A Familiar Face Part Four by: KatieJoWitter

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As they walked through the halls, a little girl ran up to them.


“Hi, Sweetie.”

“Hi, mister. What’s your name?” Laura asked Pacey.

“Hi, Miss Laura Potter.” Laura giggled. “I am Pacey.”

“Hi, Pacey. Why are you here?”

“Pacey was nice enough to bring me here so I could get you.”


“Laura! Look at your eye.”

“It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt so bad now.”

“That's good, but you look awful, baby.”

“Mom? Can Pacey stay for dinner?”

“Oh. Of course he can. If you want to?” Joey asked Pacey.

“I would love to, Miss Potter. Before dinner we can talk.”

“But I’m not so sure you will want to stay anymore after I tell you.” She said it under her breath but Pacey heard her.

“I bet it’s not that bad.”

“Oh yes it is," Joey muttered silently, but this time he didn’t hear.

After Joey talked with the Principal and everything was straightened out, they went home.

“Pacey, how do you know my mom?” little Laura asked.

“We were real good friends and we dated a bit.”

“Why did you guys stop dating?”

“Laura, that’s enough questioning Pacey for a while.”

But Mommy. It's just getting interesting.”


When they arrived at Joey’s house, she sent Laura up to get ready for dinner and so Pacey and she could talk.

“Joey, I really needed to talk to you. To tell you how sorry I am for leaving you.”

“I hated you for about a year for leaving. You never even tried to contact me, to see how I was doing.”

“I know, Jo. I am so sorry for it. Please forgive me. I want us to be friends again.”

“Pacey, I have something really important to tell you, so you better sit down.”

“Okay, Jo. Is everything all right?”


“Do you have breast cancer like your mother?”


“Then what is it? Are you pregnant?”

“I was.”

“You were? What happened? Did you miscarry? Did you have an abortion?”

“No. I had the baby. It’s Laura.”

“Oh. I know you had her. I thought you meant recently.”

“Pacey. Do you know how old Laura is?”

“4 or 5 right?”

“5, yes. That means I got pregnant in college. By you.”

Pacey was shocked. He had a daughter? “Me. Mine. Laura is mine. I'm a father?”

“Yes, Pace.”

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!!!!!!!!!” he screamed.

“Pacey, stop yelling. Go back 5 years. You left me. I couldn’t contact you. I tried. Your own parents didn’t know where you were!”

“What’s all the yelling!” Laura said coming downstairs.

“Nothing, sweetie. I’m just tell Pacey something,” Joey was in tears.

“Jo, I hope to never ever hear from you again,” Pacey said before making his way to the door.

“Pacey Wait!” Laura bellowed, running to him. “You promised you would stay for dinner.”

“Ask your mother if I could take you out to dinner instead. Okay?”

“Okay...... Mommy!” She ran to her crying mother. “Can I go out to eat with Pacey?”

Joey looked up and met the eyes of Pacey. She could tell through her blurry, tear-stained eyes that he was finished with her but wanted to know his own daughter better.

“Okay, Laura, but you have to promise not to be a nuisance.”


Pacey left with the happy little Laura while Joey sat at home crying.

To be continued...

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