A Familiar Face by: KatieJoWitter


I was looking out the window one day and I saw a person I haven’t seen in five years, not since we were twenty. His face had lost most of his baby fat and he had a goatee. He was also wearing a very expensive suit. My ex-boyfriend was walking into my art studio. He spoke first.

“Hello, I was wondering if you had any paintings by a Josephine P.?”

Since I wasn’t the one talking to him because I was at my desk and he was talking to a worker of mine, I just watched. He didn't notice me sitting a mere 30 feet away from him.

“Yes, we do, sir,” the woman replied.

“May I see them?”

“Yes sir. Right this way.”

He followed her to my drawings that filled the place. My art studio was called “The Evergreen Palace”. I should have named it “Only Joey Potter’s work is in this building” to save him that stupid question he just asked. I bet that man just stood staring at my paintings for 40 minutes until he told the girl to ring up one of my favorite paintings.

The girl was asking my ex-boyfriend about all the information for shipping it to his house since I like to paint on very big canvases.

“What's your name and address?”

“Pacey Witter, 183 N. Chandler Lane.”

After all that was done he continued to stare at the studio until my LOUD secretary announced to me and probably everyone else in the room:

“Joey, you should be leaving now to pick up your daughter.”

“Thanks, Marcy.”

Pacey looked over at me and recognized who I was and what my secretary had just said.


To be continued.........


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