Out of Sight by: Jeannie


While Dawson and company discussed the movie, Joey freshened herself up in the ladies room. Joey's hands were shaking as she brushed her long auburn hair. Joey couldn't believe she actually got the part, she was so sure she wouldn't be cast. It was just too nerve-wracking to be in the same room with her once great love, Dawson Leery. Joey smiled at her reflection thinking how incredibly handsome Dawson looked, and how she still became weak in the knees at the sight of him. The initial shock finally wore off, and the truth hit Joey hard, she won the part. Joey let out a loud shriek as she danced happily around the bathroom. This had been a dream come true to win this part, this role would make Joey famous. Joey never set out to be an actress, it wasn't an aspiration of hers. Acting was something she way behind when she left Capeside and her youth, but it caught back up with her, and soon became her life. This was Joey's first movie, and she couldn't think of a better and more qualified director than Dawson to help her develop her talent. Joey didn't know what excited her more, the idea of her premiere movie, or all the time she would be spending with Dawson. Joey decided to consider it a toss up, after all each had plenty of possibilities.

Dawson sighed a sigh of relief, all the contracts had finally been signed, all T's crossed, I's dotted. Dawson shook hands with the casting agents all the while still thinking about Joey. Joey was unbelievably talented, and that made Dawson swell with pride. Dawson's mind drifted back to all those movies they made as kids. Dawson chuckled to himself thinking, "life has some unexpected surprises in store for me. I just hope one of them ends happily with Joey and I together."

Pacey slapped Dawson on the back and whispered, "you can put your tongue back in your mouth at any time, Dawson. Joey is not in the room anymore."

Dawson laughed and said, "she looked incredible, I stand speechless to describe my reaction when I looked up and saw her. Pacey, I felt like time never passed and we were only ones in the room."

Pacey smiled and said, "I saw you checking Joey out, I bet you wish you were the only two in the room. I have to admit Joey looked fine! I was impressed by her acting too. Joey is the best I have seen…she was born to act. So Dawson, are you gonna give her hands on guidance during the movie?"

Dawson rolled his eyes and said, "Pacey, this isn't about sex. Joey and I haven't seen each other in nine years. I bet she has a husband, or boyfriend. I think it's best if we just stick to the movie."

Pacey sighed and said, "Dawson, I know you and you don't want to just work with Joey. You are helplessly in love with her as you have ever been. I also know for a fact, Joey isn't married or dating anyone."

Dawson wrinkled his forehead and said, "how do you know that, Pacey? Don't tell me you are calling the psychic hotline again, I told you to stop that."

Pacey put on his serious face and said, "this isn't time for jokes, I am being serious. Joey wants you, and I mean bad. The reason I know Joey isn't married or seeing anyone is because I already talked with Joey."

Dawson's eyes widened as he said, "you talked to Joey…when?"

Pacey closed the door to Dawson's office as Dawson sat in his chair, Pacey sat across from Dawson and leaned forward. Pacey getting comfortable said, "last week when she came in to audition. I didn't know it was her, she registered under a false alias. Anyway, we met up and had lunch together… well we caught up on old times, and I learned she was single."

Dawson knitted his brows together as he asked, "were you ever going to tell me, Pacey?"

Pacey shook his head face serious and said, "Joey pleaded with me not to, she didn't want you to know."

Dawson's eyes darkened as he said, "I don't understand, why wouldn't Joey, my best friend, want me to know she was in town?"

Pacey raised his eyebrows and said, "Joey didn't want you to know because she wasn't ready to face you yet. Joey's been very busy these past nine years. This will be her first movie, and she wanted to win the part herself…for her excellent acting…not because she intimately knew the director."

Dawson nodded in agreement and said, "I understand her reasoning, I just wish I could have talked with her myself. There's so much I want to say to her. I haven't seen her in nine years, so I have no clue what changes went on in her life."

Pacey smiled, "Joey changed, Dawson…but deep down she'll always be the girl you've known and loved. I don't want to tell you about Joey's hiatus from your life, it's not my place… so ask Joey. I know she is dying to talk to you, Dawson."

Dawson stared interested and said, "did she tell you that, Pacey?"

Pacey looked at the want for Joey reflected in Dawson's eyes and said, "that and a whole lot more, my friend."


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