Trouble in Paradise by: Juliana


Disclaimer: Okay, here it goes: don't own Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, Jack, or Andie. But I do own Juliana, (have for quite some time now,) Jaqueline, and Dee. Note: This is, like, a plan for the second season. It's pretty fictional, but all you need to know is that Joey and Dawson are together, (oh yeah,) and Jen is miserable, and that's pretty self explanatory.

Trouble in Paradise

Pacey was staring out his window. "How bleak is life, man," he muttered to himself.

"I don't know, Pace. How bleak is it?" He looked up and saw his older sister Alexandra in the doorway. "In case you haven't noticed, we have new neighbors. There are 4 girls and a guy who seem to be your age, and Mom wants you to go down and get acquainted."

"Kay, Al, I'll be down in a sec."

"Just don't take to long, or Mom'll get bitchy."

Pacey sighs, remembering what Alexandra had said. She was the only one he was really close to. His other sisters, Meredith & Katherine, were on his case as much as his parents and Deputy Doug. Wait a minute- 4 girls my age......this might not be as bad as I thought! He then trudged downstairs.

"IF ANYONE CARES, I'M GOING TO MEET THE NEW NEIGHBORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he shouted as he left his house.

When he got to the neighbors house, he noticed a girl with high back length sandy blond hair looking at the house. "Seems nice to me," she said to someone who Pacey assumed to be her mother. "Jack?" She turned to a boy with messy brown hair.

"Looks okay to me," he said, rotating his eyes to Pacey. "Yes?"

Pointing to his house, he said,"I'm here representing everyone from that house. Pacey Witter," he said now extending his hand.

"Andrea McPhee," the girl said, shaking his hand. "This is my twin brother, Jack." She pauses. "But everyone calls me Andie." (Made up that Andie's real name is Andrea.)

"Probably get along with Joey," he said under his breath.

"Our cousin and her friends are in the car," Jack finally spoke up.

Just then, as if on cue, a girl around fifteen stepped out of the car. She had brown hair about 1\2 an inch longer than Andie's. Almost looks like Joey, Pacey thinks, noticing the resemblance. "I've finally emerged from the car," she said walking towards them.

Pacey extended his hand and said," Pacey Witter."

She shakes his hand while saying, "Juliana Brookday." She lets go of his hand. "My friends are still in the car." She puts her hand to the side if her mouth and whispers, "They have, like, a disability to which a symtom is being really slow."

Just then they step out. One had curly strawberry blonde hair, one had hair a little darker than Andie's. Okay, we've got 2 blondes, a redhead, and a brunette. This is good.

"These are my friends Jaqueline Peneton," she said motioning to the redhead,"and Dee Hangschmit," gesturing to the blonde. "Jaq, Dee, Pacey Witter."

"Nice to meet you," they said in unison. They then giggled. Juliana rolled her eyes.

"Kay, look, I've got a few friends, and since this is a small town, with not a lot of people or things to do, I suggest you meet them."

"Take us, please!!!!!!! I'm bored out of my mind!!!!!!" Juliana cried out.

"They're from Los Angeles. Used to having endless things to do," Jack explained.

" why are you guys here?"

"Our father's business got transferred here from Chicago. (Made that up, too.) And Jules is our cousin, and you might wanna let her explain that..." Andie said.

Juliana suddenly had a solemn look on her face like Joey did when people talk about her mother. "Well, I was a mistake. I was conceived when parents got drunk and forgot to use a condom. They always loved my sister Jacey more. Didn't like me all that much. Threw me as far away as I could get." (And no, I'm trying to make her situation somewhat like Pacey's.)

"And our parents felt sorry for Jules, so here we are," Dee explained for her and Jaqueline.

"Okay......thanks for the explanation. And Juliana?"

She looks up at Pacey. "Yeah?"

"I know the feeling."

"Well, let's hear your story then, Mr. Witter, if it's so much like mine.''

"Okay here it goes.....I'm the town loser. My brother-gay brother, actually- and father are police officers, and they and my mother always tell me what a loser am. Sometimes my sisters Meredith & Katherine will get into it-Alex's the one who'll listen. She's cool. I was a mistake. Parents hate me-must of had from birth, giving me a name like Pacey. Brother hate's me, the majority of my sisters hate me- most everyone in the town hates me."

"You got it worse than me, Pace. Way worse." After that, there was an extremely long silence.

"Oh, we're at Dawson's house. Whatever." Before opening the door, he said to then in a quiet voice,"Okay, Joey and Dawson are best friends, except lately they've been more than that. So you know, if they look like they're feeling awkward-there you go." He opened the door and walked into the kitchen, not realizing no one had gone inside, to see Joey washing her plate. "Ah, Joey, washing Dawson's dishes already? Tsk, tsk. I forgot to get you a wedding present."

She gives him the "Don't-mess-with-me" look that she always gives him. "Bite me, Pacey."

Dawson then walks down the stairs. "Hey Pace." He sees the look on Joey's face. "Joey? What's wrong?"

"He's here."

"Jo, come on." She gives him a look. "For me?" he said with puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh, I hate it when you do that to me!!!!!! Yes."

