Only You by: Jeannie


Joey brushed her long auburn hair out of her face, and pulled her sunglasses off. She glanced at the piece of paper in her hand, and reread the words over and over again, converting them to memory.

"I love you, I always will…please I don't want to play games anymore. I want us to be together, and have a chance at real romance."

A smile curved on Joey's ruby red lips as she thought about what the words meant. It had taken her nine years since she was fifteen and fell in love to truly understand the meaning of what love really was. It warmed Joey's heart as she first remembered falling in love with the man of her dreams.

A pair of warm soft lips pierced Joey's skin, prickling the flesh and interrupting her daydreams. Joey's smile deepened, and she laughed softly. The lips continued to leave butterfly kisses from her neck trailing to her ear. Joey felt the tingling sensation left by the kisses, and the soft voice whisper in her ear, "everything alright?"

Joey nodded her head and said, "hmm…just learning my lines…of course I could learn them better if someone didn't keep distracting me."

A pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around Joey's waist, and the voice whispered, "so when did I become a distraction to you, Joey?"

Joey turned laughing and said, "since the day I met and married you, Dawson Leery." 

Dawson grinned happily at his wife, who he was holding tightly, but gently in his arms. Dawson nuzzled Joey's neck whispering, "does that you mean you regret meeting and then marrying me, Mrs. Leery?"

Joey smiled and deepened the embrace by wrapping her arms around Dawson's neck. Dawson continued noticing Joey was just smiling at him, "the best day of my life Joey, is the first day I laid eyes on you. You are so beautiful, and when I realized that I felt like someone knocked the air out of me…you still leave me breathless to this day. I love you with all my heart, Joey Leery."

Joey's eyes danced happily as she said, "I love you too, Dawson Potter."

Dawson laughed and said, "we aren't going to start that again are we, Jo? I thought we decided it made more sense in both business and pleasure, if you took my last name."

Joey hugged Dawson appreciatively and said, "I know I'm just teasing…but you have to admit it does have a nice ring to it. You know, Dawson Potter." 

Dawson kissed Joey's nose and said, "yeah, but Joey Leery, has a better one. Besides it's tradition, and I am a traditional guy."

Joey leaned in and kissed Dawson whispering, "too bad you didn't value tradition enough to wait to the honeymoon, Dawson."

Dawson smiled, his eyes reflecting his happiness as he said, "some things are too good to wait for, and our honeymoon was one of them."

Dawson nuzzled Joey's ear as she inquired, "so speaking of our honeymoon…when do we get to enjoy the rest of it? A week wasn't enough time for me, Dawson. I didn't get to enjoy Puerto Rico too much…especially since we spent most of the trip in the hotel room."

Dawson noticed the semi pout forming on Joey's lips, and kissed her quickly before it became a full pout. Dawson trying to comfort Joey said, "soon Jo, I promise…we just have to reshoot some scenes of Affairs of the Heart. Then we can go back and spend as along as you want exploring the island, and each other. I want you to know how much I love you for being so patient, and understanding about having to come back. It really means a lot to me."

Joey looked deep into Dawson's blue eyes and felt her heart melt, he was so wonderful and a great husband too. Joey kissed Dawson, and Dawson returned and deepened the kiss. The newlyweds stood there lost in each other until a voice from behind them interrupted.

"Do you two mind? Some people are actually trying to work around here…me being one of them."

Joey and Dawson abandoned the kiss and looked at their best friend and best man at their wedding, Pacey Witter. Pacey stood dressed in a white dress shirt and tan khakis, holding a clipboard and looking extremely impatient. Pacey continued to glare as he said, "take a cold shower and get back to work. I mean if you haven't noticed we have a movie to make…so Dawson, be the big time director, we all know you are. Unhand your wife who you were just groping, and sit on your perch and direct. I can't do this by myself, I mean I might be producer of this blockbuster, but I am not the director."

