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Disclaimer: If I owned "Dawson's Creek", do you really and truly think I'd write fanfiction for the Internet? Don't you think I'd have better things to do? Wait-don't answer that. Well, if I did, I'd have thing go the way I want them to. But they belong to Kevin Williamson, Tristar, Columbia, and the WB .

Note: Be cool. Read the first two parts.

Okay, to fill everyone in on what's happenin', Dawson and Joey have now been dating and so forth for about a month now. And the evil Calista knows this.....(oo, things might get interesting!!!!! Keyword: might....)

Love Boat

"Night, Dawson," Joey mumbled as they settled into bed.

"Love you, Jo," he mumbled back so softly that it was barely audible.

As soon as she was sure they were asleep, Calista said to herself, "It's going to take a lot to tear this couple apart, but I'm willing to do it." She then climbed in the window, went over to the two, drugged them with ammonia so they were fast asleep, and dragged Joey out of the door.

The next morning when Dawson woke up, he plopped his hand down where Joey was supposed to be. "Huh?????" He searched his room, with no traces of a note.

At last he found a piece of paper:

You will never see your precious Josephine again!!!!!! Ever.


"God damn you, Calista!!!!!!!" Dawson shouted to no one in particular. He threw on some clothes and ran out the door.


Meanwhile, at the evil Calista's lair..........

"Where am I?" Joey said, finally waking up.

"Ah, Josephine, you've finally managed to grace us with your presence," Calista remarked.

"Who the hell are you?????"

"I am Calista, Dawson's ex."

"What do you want with me???????"

"I want Dawson....and as long as you're out of the picture, I'm first choice."

"Dawson will never love you!!!!!!" Joey screamed as loud as she could, trying herself to believe it. *Will he??????*

"Can you be sure of that?????"

Joey broke down crying.

"Well, Josephine, I'm out for the day shopping," Calista said evily, (word....?) "Don't you go anywhere."

She typed in a password, a door opened, and she exited.

Joey noticing that she wasn't tied down, got up and proposed to herself to experiment with the password thing. She thought that Calista was psycho enough to have something to do with Dawson, so she typed in "E.T." The door opened and she exited. Joey wasn't seen in Capeside for awhile after that.

At the end of the day, Dawson was exhausted. He was on the beach at the time. "Joey, I'll never give up on loving you. I promise. But I have to stop looking. It'll hurt too much." He then looked up at the sky, cocked his head up and screamed at the top of his lungs, "I LOVE YOU, JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

1 year later..... "Thank you for boarding Princess Cruises. We will be in the Caribbean for about 4 days, and then we will return back here, Los Angeles, California. We hope to bring you joy and happiness for the 6 days you are with us."

Joey glanced up at the voluminous ship and laughed. "Yeah, I'll really have a great cruise. With corny people like you, I'm sure to have one. If only I had Dawson...." she said softly, starting to cry. She angrily wiped away the tears, looked back at the dock, sighed, and boarded the ship.

Dawson looked at the ship, determined more than ever to find Joey. "I lied, Jo. I'll never give up on looking for you. No matter how much it hurts." He boarded the ship but not before hearing the familiar cries of, "Ohmigod, it's Dawson Leery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He hurriedly got on the ship, but not without a disheartened look on his face.

That night, Dawson retreated to his presidential suite after being mobbed by juvenile adolescent fans, (this doesn't make sense...I myself am a adolescent, so why am I saying we're juvenile???) and plopped depressingly on his bed and feel back in a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, in Joey's room, she was exhausted from seasickness, so she took some good ol' Tylenol and fell into a deep sleep.

But later that night, she had some sort of a "Wizard of Oz" her life crossover, and it went kinda like this:

First she saw herself wandering around in a castle, and then she saw Calista with green skin, a horrible complexion, and dressed in a Wicked-Witch-of-the- West costume. Then she cackled, "I'll get you, Josephine!!!!!!!! And your precious Dawson, too!!!!!!!!!"

Joey bolted up with tears strewn across her face. "I need to get out." She put on her coat and walked across the ship to the semi-public balcony.

Dawson also had a dream, but it was somewhat different from Joey's. He dreamt that he had finally found Joey, and she was in his arms, but then she disintegrated. "God, why does she always appear and then leave me again?????"

He put on his jacket and went to the semi-public balcony.

On the way over, Joey thought about everything that had happened in the past year. After she had fled Capeside, she went to New York and was the secretary for one of the most famous modeling agencies in the world. She was so busy thinking about everything she didn't notice a tall, blond man in front of her.

Dawson walked in a depressing fashion the SP, (semi-public,) balcony. He thought about everything that had gone on in the past year. After leaving Capeside, he moved to L.A., hoping to start a new life and forget about Joey. But he knew it would never happen. Well, anyway, he produced a multiple-Emmy award TV series and directed a few box office record breaking movies and even won a few Academy awards in the process. And everything he had worked so hard for, everything he was inspired to do, it all in someway connected to Joey. He never gave up hope in finding her. He was so busy thinking about his past accomplishments that he didn't notice a tall, brunette woman in front of him.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!!!" Joey said as she bumped into this mystery man, (well, not such a mystery to us perspective ones...)

As the two parted, Dawson took a good look at the mysterious woman he had bumped into. "Joey??????" though it was unmistakable.

She threw his arms around his neck and grasped on tight. He held tightly on to her waist. They rocked each other back in forth.

"God, Jo, I was so afraid that I'd never see you again like Calista said."

"What'd she say????"

" 'Dawson, you will never see your precious Josephine again!!!! Ever. Calista."

"That's a riot."

"Obviously so. How'd you escape???"

"She was stupid enough not to chain me down, so I got up and figured out the password."

"That's my Joey." A thought flashed through his head as soon as he said that. "Or are you still...mine?????"

Joey smiled, knowing that he would always love her. "I'll always be yours, Dawson.''

He broke into a smile and kissed her forehead. "I knew you'd escape, but there was always this....feeling inside that you would move on."

"I would never do such a thing, Dawson. I was afraid that you would move on, because there was something I never told you."

"What's that, Jo???"

"How much I love you."

Dawson flashbacked to a year ago when he had found the note from Calista and he remembered how much he would have given to hold Joey in his arms. Like he had done so many times before, but all those other times, he had taken it for granted. He didn't realize how right she was when she said that people you thought were always going to be there aren't. "I missed you so much, Jo."

"I missed you more."

"At least you knew I was alive. At least you knew I had pursued my lifelong dream. I didn't know what had happened to you, Jo." He pulled her closer to him.

"I believe a moment ago you said you were sure I'd survive," Joey smirked.

"Well, you know what I mean!"

"Dawson, all that time, when we were together before, I felt we'd live happily ever after. And then, when Calista kidnapped me, that feeling was gone. Think we still have that chance????"

The shot closes in on the two, laughing, (God, am I ever corny.)

Two years later...

Dawson and Joey are in the living room of their mansion in L.A. They are married, and Dawson is a, (what else?) famous movie director and Joey is a regular housewife. Their 1 year old twins, Elliot Alexander and Amanda Grace, are also shown in the shot. The camera pulls away from the house and is directed towards the starry sky.

And they lived happily ever after.

Okay, I know the ending was more than a little corny, but I don't think I'm the only sucker for those things. And hey-this is the first time that I've actually ended a series, you know, let go of it, so I wasn't exactly sure how to end it.


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