Assignment: Joey Potter by: KatieJoWitter

Rating: PG-13

Assignment: Joey Potter Part One

“Come, now!” Mike Peters, chief of the police force, ordered. Pacey immediately jogged to his boss’s office, worried that something was terribly wrong.

“What can I do for you, sir?” The 6 foot, 2 inch, man asked.

“Since you have been on medical leave for three months now and you’re probably deadly bored just sitting around, answering phones, and whatnot... I have a new case for you.” Peters stated, looking at the muscular brown-haired man. Witter had been on a drug bust four and a half months ago, and while he was trying to catch and arrest a 30-something drug dealer, another moron shot a bullet, aiming for Pacey’s head. Luckily, this idiot had pretty awful aim and shot him in the stomach. He was rushed to the emergency room and had been slowly recovering since then. Pacey decided he wanted to go back to work only a month ago.

“What’s the case sir?” Witter asked anxiously.

“In Riggs, Texas, there’s a woman named Josephine Potter. 892 South Baltimore Blvd. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Five feet, seven inches--” Peters was interrupted by Witter.

“What did she do for me to go after her? Rob a bank? Shoot a cop? Steal a car? Kill a person?”

“No, not like that. We don’t want you to arrest her. I want you to always keep an eye on her. Do you remember the serial killer, David Breath, the one we didn’t capture? Killed twenty-eight women, eighteen children, and zip on men. All of the children were girls ages six to fifteen.”

“Yeah, I remember that guy. Why?” Pacey asked, genuinely confused.

“We have information that leads us to believe, actually we are 100% on this, that his next victim is Miss Potter. So as I was saying before, Josephine Potter is 24, the same age as you, single, and, I might add, beautiful,” Peters said handing over all the necessary information including a picture of Josephine.

“My, she is.” Pacey agreed.

“So tomorrow you have a flight to Riggs, Texas. Nine o’clock sharp is when it leaves. You have reservations at the Hilton there. The next morning, try to find Miss Potter. She has a scheduled painting class and you are signed on for the class. She’s the teacher and it starts at two.

“As you already know but I will tell you again. Under NO circumstance will you tell Miss Potter you are an undercover cop. In her eyes, you’re gonna be Pacey Witter, want-to-be painter, friendly and outdoorsy pal, who comes over to her house everyday to talk.”

“Sounds good to me.” Pacey said, ready to meet the lovely-looking Josephine. Rising to his feet, Pacey shook his boss’s hand and walked out of the room.

What Pacey Witter didn’t know was tomorrow, after he stepped off of his plane in Riggs, Texas, what a hell of a ride he was in for.

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