around her. She thought back to the days before Alexander, when Bodie would put his arm around her, and hold her close. When she lit up his life. Before she became saddled down with a child, a child she loved dearly, but who gave her no freedom. She was determined not to let that happen to Joey. She glanced back over to her sister, who was laughing and swatting at what was presumibly Dawson’s hand, under the table. Bessie was going to talk to Joey...tonight.

* * * * *

Jack looked at Doug with admiration. He owned every Striesand cd ever made.

“You should come over some time.”Jack suggested. “You can bring your cds.” Doug grinned back. (*Note* I really hope this doesn’t offend anyone. We just thought it would be funny, and it would keep that damn Jack-ass away from Joey! :P )

* * * * *

Later, after dinner, the whole crew of people trooped into the living room to have coffee and dessert, with the exclusion of Mrs. Leery, who went to clean the kitchen and cry in private.

“So, hmm...Ms. Jacobs..” Pacey cleared his throat and put and emphasis on the last name. “How have you, um, been?” His arm was around Andie, but it was apparent to Tamara his mind was on her. She wriggled uncomfortably in Mitch’s tight grasp.

“Fine, Pacey. And you?”

“Fine. Have I introduced you to my girlfriend Andie yet? Before we got together she tried to hook me up with a senior cheerleader. Andie claims that some older women go for younger men such as myself. Can you imagine an older woman going for me, Pacey Witter? Course that was before she realized what a stud I was and that she wanted me to herself.” He grinned. “Right honey?”

“Uh, yeah.”Andie looked confused. “Anything you say Officer Pacey.” Dawson took his tongue out of Joey’s mouth long enough to shoot a dagger look at Pacey as if to say “I know your pissed man, and I’m not exactly happy myself, but don’t go there.”

“Uh, yeah. Well.” Joey cleared her throat and untangled herself from Dawson. “I think I’ll go help Mrs. Leery in the kitchen.” She grabbed up a couple of plates and headed through the doors. Bessie jumped up.

“I’ll go with you.”

“Fine, whatever.” Joey shrugged. The sisters disappeared into the kitchen.

“Hey.” Dawson looked around. “Where did Jen and Bill go?”

* * * * *

“You know Jen, it’s not that big of a deal. Why were you so worried I’d be upset that you’re not a virgin? I’m not.” Bill and Jen were holding hands and sitting on the dock in front of Dawson’s house. She shrugged and looked at her breath as she breathed in the cold winter night air.

“It bothered Dawson.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Dawson and I aren’t exactly twins. I mean, do I stalk Spielberg? No, I think not. I’ve seen ET once, and I thought it was ridiculous.” Jen gasped.

“You’ve actually said that in Dawson’s presence and lived to tell me this story?”

“Well, not exactly. I’m hoping to break it to him slowly.” Jen laughed with Bill. Then he leaned in to kiss her, somewhat tentatively. Jen was in to it for a minute and then suddenly broke off.

“Um, Bill…you know just because I used to sleep with people in New York doesn’t mean…well, I’ve changed...” Bill cut her off. He tipped her chin up to look him in the eyes.

“I don’t expect anything from you. Except that maybe you’ll send me a glance occasionally and see a movie with me this weekend.” Jen smiled as he leaned in, to kiss her again.

* * * * *

Back in the living room the group had dwindled down to Andie, Pacey, Tamara and Mitch. Doug had left to drive Jack home. Dawson had gone up to his room to find something and never returned. Mitch figured that he had forgotten about them. His son’s mind was known to wander. The four kind of looked at each other tensely. Andie wasn’t sure what was going on, but figured Pacey was just angry that Mr. Leery wanted an open marriage with his old teacher.

“Well, ah...I think I will go find my purse.” Tamara stood up.

“Do you have to go so soon?” Mitch kissed her hand. Pacey gave him a look.

“Yes, we said I would stay until eleven.” Tamara gave Mitch a look of her own.

Pacey stood up.

“I took your coat, so I’ll help you go find it.” Tamara looked as though she were going to protest, but then apparently thought better of it. She sort of glanced back at Mitch and then followed Pacey.

Andie sat there and stared at Mr. Leery. Mr. Leery sat there and stared at Andie.

“So, Andie...”Mr. Leery took a sip of coffee. “New to town?”

“Uh, yeah.” She nodded.

“How do you like Capeside?” She got a funny look on her face.

“It’s um…small.”


“Yeah.” There was a long pause.

“Okay, well, I really need to use the bathroom.” She stood up and smiled.

“Uh, right that way.” Mitch pointed down the hall.

“Uh, thanks. Be right back.” She grinned tightly and then made a face as she began to walk down the hall. Wow, that man was atrocious. Dating another woman, right in front of his wife. If she ever saw Pacey in the arms of another woman, she’d... Suddenly Andie stopped and looked into the room beside the bathroom. It was the guest room that doubled as a coatroom for parties. She peeked in as she heard voices.

“God, I can’t believe he’d do that to you Tammy!” TAMMY? She watched in amazement as she saw Pacey walk over to Tamara Jacobs and put his arms around her protectively. Andie gasped. Pacey and Tamara turned to look at her in shock.

“I can explain this Andie..” Pacey took a step towards her.

“Oh, my god. Oh, my god. You and her? Oh, my god.” Andie put her hand over her mouth, turned and ran away.

* * * *

“I never promised you a happy ending,
You never said you wouldn’t make me cry,
But summer love will keep us warm,
Long after
Our autumn goodbye
Autumn goodbye,
Autumn goodbye . . .
From April through September
Bittersweet words was the love that we shared
Don’t forget
I remember . . .”

* * * *

OK, now, aren ‘t we all just SO happy? Stay “tuned” for the next edition of our Dawson’s soap opera (Holly’s note--As the Creek Turns! :P) Oh, ha ha Holly! Bye bye for now! -Jenny

Doesn’t Jenny have a wide vocabulary--byebye, daddy, mommy, Paul McCartney..Okay, I’ll just shut up before she brings up my James obsession.

(Jenny’s note--Uh, no, actually I was thinking more alongs the lines of your Pacey obsession! :) Okay, now, I’ll just really shut up...I don’t want to talk about it! SHUT UP Jenny or I’m going to Best Friends R Us!

Uh, ok, whatever. Let’s shut up now; I think the people reading our fan fic want to read about Joey and Dawson, NOT Holly and Pacey; or the rest of our lives,right ya’ll?

Oh, just shut up Jasper luver!

Watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

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