Fierce Creatures by: Kathryn

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Rating: If you can watch the show you can read this story.

Summary: Pacey and Joey meet again. As expected, Dawson is jealous. (Read Conspiracy Theory, The Favor, and The Big Green.)

Fierce Creatures

Setting: The Ruins
Characters: Joey, Pacey, and Dawson

J: "Hey, Pacey."

(He strolls over to her.)

P: "Hey."

(Dawson is not far behind. Neither Joey nor Pacey notice his presence.)

J: "So. Now that we're alone we can finally talk about last night."

D: *Last night?*

P: "Yea. I'm sorry we had to lie to Dawson."

J: "Yea. Me, too."

D: *They LIED to me?! About what?*

P: "Look. I really like you. I'm just don't know if Dawson is over you yet and we really needed to spare his feelings."

J: "The last thing I want to do is hurt him."

P: "So. How long should we wait to um...."

J: "Tell him. I don't know. I guess we'll just have to pretend we still hate each other. Oh. And I really like you, too, Pacey. I mean that kiss was way more intense than my one with Dawson. It was what I expected with him. I was just so surprised it happened with you."

P: "Tell me about it. I thought for sure you and Dawson were gonna be together. It just seemed so right."

J: "Yea. But we're much better off as friends. I think that will make our friendship even stronger. But when he finds out he'll probably be mad at me."

P: "No way. When he finds out about us he'll definitely be mad at me."

J: "You know what, Pacey, I don't wanna think about Dawson right now." (She moves closer to him.) "I'd rather think about you."

P: "No problem."

(They come together in a passionate kiss. Pacey's arms are wrapped tightly around her waist. Hers are stroking his hair.)

D: *OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!*

(Joey begins to push him near one of the concrete benches. She releases him and shoves him gently onto the bench. He smiles at her. She sits next to him, both with one leg over each side of the bench. His hands are around her waist. She makes the first move and he parts her lips with his. Dawson slips silently away feeling hurt and jealous. Then his thoughts are filled with rage and he turns and walks back to them. They are still holding each other, kissing. He clears his throat.)

D: "Ahem."

(They look up surprised. Pacey jumps to his feet. Joey sits looking flushed.)

P: "Dawson."

D: "Hey, Joey."

J: "Hi."

P: "Look we wer--"

D: "What, Pacey? You were going to tell me? You didn't want to hurt my feelings? That is the biggest load of B.S. I have EVER heard. How could you do this to me Pacey?!"

P: "Dawson! You said you didn't like her. I was just waiting to be sure you really didn't. I'm your friend, man. I really didn't want to hurt you."

J: "He's telling the truth, Dawson. What, it's okay for you to start seeing Jen again, but I can't see someone, too?"

D: "Jo--"

J: "SHUT UP DAWSON!!! Look, I needed someone while you were off hanging with Jen, and Pacey was there for me. You think I wasn't hurting? Can't I be happy? And why is it Pacey's fault? Why?"

D: "Um? I don't know."

J: "Oh, well! He doesn't know! You know what, Dawson? I don't care why. I like Pacey. I'm not in love with him, but I like him. A lot. I thought you could be happy for me. But he was right. You're just so afraid. You know what? You're a coward and a liar. And you couldn't just be happy for me. You should be happy and GRATEFUL to your other best friend. HE cared what you thought. You should be thankful and happy for him, too!"

(Dawson looks hurt. Pacey is staring at her with his mouth in the shape of an O. He's too stunned to say a word.)

D: "Is that really how you feel, Jo?"

J: "YES!!! Now how do you feel? Before you tell me you better apologize!"

D: "I'm sorry, Jo."

J: "NOT TO ME!!!!! HIM!!!!"

(She points at Pacey. His mouth is still wide open. He shuts it and looks at the ground, shoving his hands in his pockets."

P: "That's okay, Jo. He doesn't have to. He didn't do anything wrong."

J: "What are you talking about, Pacey?!"

P: "I..."

J: "NO!! Dawson apologize to him!"

D: "Sorry."

P: "It's okay."

J: "No, Pacey, it isn't! Dawson, you can't get away with everything just with an apology. C'mon, Pacey, let's go. We'll talk to you later, Dawson."

(Pacey gives Dawson a helpless look. Dawson just glares at him.)

Setting: Dawson's bedroom
Characters: Dawson and Pacey

(Pacey enters through the window.)

D: "What do YOU want?"

P: "I just came to apologize. I didn't get to say a word before."

D: "So what do you have to say?"

P: "Can I sit down?"

D: "I think it would be better if you stood."

(Pacey lets out a shaky sigh. His eyes are focused on the floor. He looks up and to Dawson's surprise there are tears in his eyes. In a shaking voice he begins to talk.)

P: "Okay. I really didn't want to hurt you, Dawson. You're the best friend a guy could have. I mean. (His voice breaks.) I don't want to see Joey if it's going to ruin our friendship."

(He stops and sits down on the floor looking really depressed. A few tears roll down his cheeks. He quickly wipes them with the back of his hand. He's not used to crying in front of anyone. He puts his head in his hands. Dawson realizes that he is wrong.)

D: "Pacey, it's not your fault."

(Pacey looks up. He is about to speak when the tears start again and he begins to shake.)

P: "This is not the only problem."

(Dawson sits down next to him. Not sure how to comfort his friend. He places hand on Pacey's shoulder.)

D: "What else is wrong?"

(He speaks as if he's talking to someone standing on a window ledge, about to jump.)

P: "It's everything. My whole life. Everything sucks. My family treats me like the scum of the earth. Even my mom is calling me a disgrace. And when I saw how mad you were I.......I......"

(He starts to cry again, unable to go on.)

D: "Look. Pacey it's not your fault. You're not a disgrace and I'm not mad anymore. And if it makes you feel any better I can get my parents to talk to yours. I'm sure they wouldn't mind and maybe they could help."

P: "I don't know if that's such a good idea."

D: "No. It'll be great. You could stay here for a little while. I'll talk to them. And don't worry about me and Joey anymore. She likes you and I'm happy for both of you."

P: "Thanks."

(Dawson gives him a reassuring hug.)

D: "I don't want to ruin our friendship either."

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