Joey, Pacey, and Alexander Part One by: KatieJoWitter


Author’s Note: This story takes place 3rd season maybe middle. As I have stated in my other stories I hate DAWSON! If I do anything mean to his character I warned you. This is a P/Jer.

Rating: Well, honestly I don’t know yet but nothing too bad.

Summary: When Bessie Potter and her boyfriend, Bodie, died in a car crash 8 months ago Joey was left to take care of their toddler, Alexander.

Joey, Pacey, and Alexander Part One

Joey Potter, who was holding Alex, banged on the Witter’s front door. Joey and Pacey had developed a closeness ever since she had lost her sister and had to take care of her nephew. When the door opened, lo and behold, Pacey’s brother, Doug was behind it.

“Hey, Doug, is Pacey home?”

“Yeah. He’s still sleeping. You can go wake him up if you like.”

“Thanks, Doug.” Doug opened the door wider so she could come in. Joey, still carrying Alex, trudged up the stairs to Pacey’s room. When she opened the door she saw a mess. There were clothes thrown all about and closest doors opened. The room was in chaos. Pacey never did have time to clean his room.

Pacey was sleeping on top of his covers, only wearing a pair of boxers, and was snoring loudly. Joey quietly walked over to his bed and set Alex on it. She whispered, “Okay Alex. Wake him up as usual.” Alex always loved waking him up. It was a routine that Joey had thought of one time when she couldn’t wake Pacey up herself. Alex, who was now 3 and a half years old, leaned on Pacey so he could reach his ear and screamed the loudest he could. Pacey jolted up and almost knocked Alex off the bed.

“What the hell?” Pacey looked over at Joey and Alex who were laughing hysterically. “That’s not funny. Can’t a guy get a little sleep around here?”

“Pace, It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon. You had your share of sleep.”

“Daddy, can we go to the park?” Alex whined at Pacey. Ever since Bodie died Alexander had started calling him daddy.

“How bout after I get some breakfast?”

“Lunch,” Joey corrected.

“No, No. NOW,” Alex begged.

“Okay, fine we’ll go.” Pacey quickly put on some pants and a shirt but while he did he caught Joey watching him. Pacey decided not to tease her about it. Joey lazily fell down on his bed and closed her eyes. “Jo, Get up we’re leaving.”

“Okay, bye.”

“No, you’re coming with us.”

“Please, Pace. I’m a girl who needs sleep,” Joey teased.

“Fine, Jo. Have a good sleep. Come on Alex. Let’s go to the park!”

“Yippee!” Alex said. Alex and Pacey left his room to leave Joey to go to sleep.

To Be Continued..........................


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