A Time to Kill by: Jeannie


The morning light filtered through the window of Dawson's bedroom, and basked the room in a golden glow. Dawson stirred rolling on his side, and opening his eyes. Dawson rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and sat up in bed. Dawson looked at Joey laying peacefully asleep beside him and smiled. Careful not to wake her, he stumbled out of bed, and walked to his closet. Dawson assembled his outfit to wear, and quietly changed while Joey had sweet dreams of him. Dawson couldn't help but gawk at Joey sleeping. She looked so angelic, like a sleeping a angel. Her sweet brown eyes were shut, her silky auburn hair was cascading in waves down the pillow. Dawson observed her face looked like the face of a porcelain doll, delicate and beautiful. Joey softly made gurgling noises in her sleep, and Dawson laughed. Dawson shook his head trying to transfer his mind back to his mission of saving his parents marriage. Dawson shifted to sit at his desk and finish devising his scheme to rekindle Mitch and Gail's romance. Dawson knew to make the plan a success he needed more secluded details of what happened that day. Dawson realized this called for sneaky, underhanded tactics, things he wouldn't normally do, to be auspicious. Extracting these special moments needed to be handled with the utmost care so to be effective. Dawson would have to incorporate Joey's help. Dawson glanced at the clock on his nightstand, and realized it was almost time for school. Dawson put his thoughts on hold while he slowly crept to the bed to wake Joey. Dawson knew from past experiences Joey deplored being woken up, but knew she would be very irate if she was tardy for school again. Dawson softly shook her, and her eyelids fluttered open. Joey blinked twice before acknowledging Dawson, and then pushed him away annoyed he woke her. Joey snuggled deeper in the covers, and tried to reposition her pillow against her head. Dawson smiled down on her, and running his hand down the covers ripped them off of her. Dawson learned long ago if you wanted to get Joey up for school, you had to be ruthless. Joey glared, eyes flashing at him, and then hurled a pillow at him. Dawson unaware of the attack got whacked in the head, but soon recovered from the shock of the blow.

Dawson (smiling): good morning Joey. Always good to see your sunny disposition in the morning. Time to get up, or we will be late for school again. We have numerous things to do today, so hurry up.

Joey (grumbling): Wipe that smile off your face Leery, or I will do it for you. God, why do you have to be so chipper first thing in the morning. It's like waking up with Mr. Rogers beside me.

Dawson (laughing): Jo, I can't help it. Today is just going to be a great day I can feel it. Of course there are so minor flaws in my plan, but it will work I guarantee it. It's crucial that you help me, Jo.

Joey (a little more awake): Okay, I said I would help, why is beyond me. So what do I have to do?

Dawson (teasing her): Well, first thing you have to do is brush your teeth so I can kiss you good morning, and then get your cute rear end ready for school. I don't want to be late today, so move.

Joey (getting out of bed): Just be glad that I am hopelessly in love with you. If I wasn't, you would be dead right now.

Dawson (laughing): But you love me, so I am safe.

Joey (walking to the door): Yeah, for the moment. If I was you I would keep on my toes. I might change my mind, Dawson.

Joey left the room while Dawson finished getting ready for school. Joey heard Dawson's laughter as she walked into the bathroom. Grimacing at her reflection, she brushed her teeth. Joey didn't even understand how Dawson could love her after seeing her look like this in the morning. Her hair was tangled, and sticking out at odd angles, her eyes were watery and red, and her face had the marks of where she laid on her pillow. Joey sighed and started to fix herself up when Dawson strolled in. Picking up his toothbrush, he started to brush his teeth. Joey observed how great Dawson always looked, his hair was brushed back, and curled softly at the ends, and his complexion was flawless. Dawson was wearing a blue dress shirt, a vest, and dark moss colored khakis. Joey started to smile to herself knowing he was gorgeous, and he was hers. Joey's smile faded as soon as Dawson pushed Joey aside to spit in the sink.

Joey (making a face): Thanks for letting me get out of the way before you did that, jeez Dawson, where did the romance go?

Dawson (smiling while gargling then spitting): It's still there Jo. We just matured to a new level in our relationship, we're now at the point where these little perplexing daily activities shouldn't affect us. Now about that good morning kiss.

Joey (still making a face): Forget it, I just lost any desire I had to kiss, ever again.

Dawson (pulls Joey closer): I think I can change that, Jo.

Dawson leaned in and kissed Joey softly on the lips. Dawson broke the kiss to see Joey's reaction. Joey opened her eyes, grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him passionately. Dawson thrust Joey to the edge of the sink, and deepened the kiss. After the kiss ended, Joey flushed untangled herself from Dawson's embrace and resumed brushing her hair.

Joey (still flushed): Get out, Dawson. All the sudden I think I need a very cold shower.

Dawson (laughing): I guess I haven't lost my touch after all. Okay, take your shower, but hurry up. Let me know if you need any help reaching arduous areas on your body. I would love to step in and help you out.

Joey (pushing him out the door): I bet you would, now go. You're the reason I need the shower in the first place.

Joey shut the door, and leaned against it still hearing Dawson's laughter from the other side. Joey waited until Dawson walked away before stepping into the shower. Sighing she let the water run over her, and tried to calm herself down again. Dawson went back to his room, and packed his book bag for school. Dawson finishing packing up, and left to go downstairs. He knew Joey would be out of the shower soon, and even though he fantasized about her standing dripping wet in only a towel. Dawson acted like a gentleman and gave her some privacy to change. Joey stepped into Dawson's room, relieved he wasn't in there. They might joke around about sex, but it was still a touchy subject between them. Locating her clothes in the back of his closet, she dressed quickly in a short cropped ice blue sweater, and white skirt. Ever since her and Dawson had started dating four months ago, she had expanded her attire to more than jeans, and tee-shirts.

Dawson entered the kitchen, sitting stone silent was his parents. His mom was buttering toast, and throwing looks at his dad, who was ignoring her and reading the paper. Dawson realized you could cut the tension between them with a knife. Putting on a cheerful smile he greeted them saying good morning. Mrs. Leery smiled warmly at Dawson, but all Mr. Leery did was mumble from behind his paper. Dawson grabbed a banana for him, and an apple for Joey and left. Dawson couldn't stand the torment of enduring a breakfast with them, so he made the excuse he had to get to school. Shooting one more look at them he walked out, thinking now his plan had to be full proof to work. Joey jogged down the stairs at the same time Dawson entered the room looking sullen. Joey noticed the look but decided to ignore it, and give him time to readjust his mood.

Dawson's mood changed as soon as he saw Joey, she looked beautiful. Smiling at her, he made a dramatic gesture of presenting the apple to her. Accepting the apple from his hand, Joey munched and gathered up her stuff to go. Opening the door they entered the brilliant sunlight, and prepared for their ascent to the rat pit they called school.


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