Dead Man Walking by: Jeannie

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Dawson stood there for a second before finally listening to heart and running after Joey. Dawson mumbled his goodbye to Jen, and sprinted off in the direction where Joey went. Joey ran back into the school, and straight for the nearest ladies room. Entering a stall, she locked the door behind her, and let the tears pour out of her. Joey couldn't believe how stupid she was to trust Dawson had gotten over Jen and wanted just her. Joey felt nauseous as if her world flipped upside down. Joey felt like she was on the wildest roller coaster, and just as everything felt calm she hit another bump, and went speeding out of control again. Dawson ran into the building, and looked around for any sign of Joey. Dawson was so preoccupied with finding Joey that he didn't even see Pacey. Pacey, tired of sitting alone at lunch, decided to check on his little plan to set back up Joey and Dawson. Pacey had just turned the corner when he collided with Dawson, who was running down the hall. Pacey smiled and said, "So, how did Joey like the roses? Did she thank you properly, you sly dog?"

Dawson frantically looking around for Joey missed Pacey's comment, and then pushed past Pacey entirely. Pacey started to worry when Dawson didn't crack a smile, and said, "What's wrong, Dawson?"

Dawson rushed down the hall yelling over his shoulder, "I can't talk now Pacey, I gotta find Joey and explain."

Pacey, confused, called out, "Explain what?"

Dawson was unfortunately out of earshot, and didn't hear Pacey's last question as he took off in a search of Joey again. Dawson explored every unoccupied classroom, library, gym, cafeteria, and auditorium. All Dawson had left were the bathrooms. Dawson determined to find Joey knocked loudly on the bathroom door. Hearing no sound within, ignored his timidness of entering the girls bathroom pushed his way through. Joey was huddled in the last stall, but didn't move a muscle when she heard Dawson's voice echo off the four cement walls. Dawson looked at all the stalls noticing the last one was closed. Dawson softly moved towards it, and looking down saw Joey's shoes sticking out from the stall door. Dawson knocked quietly and said, "Joey? Jo, please come out I know you are in there. We need to talk, things aren't what they seem. Please come out, I feel ridiculous talking to a stall door."

Joey's voice rose from inside saying, "Go away, Dawson. I never want to see you again."

Dawson knocked again and said, "Joey, you know you don't mean that. You're just mad, and you have every reason to be, I made a mistake. I know if try we can fix this, so please come out. I could really use seeing your beautiful face right now instead of this door."

Dawson heard movement from inside the stall for a few minutes before he heard the door being unlocked, and then opened. Dawson gazed into Joey's cold unfeeling eyes as she said, "there's nothing to discuss, and there is no 'we' anymore. There will never be again." Joey then pushed past Dawson and left the ladies room walking towards her locker. Dawson followed close behind and said, "Joey, let me explain. Please I don't want to lose you, I don't know what I would do if I did."

Joey ignored Dawson, and when she got to her locker she started dialing her combination. Opening her locker, Joey handled the roses and card. Joey held the roses up for Dawson to see then dropped them, and stepped on them mashing them into the linoleum Joey next read the card to Dawson and her voice wavering over the words, ripped it up also dropping it the floor.

Dawson's face crumbled, and he felt his earlier caffeine rush evaporate, and in its place was a broken mangled heart.

Joey's face hardened and she glared her eyes burning a hole in Dawson's head. Joey felt the anger swell inside of her for being so stupid, and started to raise her voice, "it's over Dawson. I never want anything to do with you again. You can keep your flowers, and your cheesy love poems. I don't want them, and I don't want you."

Joey took one more look at the miserable look on Dawson's face before stalking away, but as soon as she turned the corner she broke down into tears. Joey sped as fast as she could to the bathroom, tears streaming down her face. Joey flung herself into a stall, and burst into ferocious tears. Her deep sobs wracked the cement walls, the sounds vibrating around the room.

Dawson stood there flabbergasted at the squashed flowers and torn up pieces of card. Dawson couldn't move, he felt like he was frozen into place, like a statue. Dawson watched the crowd form around their little scene whisper and point at him. Dawson felt like he was some exhibit or car wreck, as people stared in bewilderment, he wanted to move but he was trapped. Dawson listened to the murmurs of the crowd, but couldn't make out the voices or what they were saying. Dawson, as if launched suddenly from a cannon, torpedoed down the hall and out the front door. Dawson ran, hoping his feet wouldn't fail him as distorted thoughts haunted him, but there was one thought that gripped him and wouldn't let go: he lost Joey.

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