Mission Impossible by: Kathryn

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Rating: Um, there is some foolin around. But no one gets naked, okay?!

Summary: WHO CARES? (Read all my other ones first ok?)

Mission Impossible

Setting: Dawson's kitchen
Characters: Dawson, Mitch, and Gail

D: "Mom? Dad?"

M: "What is it Dawson?"

G: "Morning honey. What's wrong? You look upset."

D: "I am. But I need to ask you a favor."

M: "Sure. What?" D: "First, do you like Mr. Witter?" (They both laugh.)

M: "What do you think?" (Dawson shrugs.) "Son. He's a major jerk. Not to mention a pain in the ass."

G: "Oh, Honey. You know we love Pacey, but his father is just horrible. So mean. And he has so many standards that are set way too high for normal citizens."

M: "Especially poor Pacey. His father acts like Doug is perfect and he's nothing."

G: "So, honey. What's this favor?"

D: "I need you to talk to Pacey's parents."

M: "Why is there something wrong?" (They look very concerned.)

D: "Yea. Pacey. He, uh, slept over last night. He was really upset."

G: "How upset?"

D: "Remember when Joey was really mean to him when we were like seven? And Pacey wouldn't stop crying, even when his mom was here?"

G: "Oh yes. I remember. Why?"

D: "That's exactly how he was acting last night. Crying and shaking. Sobbing. He couldn't stop. I think he really needed to do that, but after he was exhausted."

M: "And this is because of his father?"

D: "And his mom. And Doug. They have no compassion. They're ruthless. He goes home at night to the little shop of horrors. He can't have one conversation with anyone without being reminded of his failures and weak points. And he's a mess and he can't talk to them himself. That's where you guys come in."

G: "We'll do it Dawson."

M: "Get ready for Mission: Impossible."

G: "Now how about some breakfast?"

Setting: Dawson's room
Characters: Pacey

He awakes to the sound of voices. They all sound so happy. He quickly puts on his jeans and shirt and rubs toothpaste on with his finger. He washes his face and walks downstairs.

Setting: Dawson's Kitchen
Characters: Dawson, Mitch, Gail, and Pacey

P: "MMMM. Smells good."

G: "Morning, Pacey." (A chorus of good mornigs.)

D: "Sleep well, Pace?"

P: "Yea. You? I mean I hope I didn't kick you or anything."

D: "Nah. You don't snore either. Just the occasional moan. But I'm used to that."

P: "Yea. Just can't control myself. I mean I was in the same bed with DAWSON LEERY Just every guy's dream you know?" (They all laugh till they cry.)

M: "So. You guys have any interesting plans?"

P: "Not really."

D: "I was going to suggest a movie after work."

P: "Sounds good. Hey, I've got a question. Were Joey and Jen really here last night or was I dreaming?"

D: "Yea, they were here. They tried to scare us. But you didn't wake up until you heard us laughing at you."

P: "At me?!"

D: "Well, at Jen really. You moaned. Loud. Jen jumped out of her skin. It was so funny. Wish you could've seen it."

P: "Yea. I can imagine."

Setting: Pacey's front porch
Characters: Mitch, Gail, John Witter (I'm making these names up. Okay?) Cathy Witter

J: "I'm sure you have this all wrong, Mitch. Pacey can really stretch the truth sometimes."

C: "Gail, you don't honestly believe that we would be so cruel to our own son."

G: "Honestly? I do."

M: "John, why would a sixteen year old boy be crying if there wasn't a reason?"

G: "Pacey has never lied to us before. Mitch, Dawson, and I have not seen Pacey cry since he was seven years old. So I believe every word he said."

J: "I think that this is the biggest load of B.S. I have ever heard. I'm insulted that you two think you can tell us how to raise our son. You have one. We have five children. Five. Pacey being a screw-up and a crybaby is his fault, not ours and I don't appreciate you accusing me of things you aren't 100% sure of."

C: "John, maybe they're right. Maybe we've been a little too hard on him. Gail, Mitch. Thank you for your concern. We'll talk to Pacey tonight."

J: "But I--"

C: "Quiet, John. Thank you for coming."

M: "No problem."

G: "Goodbye."

Setting: Joey's room
Characters: Joey and Pacey

J: "So?"

P: "So."

J: "Dawson told me, okay?!"

P: "He told you what?"

J: "About last night. Why you were over there."

P: "He TOLD you?!"

J: "Pacey. I don't care. He was just worried about you that's all. Don't be mad at him okay?"

P: "I'm not."

(She moves closer to him on the edge of the bed. She puts her arm around his shoulder. They look into each other's eyes. He turns his waist so he is totally facing her. He places one hand behind her head and pulls her close. Her lips touch his and she can't believe how soft and warm they are. She parts her lips first and so does he. Her tongue slides into his mouth and before he knows it she is on top of him kissing him with her heart and soul. His hands caress her back and for a moment he is perfectly happy, thinking of nothing but Joey and the wonderful kiss they were sharing. Suddenly, Bessie knocks and they fly apart. They look flustered and guilty.)

B: "Jo, Pacey's dad called. He has to leave. You okay, Pacey? You look a little pale."

P: "Fine. Bye, Jo." (He doesn't look at Bessie or Joey as he stumbles out of the room, hitting his shoulder on the doorframe.)


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