Disclosure by: Jeannie

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Pacey climbed through Dawson's window with a plan already forming in his head. Smiling Pacey walked towards Dawson's bed where Dawson was sitting. Dawson didn't move as a muscle as Pacey plopped down next to him on the bed, but instead kept his eyes glued to the television screen. Pacey followed Dawson's gaze to what he was watching, the smile left his face as he turned back to face Dawson again. Pacey sighed sadly thinking to himself how much Dawson must be hurting. One glance at Dawson, told Pacey he hadn't changed his clothes since yesterday. From the looks of it Dawson could care less if he ever moved from his bed again. Pacey glanced one more time at the television set before moving to shut it off. Dawson broke his trance and outraged said, "What the hell? I was watching that."

Dawson's eyes angry now moved from the screen to Pacey's worried face. Dawson, a little surprised he didn't notice Pacey enter the room, said, "How long have you been here, Pacey?"

Pacey sat again on the bed, and said, "For about ten minutes, but you were too busy drooling over Miss Josephine Potter to notice."

Dawson's eyes glazed over at the mention of her name and whispered, "It's over, Pacey, but you already know that don't you? Who told you? Joey?"

Pacey saw the pained look on Dawson's face and quietly said, "I ran into her as the Icehouse. She was crying, Dawson."

Dawson face for a split second showed relief that Joey felt as bad as he did, but then clouded over again. Dawson realized how much she must hurt which made Dawson ache more, now over both his and Joey's pain. Dawson's eyes glazed over as he said, "Joey dumped me, Pacey. In one lousy moment I lost my best friend, and my girlfriend."

Pacey could see the deep pain reflected in Dawson's blue eyes, and said, "Hey, man, we can fix this. Just tell me what happened."

Dawson slowly got off his bed and said, "Joey didn't tell you?"

Pacey watched Dawson walk over and sit at his window before answering, "She started to, but told me to ask you instead. Then she just ran off crying, so Dawson what happened?"

Dawson gazed at where Joey's boat usually was docked before saying, "I don't know really Pacey, one minute things are great between us. The next, Joey and I started to fight, and she left me."

Pacey felt compassion for his wounded friend and tried not to push him, but if he was going to help he need specifics. Pacey cleared his throat to get Dawson's attention and said, "Dawson, I know you are hurting man. I don't want to push but I need the specifics. I can't play match maker until I know what happened, so start at the beginning."

Dawson sighed and said, "Okay, Pacey, you want the details so here goes. Joey came over for movie night last night, and everything was going great. WE were talking, kissing, snuggling, you know all the characteristics that define a couple. Then Joey went to pick the next movie, and we somehow got in an argument. After arguing for a few minutes, Joey dumped me and left out this window."

Pacey realized something was still missing from this story, the last puzzle piece that made it all fit. Pacey took a look at Dawson star gazing and said, "So let me get this straight. You and Joey broke up over a movie? What happened you two didn't agree on it? What was on the tape anyway?"

Dawson whispered softly, "The tape of Jen from the time when we first met her."

Pacey felt anger well inside him for Dawson being so stupid, and insensitive to Joey's feelings. As Pacey was just about to let Dawson have it, he saw the guilty shameful look on Dawson's face for hurting Joey. Pacey started to simmer down and said, "Why did you keep the tape, Dawson? I guess saying Joey was mad is putting it mildly."

Dawson nodded and said, "Pacey, I don't know why I had the tape. I just forgot about it after Jen and I broke up. I never watch it, I don't want to. I love Joey, she means everything to me. I tried to explain all this to Joey, but she got upset and dumped me. Pacey, I swear I had no idea I still had the tape. I wish now I had burned the tape when I got over my feelings for Jen. If I had I wouldn't have lost the most important person in my life. The only woman I have ever loved with all my heart, Joey."

Pacey nodded and said, "Hey, it's okay, Dawson. I know you love Joey, and you would never intentionally hurt her. She loves you, too."

Dawson's eyes flashed hope as he said, "Did Joey tell you that, Pacey?"

Pacey shook his head no but said, "She didn't have to, it was written all over her face, Dawson. She did tell me she misses you, and can't stand not being with you."

Dawson smiled slightly and said, "I miss her too. I don't know what my life would be like without her. She's my world. I feel empty without her beside me."

Pacey moved towards Dawson and said, "Hey, don't be so glum. You are going to get her back. And with a little help from Pacey, 'love doctor'."

Dawson for the first time laughed and said, "What are you going to do, Love Doctor? Give us shots with a love potion?"

Pacey grinned, glad to see he raised Dawson's spirits and said, "No, I have something better in mind for you, Dawson."

Pacey started to tell Dawson about his plan, and after hearing it a huge smile curved on Dawson's lips.

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