Dawson unhanded Joey like Pacey said, and kissing her one more time, turned to face Pacey. Dawson smiled his still boyish smile and said, "Okay, Pace…you're right, this isn't the proper time for this. I am warning you, now big shot producer, if you ever interrupt Joey's and I honeymoon again, I will kill you…I mean it."

Pacey nodded absentmindedly and said, "yeah okay, but I suggest if you and Mrs. Leery over there want to jet back off to your tropical paradise and play ecstasy newlywed game again, then we better wrap up this movie."

Joey walked towards the two men and said, "Okay, Pacey, you win. Go find your pedestal that makes you feel like a big man while Dawson and I gather ourselves together…deal?"

Pacey smiled at his long time friend and said, "deal. Thank goodness you are here, Joey. We someone thinking with their brains, well that aren't at least in their pants."

Pacey walked off to discuss lighting with the crew and to leave the two love birds alone. Joey turned to Dawson and said, "you know I hate to ever agree with Pacey, but Pacey's right. We need to put this on hold until we can be alone. Okay, here's what we do. I'll go have my makeup touched up that you smeared, and you take a trip to your trailer. Go watch a little Katie Couric, and then come back and direct."

Dawson laughed and said, "Joey, you know I don't watch her anymore. I matured to a much more vivacious and sexy woman."

Joey blushed a little and said, "well, at least you got the meaning. But in all seriousness, we need to act like the professionals that we are, so go get in director mode. Then call action."

Dawson nodded and said, "okay, but later tonight when I yell action, I want a different response from you."

Joey smiled seductively and said, "I can do that, but I might need some hands on guidance from my director to make sure I respond appropriately. For right now, let's just worry about getting this movie done, all right?"

Dawson nodded and walking away said, "whatever you want, Mrs. Leery."

Joey smiled after him and thought to herself, "same goes for you, Mr. Leery."

"Please don't tell me you don't love me anymore", Joey said voice filled with emotion. Joey's eyes filled with tears as she said, "my heart breaks just thinking about us being separated…I need you like I need air."

Dawson stood in awe watching the monitor as Joey recited her lines for the role of Kathleen Parker, in Affairs of the Heart. Dawson was mesmerized by the heartfelt emotion pouring out of Joey. It amazed Dawson how beautiful she was inside, and out. Dawson had never met anyone as special as Joey, and knew he never would again.

Joey's tears spilled down her face as she said, "please, Paul, don't turn me away…you're my whole world."

The actor who played Paul said, "sorry, Kathleen, its over I don't love you anymore…I love Sarah. Please try to understand."

Joey on cue threw herself in Paul's arms and held on desperately saying, "no Paul, I can't…I can't let go not now…not ever."

Paul pushed her away and walking off said, "goodbye, Kathleen."

As the door shut, Joey fell to her knees crying out, "Paul come back."

The screen panned to Joey's face as she broke down completely into tears, and kneeled there hugging her body tightly for comfort.

Dawson smiled still entranced with Joey's superb performance, and yelled loudly, "cut…ok that's a wrap guys. Let's close shop for tonight, and wrap this baby up in editing tomorrow."

The cast and crew scurried around the set as Dawson approached Joey. Dawson noticed Joey still had tears falling down her cheeks, and opened his arms to her. Joey still emotionally distraught over the scene eagerly welcomed her husband's warm embrace. Dawson rocked Joey saying, "you were astounding, Joey. I know you can act, but you blew me right out of the water."

Joey smiled wiping her face of left over tears, and said, "thanks Dawson, that means a lot coming from the world's greatest director. I guess I better go clean myself up, and then we can go home."

Dawson released Joey, and she walked off to her trailer to fix herself up. Dawson watched her open the door, and turn back to look at him. Joey mouthed, "I love you", and touched her fingertips to her lips to blow him a kiss then went inside. Dawson stood there smiling to himself as the stage closed down around behind him.


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