The Big Green by: Kathryn

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Rating: Same as the show

Summary: Pacey and Joey have to decide whether or not to tell Dawson (read Conspiracy Theory and The Favor)

The Big Green

Setting: Screenplay Video
Characters: Dawson, Joey and Pacey

(Pacey is watching Parenthood. He turns it off as Joey approaches.)

J: "Ah. I see we have developed a passion for Steve Martin. Or maybe somebody has a crush in Keanu."

P: "Oh, yes!"

(She laughs)

J: "Listen I just wanted to ........."

(Pacey shakes his head and motions toward the back of the store.)

J: "What?"

P: "Dawson!" (It barely comes out as a whisper.)

J: "Dawson?!" (She speaks a little too loud. Pacey winces and shakes his head.)

D: "What Pa-- Oh! Hey, Jo."

J: "Hi, Dawson. How goes it?"

D: "Good. What'd you do yesterday? You missed movie night."

(Pacey's eyes go wide.)

J: "Oh. Me and Pacey wer--" (Pacey cuts her off.)

P: "We went for ice cream. Yea. We were bored and we went for ice cream. Sorry, D. I forgot it was movie night. Cuz you and Jen went bowling. Yea."
(Joey looks at him strangely.)

J: "No. We were--"

P: "Yea! We were. Don't you remember?" (He stares at her.)

(She looks defeated.)

J: "Oh, yeah. Ice cream."

(Dawson looks at them both trying to figure out if they are lying or not.)

D: "Okay?" (He shrugs and walks away.)

P: "Walk with me, Jo." (He leads her towards the front of the store.)

J: "What was that about?!"

P: "Hey, keep it down, okay? Listen. We can't tell Dawson yet."

J: "Why not?" (She looks irritated.)

P: "Look. When I told him I liked you and I might kiss you. He said sure, whatever. After I did, without him knowing you had rejected me anyway, he tracked me down and flipped out."

J: "So, what you're saying is is he's a jerk."

P: "No. Look, he may just magically decide he wants you back."

J: "So, therefore he's a jerk."

P: "No. He's not a jerk."

J: "Oh. OK. I won't tell him........yet. But, later. You. Me. We're gonna talk."

P: "Okay."

J: "Bye, then."

P: "Bye."
(Joey exits. Pacey looks longingly after her.)

D: "Hey."
(Pacey jumps.)

P: "Oh! Dawson. You scared me." D: "Why so jumpy?"

P: "No reason."
(He walks away.)

D: "Oh."

Setting: S.S. Icehouse
Characters: Joey, Bessie, and Jen

B: "Joey!!!"

Jo: "WHAT?!"
(She's taken aback.)

B: "Jen's here."

Jo: "Oh. Sorry."

Je: "Hi, Joey."

JO: "Hey."

Je: "Have you seen Pacey? Dawson was looking for him."

Jo: "Why would I know where Pacey is??!!!! I have tables to wait on. See ya!"

Je: "Okay?"

Coming soon: Fierce Creatures

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