"You're so cute when you're mad," he said kissing her on the cheek. "Pace, what'd you come for?"

"I have new neighbors our age. Thought you'd like to meet 'em." He turned and yelled,"BRADY BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Juliana ran in and playfully punched him on the arm. "We are not-I repeat, not-the Brady Bunch, so if you call us that again, I will hunt you down and give you a slow, painful death!"

"Juliana, may I present to you Dawson and Josephine Leery."

"Bite me, Pacey."


Joey rolled her eyes. "He's just perverted. I'm Joey-yes, short for Josephine-Potter. And I'm not married to Dawson."

"Juliana Brookday."

Just then, Andie, Jack, Jaqueline, and Dee came in. Joey caught Jack's eye almost immediately, and he seemed somewhat attracted to her. And Pacey saw it.

"Guys, this is Joey Potter and her boyfriend Dawson Leery." He wouldn't have Jack messing with true love. "Guys," he starts talking in a snooty voice and points his nose in the air,"May I present to you Jack and Andie McPhee, Jaqueline Peneton, and Dee Hangschmit."

Joey walks over to him and hits his nose down. "Quit it, Pace." She turns to Andie, Jack, and Co. "Please excuse him. He's the town joke."

"Thanks for reminding me, Josephine." She gets a look of rage on her face. He continues,"Last time I checked, Capeside didn't exactly worship you either."

"Don't you ever call me that again, Pacey Witter!!!!!!!!!!" she snapped at him.

Dawson put his hand on her shoulder. "Joey?"

"Sorry Dawson. Just keep in mind that's what's gonna happen if you ever call me Josephine."

"That time of the month again, ay, Joey?" Pacey remarks. Joey just gives him a look.

"Joey, what did Pacey mean by the worshipping thing?" Jaqueline asked.

"Oh.....that. My sister has a child from her black boyfriend, and my father's in jail for trafficking marijuana."

"And your mother.........?" Jack trailed off.

"Oh, she had this cancer thing. It got her." Her face fell then and she she had to stop herself from breaking down and burying her head in head in Dawson's shoulder. The only thing she could do was lean against him. "I miss her." She suddennly realized where she was and who she was with.

"God, sorry. I just kinda get like that when people talk about her."

"Well, Joey, at least you had a mother that cared about you. I was a mistake. My parents practically hate me." She sighed and threw her hands up in the air. "I mean, I never got it. I got good grades, I played soccer and was the star player and it was always 'Why can't you be more like Jacey?' Or 'Juliana, be more like Jacey. You're nothing like her.' Jacey hated me too. My family hated me. Everyone loved Jacey. And," at this point, she started mocking people," 'Poor little Julesy' never got anything for holidays. She never got the admiration that she would of gotten that Jacey would of. That Jacey did get." She then just broke down and started to cry.

"It's gonna be okay, Jul," Dee tried to sooth her.

"No, it's not. They hate me, Dee. My grandparents hated me. Jacey hated me. My parents hated me. They still do. That only left me the choice but to hate them. But I don't. You know, unrequited love." She leaned on the shoulder next to her, which happened to be Pacey's.

"I know the feeling, Juliana. I know the feeling," Joey said snuggling deeper into Dawson's arms. "But now it's requited." She looked up and smiled at Dawson, who just smiled back at her and held her tighter.

Jack suddenly got jealous. And he knew he had an attraction to Joey........but she loved Dawson. That will be changed very soon.

Pacey saw the look in Jack's eyes, and knew he had to tell him to lay off, that he loved Joey once but had always known that it was always gonna be her and Dawson. Always.

"Um, uh, Jack, can I talk to you privately?" Pacey managed to say.

"Sure. Why don't we go outside?"

"Sure." He got up and started to walk outside with Jack at his heels.

"Anyone figure what that was all about?" Jaqueline asked.

"Nope," Andie answered.

"Okay, Jack, I saw the way you looked at Joey, and the look of jealousy that was in your eyes when she said she loved Dawson and he loved her. But look man, you gotta lay off. Those two were meant to be togther. I mean, I loved her too at a time, but I know that it's always gonna be them. It's always been them. And I'd like to keep it that way." He started to walk back inside.

"Pace?" Pacey turned around. "Yeah?"

"Dawson's not getting Joey without a fight."

Pacey gets a worried look on his face and ran inside. "Dawson!!!! Jo!!!! Bedroom, now!!!!!!!" They look at the others confused and followed Pacey to Dawson's bedroom. All 3 sat on the bed.

"Okay, Joey......Jack likes you. And he just won't get it that you and Dawson are together and always will be. And whats creepy is after I gave him a lecture, he said," Pacey gulped at this part," 'Dawson's not getting Joey without a fight.' Just thought you'd like to know." Pacey then left the room and went downstairs.

Joey turned to Dawson with a worried look on her face. "Do you think he meant it???"

Dawson gulped and nodded his head.

"Me too."

Will Jack tear Dawson & Joey apart??? What will happen to Juliana, Andie, and Co.??? Has Jen vanished off the face of the earth??? (Oh, that'd SOOOOO make my day.) Will I ever shut up??? Find out in Trouble in Paradise Part II.


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